Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fifty Things That I Love About Sports Part 4

     Continuing on with my five-part series of  "Fifty Things That I Love About Sports", I hope that this week's list will satisfy your needs.

  1. Seeing celebrities at sporting events, i.e. Spike Lee at a Knicks game or Jack Nicholson sitting courtside at a Lakers game.
  2. Shaq
  3. Players that dress outrageously or have trademark looks. I'm looking at you, Ben Wallace.
  4. Shoot-outs in hockey or soccer.
  5. The thrill of the crowd when the opposing batter strikes out looking to end the inning of a tight game.
  6. Coaches with personality. I'm talking about coaches like Rex Ryan and Herm Edwards.
  7. Punt returns that turn into touchdowns.
  8. Sinking that one putt needed to secure a tournament victory in golf.
  9. Hitting a between-the-legs shot in tennis without the shot going out. You know what I'm referring to.
  10. Attending an outdoor sporting event with nice weather.
     Next week is the finale of my five-part series. Be sure to read the last part! Kazaam!!

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