Monday, August 14, 2017

WATCH THIS: Best Touchdowns Of Recent Memory

            To commemorate the NFL regular season being just around the corner, I've compiled a hodge-podge of touchdowns that are simply awesome. Of course, these touchdowns are of recent memory and aren't from the 70's, 80's, or 90's. I don't think they're even in the 00's. Anyways, here are some pretty sick touchdowns to enjoy.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Why Isn't Kaepernick Signed Yet?

            Many people are surprised that Colin Kaepernick is still unsigned going into the middle of August. The quarterback had adequate stats as a backup for the 49ers last season, throwing for 2,241 yards, 16 touchdowns, and four interceptions in twelve games. He did fumble the ball seven times, however. Still, Kaepernick could make for a decent backup in the NFL.
            So why is Kaepernick still unsigned? Part of it is the fact that he isn't a top-tier quarterback. Yes, I just said that he has adequate stats. However, those are stats for a backup. He's also completed 59.8% of his passes in his career. He did run for 468 yards last season, making him a decent dual-threat quarterback.
            Another part of the equation is the NFL owners. However, it's not for the reason that you think. There have been plenty of coaches and players who would want Kaepernick on their team or are surprised he's still unsigned, ranging from Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh to Richard Sherman. Still, there are owners like Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti who are reluctant to take him on.
            There is a reason behind this. No, it's not that the owners are "racist", are "forming a coalition against Kaepernick", or are "bigoted". Many NFL owners fear the reaction from their fanbase and how they'll react if Kaepernick signs with their team. If you want a perfect example, take a look at when the 49ers visited Buffalo last season. NFL fans aren't exactly the most tame when it comes to their sport. Like the sport itself, NFL fans can be barbaric.
            Were Kaepernick's actions and views last season controversial? Absolutely. It added fuel to the fire of the "Black Lives Matter" debate and many other political issues. Did his actions have consequences? Absolutely. That's a part of why he's currently unemployed in the NFL.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Astros Could Use Justin Verlander

            The Houston Astros have slumped in the past couple weeks. Their rotation is in shambles with players like Lance McCuellers on the DL. Their lead in the AL is still strong, but it's slowly slipping due to teams like Cleveland and Boston winning.
            This is where Justin Verlander comes in. Don't be fooled by the 3.97 ERA; Verlander nearly no-hit the Pirates in his last start and has a 1.20 ERA for the month of August. He has allowed three earned runs or fewer in his last seven starts, striking out five or more batters in those last seven games.
            There are a couple deterring factors, such as Verlander's contract. Verlander is due $88 million in the next three seasons and there aren't many teams willing to take on that salary. Verlander is also 34 years old, so age is a big factor as well. The Tigers aren't willing to deal Verlander until the winter season rolls around. Still, the Astros need pitching. If they can make a push for Verlander, they should make a strong push for him now.

Photo courtesy of Sporting News

Monday, August 7, 2017

Can Sam Darnold Become A Successful NFL Quarterback From USC?

            The USC Trojans have an illustrious football program. It's rich with history involving national championships, Rose Bowl victories and various alumni becoming NFL legends. However, it seems that after Carson Palmer, the Trojans haven't produced a quality NFL quarterback. Matt Leinart burned out from all the partying he did, Matt Barkley became a de facto backup, and this happened to Mark Sanchez and his career:
Photo courtesy of NY Daily News

            But there seems to be a new hope in the air for USC quarterbacks in Sam Darnold. The sophomore had 3,086 passing yards, 31 passing touchdowns, and nine interceptions in his freshman year. Darnold completed 67.2% of his passes and had a rating of 161.1.
            So why is Darnold different from previous USC quarterbacks? For one, Darnold is touted as a quarterback with quality playmaking skills. He has a great arm and is a big quarterback as well. Scouts tout Darnold's ability to read the entire field and how he's extraordinarily well in red zone situations. His throwing ability includes being able to fit the ball into tight spots and adding a touch of explosion. s touted as a quarterback with quality playmaking skills. He has a great arm and is a big quarterback as well. Scouts tout Darnold's ability to read the entire field and how he's extraordinarily well in red zone situations. His throwing ability includes being able to fit the ball into tight spots and adding a touch of explosion.
            There are some concerns about Darnold's delivery, for it is a long one. Darnold also has ball security issues and can be careless at times. However, these mechanics can be worked on and aren't even that big of a deal (His release is quick).
            Carson Palmer was the No. 1 overall pick after his illustrious career with the Trojans. After that, the Trojans haven't produced a quality starting quarterback in the NFL. This has quietly floated around the NFL for quite a bit and not many people have noticed. Sam Darnold might be able to change that narrative some time in the future.

Photo courtesy of OC Register

Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Angels Aren't Doing Mike Trout Any Favors

            Mike Trout is a once-in-a-generation player. The six-time MLB All Star is a five-tool player who can give almost any team he plays on a fighting chance. He's a two-time MVP with a .308 BA, 992 hits, 188 home runs, 544 RBIs, and 155 stolen bases. He's also a five-time recipient of the Silver Slugger Award and was the first player in MLB history to hit 30 homers, steal 45 bases, and score 125 runs in a single season. With all the talk around Bryce Harper wanting $300 million and more, Trout is the only MLB player who deserves that kind of money.
            There seems to be one problem with Trout; he doesn't look to be in a position to win a World Series anytime soon. That's not Trout's fault, mainly due to many issues that the Los Angeles Angels have as an organization right now. However, if he wants to avoid becoming the hitter equivalent of Felix Hernandez, it'd be in his best interest to either take his talents elsewhere or for the Angels' organization to change their ways.
             One big problem the Angels have as an organization is a barren farm system. The Angels only had one prospect ranked in's Top 101 prospects near the beginning of spring training (Outfielder Jahmai Jones) and don't have any ranked in's current Top 100. They also don't have any Top Ten international prospects ranked according to Baseball America. There doesn't seem to be any help on the horizon for Trout, whose team seems to be stuck in win-now mode despite not having a winning team.
            Another major problem is the bad contracts. The Angels were saddled with not one, but two bad contracts. They gave an aging Albert Pujols a ten-year, $240 million contract loaded with perks and paid Josh Hamilton $26 million to play for the Texas Rangers. Loading up on payroll for just two players (More importantly, the wrong players) can hurt a team like the Angels from doing anything significant with the likes of Trout.
            It seems that there's no end in sight for the Angels regarding their current situation. Barring a dramatic shakeup in the front office, the Angels will be wasting Mike Trout's most valuable years. A player like Mike Trout deserves to have his career capped off with at least one World Series title and the Angels aren't helping out a lot.

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

WATCH THIS: Upper Deck Shots

            The home run is an impressive feat of power. One mighty swing of the bat can send the ball sailing over the fence. But what happens when a ball is sent into higher places? Pure power and magic. Here's some highlights of some massive home runs.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Best NFL Names

            What goes in a name? That's a good question. There are some unusual names out in the world, some of which make you wonder what the hell that child's parents were thinking. Granted, that's not the case; some names are from different origins (But their names still sound cool). Some of them share the same names as other celebrities! Anyways, here are some of the best names out there in the NFL. Every team is represented in this.

Arizona Cardinals:
Ironhead Gallon
Cap Capi
Atlanta Falcons:
Mohamed Sanu
Baltimore Ravens:
Tyus Bowser
Boseko Lokombo
Buffalo Bills:
Bacarri Rambo
Carolina Panthers:
Captain Munnerlyn
Chicago Bears:
Prince Amukamara
Cincinnati Bengals:
Bene Benwikere
C.J. Uzomah
Cleveland Browns:
Larry Ogunjobi
Dallas Cowboys:
EZ Nwachukwu
Xavier Woods (NEW! DAY ROCKS!)
Denver Broncos:
Aqib Talib
Detroit Lions:
Golden Tate
Green Bay Packers:
Herb Waters
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
Houston Texans:
Dee Virgin
Eddie Pleasant
Indianapolis Colts:
Barkevious Mingo
Jacksonville Jaguars:
I'Tavius Mathers
Tueni Lupeamanu
Paul Posluszny
Kansas City Chiefs:
Damien Mama
Tanoh Kpassagnon
Los Angeles Chargers
Forrest Lamp
Charmeachealle Moore
Los Angeles Rams:
Pharoh Cooper
Miami Dolphins:
Damore'ea Stringfellow
Storm Johnson
Minnesota Vikings:
Chunky Clements
New England Patriots:
James O'Shaughnessy
New Orleans Saints:
Max Unger
Michael Hoomanawanui
New York Giants:
Orleans Darkwa
Nigel Tribune
New York Jets:
Lucky Whitehead
Oakland Raiders:
Pharoah Brown
Eddie Vanderdoes
Philadelphia Eagles:
Halapoulivaati Vaitai
Pittsburgh Steelers:
Juju Smith-Schuster
San Francisco 49ers:
C.J. Beathard
Noble Nwachukwu
Pita Taumoepenu
Prince Charles Iworah
Seattle Seahawks:
Jordan Roos
Mike Tyson
Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
Bryan Anger
Tennessee Titans:
Adore'e Jackson
Washington Redskins:
Ziggy Hood
Jeremy Sprinkle
Brian Quick
James Quick

Blending Buddy

             Welcome to another edition of "Blending Buddy", where I show you how to make a healthy smoothie to kickstart your day!! I put together tasty recipes to blend together so you can give your health a boost. Today's edition is the "Exotic Jungle".

  • Two handfuls of blueberries
  • 1/2 kiwi
  • 1 kale leaf
  • Splash of apple cider vinegar
  • Swipe of coconut oil
  • 1 banana
  • 1 carrot, chopped up
           Apple cider vinegar is said to be a good cleanser of your system. If your digestive tracts and body feel like junk, put some apple cider vinegar in. However, use moderation because apple cider vinegar has a strong taste to it. Coconut oil is great for freshening up your skin, but should also be used in moderation.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Why Roman Reigns Will Suck As The "Face" Of The WWE

            The WWE is going through a transitional phase. Their current face of the company, John Cena, is already 40 years old and won't be wrestling for much longer. Cena has made numerous appearances in pop culture, ranging from hosting TV shows (American Grit) to appearing in movies (Train Wreck). Many WWE fans made it a habit of booing the Boston superstar because of his "Five Moves of Doom" and the fact that he was always a nice guy.
            Now, I'm not one of those people. To me, John Cena knew how to work a mic. From his days rapping as "The Doctor of Thuganomics" to his current incarnation, Cena can entertain the crowd with fluent charisma and hard-hitting promos. That's a big part of why I was such a big fan of John Cena. His charisma factor was off the charts.
            The same can't be said for the wrestler WWE's trying to heavily push: Roman Reigns.
            Of course, Reigns is a big body Vince McMahon craves. He's an intimidating presence in the ring and fits the bill for what McMahon's looking for to head the company's roster in the future. However, his promos are boring. Aside from his "SUFFERIN' SUCCOTASH" promo, which was okay, he generally doesn't bring anything to the table other than how he's the "Big Dog" and "This Is His Yard". John Cena was able to connect with a younger audience with values of "Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect" and to "Never Give Up". Reigns will have plenty of time to develop some values (And mic skills). But at the current rate, it seems like Reigns will have a hard time with such issues.
            Like Cena, Reigns is also a victim of the "Five Moves of Doom" mantra. However, today's pro wrestlers (At least in the WWE level) have become accustomed to having a limited moveset. They get locked into prototypical matches with opponents and whip out their bread and butter before either winning or losing.
            Now who can make a better "face" of the WWE than Roman Reigns the way The Rock, Stone Cold, Cena, and Hogan were? One person is Triple H protégé, Seth Rollins. Rollins has some solid wrestling moves and can cut a mic promo. If COO Triple H finally gets to fully owning the company, don't be surprised if Rollins gets his call. Other superstars like AJ Styles and Bray Wyatt are always entertaining (Although Styles' age may be a problem). There are also plenty of NXT superstars that Triple H loves that could make a good company "face". But why just limit it to one person? The young crop of talent is pretty entertaining and could bring the company back to prominence.
           Roman Reigns has plenty of time to make WWE fans respect him. After all, he has held every title other than the Intercontinental Championship and the Universal Championship (That should change very soon). However, I'm not really amused by Reigns and probably won't pay much attention to the WWE unless a ground-breaking superstar comes around and changes the landscape.

On The Playlist

            Here's the latest edition of "On the Playlist", where I show you what's playing on my playlist! Check it out!!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Best of Cormier and Jones

            Tonight is one of the most anticipated matches in all of fighting. No, it's not Mayweather-McGregor. It's not Canelo-GGG, either. It's Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones for the UFC light-heavyweight title. Both men dislike one another and have taken personal jabs at each other. To honor these two fighters in what is supposed to be a stacked card for UFC 214, here's some highlights of each fighter.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Why MLS Was Right In Turning Down The Promotion/Relegation System

           MLS is a growing soccer league in North America. So when it rejected a media rights offer that would've given it six years before it came to the market, it shocked many people. After all, this is a league that's experiencing rapid growth. However, the league would've had to put in a relegation/promotion system in place.
          On the surface, it seems like a good idea to put such a system in place. Again, the league is growing with bidders from various cities wanting in. However, North America isn't as deep of a soccer pool as South America and Europe. MLS hasn't been able to lure in the top young international soccer stars that leagues like the Premier League and La Liga have been proven to do time and time again.
          Now, relegation is a staple amongst many international soccer leagues around the world. However, many of these clubs are rich and able to lure in top players with studious players that would make MLS jealous.
          Will MLS grow to the point of being able to compete with such leagues? Eventually. That would depend on how MLS markets itself to international players. However, relegation will have to wait until the league has significant growth and can lure in top players.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What Is Going On With The Cowboys?

            It seems that there's some morale issues with the Dallas Cowboys as of late. WR Lucky Whitehead was arrested for shoplifting, then promptly released by the team for the incident after he failed to appear in court for the incident. This is a long list of arrests that have happened on the Cowboys' watch; their star running back Ezekiel Elliott was suspended by the NFL for various incidents that include domestic violence. Owner Jerry Jones has clapped back at the NFL, putting them on notice for suspending Elliott by saying "not one thing" implicates Elliott did anything wrong.
            However, Jones is facing a bigger crisis with the team. It isn't just Elliott who's getting in trouble; 2017 draft pick Jourdan Lewis was arrested for domestic violence. Shaq Evans was suspended by the NFL for substance abuse policy before being waived by the Cowboys. This is a part of a growing character issue that has hit the NFL hard, but has mainly hit the Cowboys hard.
            So what should Jones do the next time one of his star players acts up? He should suspend them himself. It would send a clear message that the organization will not be soiled by juvenile actions of a player. This would show that this is Jerry's team and there's a code of conduct to follow. If the player acts up again, release them regardless of how big their contribution is. This is giving Jerry's organization a black eye and would restore a sterling reputation to the Cowboys.

            Update: Police have misidentified a man that appears to look like Lucky Whitehead. The Cowboys still stand by their decision to cut him.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Kyrie's Next Destination: Which One Makes Sense?

            The Cleveland Cavaliers' offseason cannot get any worse. LeBron and his family want to make a move to Los Angeles. To make matters worse, the Cavs let GM David Griffin go, who was a favorite of LeBron's. Then, they didn't add any big pieces to the team like Paul George (who went to Oklahoma City) and Jimmy Butler (who went to Minnesota). The latest news involving Kyrie Irving insures the destruction of the Cavs and may come sooner than later.
            Kyrie has stated that he "wants to find a bigger role" and "no longer wants to play alongside LeBron James". The teams that Kyrie wants to play for include the Knicks, Spurs, Heat, and Timberwolves.
            There are only two teams that make sense for Kyrie to go to: San Antonio and Minnesota. Kyrie can go to Miami and be the centerpiece of that team. However, he won't be able to win another championship with the current group he has. It would've been nicer if the Heat had gotten Gordon Heyward so that Miami could at least be a threat in the East. The Knicks? Forget about it. Their ownership and front office are absolute disasters and would probably bring ruin.
            Minnesota makes sense because they have a great team being developed. Karl Anthony-Towns and Jimmy Butler constitute a young Wolves team on the rise and Kyrie would make Minnesota a threat in the West. Plus, the team has Tom Thibodeau as a head coach, who had a successful run with Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler during his Chicago Bulls days.
            San Antonio makes sense because there's no one else who can compete with Golden State right now. The Spurs are perhaps the closest team in the West. Seeing Kyrie with a great basketball mind like Gregg Popovich should make opponents uneasy. They'll add more scoring to a stellar defensive unit.
            So which is the best destination for Kyrie? If he wants to be the focal point and win, it'll be San Antonio. Minnesota's not a bad option, either. After all, the Wolves are finally getting their act together. But the Spurs need another piece to compete with the Warriors, and Kyrie just might be the guy.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hot Teams Right Now And Can They Make It To The Postseason?

            We've reached the point of the MLB season where contending teams are making trades to bolster their postseason chances. There's no doubt that there will be plenty of moves made this summer. Who's rolling and who's sliding?

Rolling: Los Angeles Dodgers: The winners of 11 straight are starting to pull away with the league's best record. Cody Bellinger and Alex Wood have helped the Dodgers skyrocket to the top, giving Dodger fans hope for this season. The Dodgers are looking at the likes of Brad Hand and Zach Britton to help boost their bullpen. Will this be the year the Dodgers make (and win) the World Series?
Rolling: Milwaukee Brewers: In just five days, the Brewers' lead in the NL Central has shrunk to a mere game. They've lost five straight and their division rival, the Chicago Cubs, have won six straight. The Brewers need to make a move now if they're to contend for the division and win.
Rolling: Chicago Cubs: Suddenly, the defending champions are riding a six-game winning streak and closing in on Milwaukee. Adding Jose Quintana helps the Cubs, but it seems like they're not done making moves.
Rolling: Kansas City Royals: 2-7 in their last nine games, the Royals have fluctuated from sellers to potential buyers back down to sellers. This may be the last hurrah for the Royals since many players are free agents at the end of the season, so the Royals should decide if they want to give it one last push or tear it all down.
Rolling: Seattle Mariners: Ironically, the Mariners are 7-2 since getting swept at Safeco by those same Royals, including a series win at Houston. They've added David Phelps to give their 'pen a pick-up and may get Hisashi Iwakuma back for the end of the season. If Felix Hernandez returns to Cy Young form, the M's could make their first postseason appearance in 16 years.
Reeling: New York Yankees: Will adding Todd Frazier, David Robertson, and Tommy Kahnle help the Yankees make the postseason? Not if players like Aaron Judge keep slumping; Judge has gone 3-for-26 with no extra-base hits since the All-Star break. The Yankees have lost 22 of their last 32 games and are slipping in the AL East.
Rolling: Pittsburgh Pirates: Surprise! The Pirates are 8-2 in their last ten games and are suddenly closing in on the NL Central. Three games back of the Brewers in the Central, the Bucs have a big question regarding if they want to add pieces for a postseason run.
Reeling: Cleveland Indians: Starting off 1-5 after the All-Star break isn't ideal for the defending AL champions. They had a horrid Bay Area trip that helped the Minnesota Twins close the gap in the AL Central. The Indians could use another starter since the hitter's market is rather anemic. Maybe Sonny Gray can help if he doesn't go to the Astros or Yankees?
Rolling: Washington Nationals: The Nats got out of the post-All-Star break gate winning five straight games. They've also acquired Ryan Madson and Sean Doolittle to hold their sloppy bullpen together. They might not be done adding to their 'pen; the Nationals have shown interest in Tigers reliever Justin Wilson.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Worst-Run Franchises In Sports Right Now

            It's not an easy task running a sports franchise. With 30+ teams vying for supremacy in a league added on with the heightened expectations of the average fan, front office jobs in sports can be excruciating with so many people breathing down your neck. We know the people who do a stellar job in spite of these problems. But what about those who screw up constantly? Here's a look at those who can't get it right.

  • New York Knicks (NBA): As highlighted on the podcast quite frequently, the Knicks are a hodge-podge of mess. Between the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors and the Phil Jackson drama, it seems like the NBA's wealthiest franchise can't do anything right. At least the owner can play a mean kazoo.
  • Cleveland Browns (NFL): The Browns have been one of the most woeful franchises in all of sports, facing misfortunes like failed draft picks and relocation of the original franchise. They've taken a "Moneyball" approach to rebuilding their team, but it remains to be seen if this tactic will work or if it will be another "Brown" brick in the wall.
  • Miami Marlins (MLB): Jeffrey Loria doesn't have many friends in the baseball world; he ran the Montreal Expos to the point of being moved to Washington, D.C. and conned the Miami-Dade area into building a heavily-funded-on-taxpayer-money stadium with a cheesy ornament in center field. Let's also not forget the routine fire sales that he has involving his players (mainly done via trade).
  • Washington Redskins (NFL): I have no problem with Dan Snyder objecting to the idea of changing his team's name. After all, it is his team. I do have a problem with Snyder suing the fans, barring the fans from carrying signs into FedEx Field, and lowballing a potentially great quarterback to the point of pursuing more money elsewhere the next season.
  • Brooklyn Nets (NBA): The team traded a 1st round pick to the Boston Celtics for aging superstars in Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce a few years ago. What more do you need to know?
  • Arizona Coyotes (NHL): Marred by relocation rumors, a revolving door of owners, an arena that no one knows how to get to, and years of mediocrity on the ice, the Coyotes can never catch a break. Will they be out of the desert in the future with their uncertain arena situation?

Monday, July 17, 2017

A Way Or Two To Pay NFL Players More

            In the wake of the absurd contracts being paid in both the NBA and MLB, NFL players have struck back, vocalizing their concern about being underpaid in their sport. NFLPA representative (and Seattle Seahawk corner) Richard Sherman invoked the idea of NFL players striking to get NBA-type money, implying that there hasn't been an NFL strike in ages. Granted, the NFL's current CBA doesn't expire until 2020. Therefore, all strikes will have to wait. But it isn't a bad idea to get the ball rolling on ideas.
            There are some deterring factors as to why the league refuses to pay players guaranteed money. One reason is due to NFL rosters containing more players than both the standard NBA roster and standard MLB roster (non-expanded roster) combined. NFL rosters are constituted of 53 players, meaning that there would be a lot of money to go around. Another reason why the NFL doesn't want guaranteed contracts is the injury rate is greater than both the NBA and MLB. Players deal with concussions in the NFL at a far greater rate than in baseball or basketball, along with other injuries due to American football's barbaric nature.
            So what would be the solution to the underpaying problem when the time comes to renegotiate? One way is to feature a "soft cap" the way the NBA does with its players and teams. This allows for teams to sign players even when they've exceeded the salary cap. However, the more years a team stays on the soft cap, the more that team gets penalized (the team gets penalized by percentage). This would allow NFL teams to pay more for their players and still sign key members to their team. NBA teams also hand out individual contract based on the amount of service the player has in the league and the current salary cap. The NBA's salary cap has grown quite a bit over the years, allowing players like Stephen Curry and James Harden to get ridiculous amounts of money.
            Another way (this might benefit the players the most) to help NFL players get more money is the MLB way: Just have no salary cap at all. The salary cap is viewed as a way for professional team owners to garner more money because they won't have to pay players as much if the cap is in place. The salary cap is a way of controlling costs in many leagues, but it leaves the owners with more money at the end of the day. Without the cap, players will not only get guaranteed contracts, but they can get more money out of the contracts as well.
            Will there be a change of money going around come 2020? Maybe. NFL players play a dangerous sport while getting paid peanuts compared to baseball and basketball players. There are also plenty of hoops to jump through before any change happens, especially with Roger Goodell as the commissioner. However, NFL players should dedicate their energy towards making a change in their sport and vocalize their need for more cash.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Can The Dodgers Win It All This Year?

            It was almost 30 years ago that Kirk Gibson hit this iconic home run against the Oakland Athletics in game one of the 1988 World Series. Ironically enough, this was the last time the Dodgers made (and won) the World Series. It seems that no matter how close the Dodgers get, they can't seem to break through.
            Take last postseason, for example. The Dodgers were up two games to one on the Chicago Cubs before Chicago broke the "Curse of the Billy Goat", won the next three games, and made the World Series.  The Dodgers seem to falter when it matters most and that can be partially attributed to Clayton Kershaw's postseason woes. The former MVP has a career postseason ERA of 4.55 and has a WHIP of 1.16, not Kershaw-like at all. Kershaw has been especially atrocious in his four NLCS appearances; his ERA balloons to 5.58, while his K/9 falls from 10.7 (his career postseason total) to 7.9 in the NLCS. He also has a WHIP of 1.27 and a BB/9 rate of 3.5 (his postseason rate in his career's 2.7). In other words, Kershaw has been unbearable to watch in the postseason.
            This year seems a little bit different compared to past seasons. The Dodgers, who are 62-29 as of today, hold the league's best record with Houston hot on their trails. They've won 10 of their last 11 and show no signs of stopping. The Dodgers are fourth in baseball in runs scored with 469 and have a team OPS of .790. Led by wunderkind Cody Bellinger, the Dodgers have gotten lineup production from unheralded names such as Chris Taylor (.292 BA, .372 OBP) and Justin Turner (.370 BA, 87 hits, .466 OBP). The Dodgers are 2nd in MLB in run differential (+165) as well, only behind those same Astros (+167).
            It hasn't just been the bats that have been a big part of the Dodgers' success. Kershaw has gotten some help from other rotation arms, starting with Alex Wood (10-0, 1.56 ERA, 0.88 WHIP, 101 SO). Brandon McCarthy has also been a nice arm for the rotation (6-3, 3.38 ERA, 1.17 WHIP). But one of the best performances this year has come from the closer, Kenley Jensen. Jensen, who had been rumored to be a target of teams of the Cubs and Giants last offseason, has an ERA of 0.93 along with a WHIP of 0.54 and 22 saves in 37 appearances.
           If the Dodgers are to make (and win) the World Series, they'll need one more arm to put them over the top. Sonny Gray seems like a good fit for the Dodgers, especially with the Dodgers' farm system being quite healthy with talent. There's a good chance they'll face the Astros in the World Series, so it'll be the best lineup in baseball against Kershaw and company. That should make for some great October baseball.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Will Carmelo Make The Rockets Better Than The Warriors?

            Answer: No.
            Unless you're talking offensively, where you have Chris Paul running the floor and Carmelo Anthony pulling out all the stops on offense, then the answer's no. Believe it or not, the Warriors aren't just good offensively. They were first in defensive efficiency (I apologize for knocking their defensive performance throughout the year) last season at 1.009, whereas Houston was 15th with an efficiency of 1.055. Golden State was also one of two teams (Detroit being the other at .998) who had a defensive efficiency of below one (.994). This was with the likes of Lou Williams and Patrick Beverley. Now that they've traded away some of their better defensive stars for a chance at an aging Chris Paul, they won't be able to keep up on the defensive end of the floor. They'll try and outscore Golden State, which is fine. But that strategy won't help them in the long run.
            The Rockets have the right idea in trying to build a superteam. After all, Mike D'Antoni is an offensive genius who loves a good up-tempo offense. However, it's still possible that the Rockets won't even make it to the Western Conference Finals with their offense-only team. Teams like San Antonio and Memphis, squads who ranked in the top ten in defensive efficiency in 2016-17 and who've proven to beat Golden State from time to time using gritty defense and terrific coaching, will be the teams that'll give the Warriors the most trouble. In the mean time, teams like the Thunder and Rockets will have to just sit back as the Warriors' current reign continues barring any extreme injuries.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Random GIF Post

            So here's the deal: I'm trying to put up a blog post, but my new browser's being a pain in the ass. That's not the only pain in the ass I'm dealing with. I'm also dealing with a thing called "writer's block", where I can't think of a topic to write about. So I'm going to vent my frustrations with this GIF post. Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Tribute To A True Red

            Wayne Rooney has been an iconic staple of Manchester United, scoring 183 goals in 393 games with the Reds from 2004 to 2017. He returned to his boyhood club, Everton, a few days ago with Manchester United allowing a transfer. He also played for the English National Team, scoring 53 goals in 119 international appearances. As a tribute to Rooney's time with the Reds, here's some of his finest moments with Manchester United.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Knicks Lost The Small Chance They Had Of Getting LeBron In The Future

            The sliver of a chance that the New York Knicks had of trying to lure LeBron James to the Big Apple went up in smoke on Sunday. Former Cleveland Cavaliers GM David Griffin pulled his name out of consideration for the candidacy for the Knicks' front office, exposing the apparent problems with the organization.
            Like many front office heads in the NBA, LeBron James has always been a big fan of David Griffin's work. He had a great relationship with Griffin before he was let go earlier in the summer. This was made evident by the tweet sent out on the day of Griffin's firing from the Cavs.

            It's only a matter of time before LeBron leaves the mess he's embroiled in involving Cleveland for greener pastures. While a great relationship with a front office figure isn't a surefire way of securing a big name for your organization, it does help a hapless organization turn their latest misfortunes around if it works. That is what the Knicks needed most: A superstar like LeBron to put them back on the map. LeBron has been a target and a rumored match of the Knicks in the past and it would've helped them immensely. Kristaps Porzingis is emerging as a franchise cornerstone and has the makings of an NBA superstar. Unfortunately, the Knicks' mistreatment of their superstars, namely Porzingis and Carmelo Anthony, has been the highlight of the franchise's summer. It all points back to owner James Dolan, who hired Phil Jackson a few years ago to turn the franchise into a circus. How will a franchise that has only one playoff win in the past 17 years be able to lure someone like Griffin?
            The latest news should infuriate Knicks fans quite a bit, knowing that they missed out on a big name that could've helped to turn their misfortunes around. As for the Knicks franchise itself, it seems like the same ol' song and dance, with James Dolan on the kazoo.


Saturday, July 8, 2017

What Certain Teams Need To Do Post-All-Star Break

            The MLB All-Star Game is rapidly approaching, which means teams will either be buyers or sellers come the trade deadline. What do certain teams need to do in order to either get in contention or brighten their future?

  • Milwaukee Brewers: Put the Foot on the Throat: The Brewers have a 4.5 game lead on the Chicago Cubs in the NL Central, which is surprising to many experts. If Milwaukee wants to expand their lead, they need to make a move at the trade deadline and go for another starter. They have the farm system to do as such.
  • Chicago Cubs: Figure It Out: It's surprising that the Chicago Cubs are at .500 right now considering the amount of troubles they've had throughout the season. Rotation woes, injuries, an inconsistent lineup. With the wild-card currently out of the grasp of the defending champs, they'll have to make a move in the NL Central. Otherwise, they're done.
  • Washington Nationals: Fix the 'Pen: The Nationals have the worst bullpen ERA in the National League (5.15) and their closer-by-committee experiment isn't working. They'll have to look at some closer options to help them out. Maybe Rafael Iglesias (15 saves, 0.94 WHIP, 1.73 ERA, 10.80 K/9) could be of assistance?
  • Houston Astros: Find Another Starter: The Astros have been dominant this season thanks to their offense. But they could use another arm. Jose Quintana has been linked to the Astros for quite some time.
  • Cincinnati Reds: Sell Assets: As stated in a previous blog post, the Reds should try and acquire as many top-level prospects as they can. But Votto and Cozart shouldn't be the only options they have for trades. 
  • New York Yankees: Get the Judge Some Help: Aaron Judge is on a tear; he has 30 homers and 66 RBIs before the All-Star Break. However, the Yankees have been sliding as of late and could give Judge a pick-me-up in the lineup. The Yankees should look at the likes of J.D. Martinez and see if they can stick him in the other outfield corner.
  • Boston Red Sox: Work the David Price Drama Out: David Price seems to be at ends with the Boston media. The Boston media has a tendency of being extremely critical of underperforming stars and Price is no exception. A 4.02 ERA and a 1.28 WHIP doesn't seem Price-like for the former Cy Young winner.
  • Toronto Blue Jays: Break It Down: With the AL East deeper than it's ever been, the Blue Jays don't have a good chance of making the postseason again. Selling players like Josh Donaldson and Marcus Stroman can help the Jays fetch some prospects in return.
  • Colorado Rockies: Get Back on Track: The Rockies have fallen to third in the NL West after going on a 47-26 start. They've only won four of their last 16 games and the Dodgers are rapidly pulling away from the pack. Making their move at the trade deadline can assure the Rockies don't completely break down.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Blending Buddy

            Here's another edition of "Blending Buddy", where I show you how to make healthy drinks with a blender!! I hope that these will help you adjust to a healthier lifestyle and lead a better life!! Anyways, enjoy and bottoms up!
            This week's edition is for the summertime. Are you looking to enjoy the hot weather and be conscious about your health at the same time? Here's a blending recipe for you to try out. I call this, "A Southern Summer". The drink requires the following fruits and vegetables to mix:

  • 1 cut-up peach
  • 1 collard green leaf
  • 5-6 blackberries
  • 3-5 strawberries
  • 1 cut-up sweet potato
  • 1 cut-up tomato
            Just because the South has plenty of 'fattening' foods that'll fill you up doesn't mean that that's all they have. The peach is the state fruit of Georgia, whereas the sweet potato is the state 'vegetable' of North Carolina and Louisiana (both states also call the strawberry their state fruit). The blackberry is Kentucky and Alabama's state fruit and collard greens are South Carolina's state vegetable. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

An Independence Day Playlist!!

            Founded in 1776, the United States of America has grown into a global powerhouse. To honor America's birthday, here's some artists dedicating their musical prowess to the good ol' U.S.A.

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Reds Should Consider Trading Joey Votto (and/or Zack Cozart)

            The Cincinnati Reds have some exciting bats in their lineup, but don't have a lot to show for it. They're dead last in a weak NL Central division at 35-46 and are missing some players due to injury. Granted, the Reds don't plan on contending for a few seasons. But it would be wise to make some moves to brighten their future.
            One move that would benefit them greatly would be to trade Joey Votto. Just named the National League Player of the Week, the All-Star has a 3.8 WAR along with 23 homers, 59 RBIs, a .429 OBP, a 1.050 OPS, and 92 hits. While he did sign a massive extension with the Reds in 2012, trading him to a team like the Yankees would probably make sense considering Votto's 33 years old. Have the Yankees take some of the contract on and the Reds could get some of the Yankees's best prospects. The former NL MVP is still hitting well and his value's still good, but decline always comes to even the best athletes.
            What's another option (and a more realistic option) for the Reds is to trade their All-Star shortstop Zack Cozart. This is perhaps the best value you'll get from Cozart, with Cozart hitting .322 with nine homers and 33 RBIs. Cozart could probably fetch a top prospect like Votto can, but he'd be a rental the same way Johnny Cueto was when he was traded from the Reds in 2015. The Reds want to extend Cozart, but why do that when you can get something while Cozart has value? Cozart is far less of a financial burden than Votto is and would be more appealing to a contender because of this, but Votto would fetch quite a bit back for the Reds.
            The point is this: The Cincinnati Reds need to make some moves at the trade deadline. Considering that the only noteworthy prospect in recent memory they got was Brandon Finnegan, they've disappointed in their trading. Maybe a big move like getting Votto traded will work. Maybe sending Cozart somewhere else will. Who knows? It all leads back to the Reds needing to make some moves for the betterment of their future.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

On The Playlist

            Welcome to another edition of "On The Playlist", where I show you what's bumpin' on my playlist!! Some songs you'll like, some you won't care about. Anyways, check out my playlist!!

Don't Jinx It!!

             During Mike Foltynewicz's no-hit bid against the Oakland A's, the A's took to Twitter to troll the Atlanta Braves on the matter. Foltynewicz is a starting pitcher for the Braves and is one of their rising young stars.

            As many baseball fans know, it is one of the unwritten rules to not talk about a perfect game or no-hitter going on in a game. The A's have a strong troll game going on.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Most Outrageous Press Conferences

            In honor of Jimmy Butler's crazy press conference where he gave out his phone number to all of his critics, I've assessed some of the craziest press conference moments known to the sports world. Some of your favorites may be missing on here, but this site can't access all of them. Here they are!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

WATCH THIS: Adorable Cat Thinks It's A Show Horse

            I honestly couldn't help but laugh at this adorable cat trotting around a horse barn like a show horse. Still, it makes my heart happy. If you're having a rough day and need a pick-me-up, let this little furball make you smile.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Ultimate Home Run Derby

            With the MLB All-Star Break rapidly approaching, every team will get a chance to unwind and rest for the second half of the MLB season. One of the festivities for the All-Star Break is the infamous "Home Run Derby", which has produced countless long ball memories. This begs the question: Which players would you like to see in the "Home Run Derby"? Here's a list of eight players I'd like to see partake in the "Home Run Derby".

  • Ken Griffey Jr., 630 home runs: One of my favorite players growing up, Griffey had a pure swing emulated by many youngsters back in the day (myself included). The four-time AL home run leader has cracked many long balls with the Seattle Mariners, also possessing some leather with his stellar play in center field.
  • Ted Williams, 521 home runs: Williams doesn't just have prowess for power; he's also the last MLB player to bat over .400 in a season by hitting .406 with the Boston Red Sox in 1941. He led the American League in home runs four times (1941-1942, 1947, 1949). 
  • Albert Pujols, 602 home runs: Although his play has degenerated from a sabremetrics standpoint, Pujols is still cranking home runs. Pujols is known for his consistent swing and his batting stance, which has helped him hit so many bombs.
  • Barry Bonds, 762 home runs: Despite Bonds being a polarizing figure, it would be fun to see Bonds partake in a "Home Run Derby". Not only does he hold the record for most home runs in his career, he holds the record for most home runs in a season (73 home runs in 2001).
  • Babe Ruth, 714 home runs: No "Home Run Derby" would be complete without 'The Bambino'. One of the greatest Yankees of all time, Ruth also has the MLB record for highest career slugging percentage (.6897) and OPS (1.164). Ruth was also a dominant pitcher for the Red Sox before becoming a legendary hitter.
  • Hank Aaron, 755 home runs: Originally the "Home Run King" and seen in the eyes of many baseball fans as such, Hammerin' Hank made a living crushing the ball with the Atlanta/Milwaukee Braves. What's amazing is how consistent he was at hitting home runs; Aaron never hit more than 50 home runs in a single season, but never hit less than ten home runs in a single season, either. Aaron holds the record for most career RBIs with 2,297.
  • Mickey Mantle, 536 home runs: A Triple Crown winner (1956), 20-time All-Star, and seven-time World Series champion, Mantle has a great resume as an MLB legend. Mantle also hit the first home run in the history of the Astrodome and has the longest home run in MLB history, hitting a 643-foot home run at Tiger Stadium on September 10, 1960. 
  • Frank Robinson, 586 home runs: Robinson has spent his illustrious career with five different teams, mainly making his mark with the Baltimore Orioles. He also has his number retired by three different teams (Cincinnati Reds, Baltimore Orioles, and Cleveland Indians) and won the MVP award in two different leagues.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Tigers Have Become the Latest Version of the Post-2009 Phillies

             Remember when the Philadelphia Phillies were really good? They had one of baseball's best rotations consisting of Cole Hamels, Roy Halladay, and Cliff Lee. They also had players like Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, and Ryan Howard. They won the 2008 World Series and returned the next year, only to lose to the New York Yankees, 4-2. After that, it was a steady drop-off that devolved into monstrous contracts and a barren farm system. Now, the Phillies are in another year of rebuilding, stuck near the bottom of the National League.
             Enter the Detroit Tigers, a team that had a fantastic run when Dave Dombrowski was general manager. They made two World Series appearances, won four straight division titles from 2011 to 2014, and even had a Triple Crown winner in Miguel Cabrera (2012). Unfortunately, they didn't win a World Series during that run. Ever since their 2013 ALCS loss to the Red Sox, it has been a steady decline for the Tigers that has been comparable to the Phillies. Anchored by fat contracts to the likes of aging superstars Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander, the Tigers have plenty of bad contracts on their payroll. Instead of retaining Max Scherzer, who has continued his assent to becoming the best pitcher in baseball, they re-signed Victor Martinez, an aging veteran who can barely move around the basepaths. They also signed Mark Lowe, Mike Pelfrey, and Francisco Rodriguez last year, players who are no longer on the team.
            The Tigers also have a bare cupboard in terms of their farm system, only boosting one player in's Top 100 prospect list (Matt Manning at No. 63). The main cause of this has been Dave Dombrowski's willingness to trade prospects for superstars. This was made evident by the trade he made to acquire Chris Sale for the Boston Red Sox, which saw Boston send MLB's No. 1 prospect, Yoan Moncada, and No. 11 prospect, Michael Kopech, to the Chicago White Sox. Players like Avisail Garcia, Andrew Miller, and Robbie Ray were a part of the Tigers' farm system, but were traded to acquire players like Yoenis Cespedes and Cabrera.
            The Tigers might attribute their misfortunes to Brad Ausmus, who has done little to fill the void Jim Leyland left as the manager of the Tigers. Critics are quick to point out Ausmus's inability to engage with the players, probably explaining why players like Cabrera, Verlander, and Nick Castellanos are underperforming this year. Currently, the Tigers are on an eight-game losing streak that includes a winless West Coast trip (at least so far). Who would replace Ausmus as manager? One rumor, and perhaps a favorite name among Tiger fans, is Ron Gardenhire, the former manager for the Minnesota Twins. But one name that could really help is Omar Vizquel, who managed the Venezuelan team in the 2017 World Baseball Classic. Vizquel is said to have developed great chemistry with the Hispanic players on the team, which could help the Tigers going forward.
            Regardless, there seems to have been plenty of regrettable decisions for the Tigers' future in the past few years. From Verlander's $180 million extension to re-signing aging players like Victor Martinez to giving away the farm system, the Tigers will have no choice but to wipe the slate clean. They can start off by trading superstar J.D. Martinez for a prospect or two, but this will be the best they can do. Ian Kinsler has a laundry list of teams he doesn't want to be traded to, Cabrera's contract is enormous and so is Verlander's. And what team would want Victor Martinez and Jordan Zimmermann with those contracts? These are the reasons why the Tigers should just tank it the rest of the way, start from scratch, and not get stuck in a long rebuild the way the Phillies are right now.

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Warriors' Championship Run Has Sparked An Offseason Madness

            When Kevin Durant signed with the Golden State Warriors last summer, it left no doubt as to who would be appearing in the 2017 NBA Finals. The Cleveland Cavaliers would meet up with the Warriors in those finals only to get steamrolled, 4-1. The ensuing offseason has sparked a plethora of rumors and moves that have teams scrambling to form their own supersquads. The concept of the "superteam" isn't anything new. After all, the 2003-04 Los Angeles Lakers tried this with Karl Malone, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, and Gary Payton, only to be usurped by the Detroit Pistons in the NBA Finals.
            One example of this is the Bulls trading Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves for no reason at all. Granted, Minnesota hasn't made the playoffs in over a decade and needs an additional superstar/dual position player to compliment Karl Anthony-Towns. However, the Bulls got very little back from the T-Wolves, even going as far as to surrender a first round pick to Minnesota. Butler's been linked to the likes of Boston and Cleveland, but those trades fell through due to the asking price not being ripe enough or due to a toxic culture in the organization.
            That hasn't been the only rumor swirling. Chris Paul has been linked to the San Antonio Spurs and Pau Gasol has taken on a contract with less money just to help the Spurs add Paul. Paul George has informed the Indiana Pacers that this will be his last year, leaving George to be linked to the Cavs and Lakers. New York Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis is also being shopped around by Phil Jackson and New York's front office. Even LeBron James has been discussed in potential rumors, possibly looking into one of the two Los Angeles franchises.
            Whatever the case, the Warriors have sparked a madness in the NBA that won't be going away any time soon. Teams will be looking for any combination of superstars that'll put them over the top. However, the Warriors will still be on top until that one team knocks them off their perch.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Grading the Vegas Golden Knights' Expansion Draft

            The Vegas Golden Knights have taken their first cracks at comprising an NHL roster tonight. There were notable names like James Neal, Marc-Andre Fleury, and Jonathan Marchessault that have been picked up by Vegas. Remember that some of these players won't be sticking around with the Golden Knights. So how did Sin City's inaugural pro sports team do?

What I Liked: Vegas added plenty of goal scorers like center Marchessault, forward David Perron, and right wing James Neal. So the Knights should have no problem putting the puck in the net. General Manager George McPhee has stated that he wants to contend right away and he seems well on his way to doing so. The blue line has some experienced players who can hit opponents hard and block shots. Fleury is also a nice veteran pickup between the pipes for the Golden Knights. Vegas also added some prospects such as Tomas Nosek, which should help Vegas with the first youth movement.
Growing Pains: The team does have plenty of veterans on the squad, but the team mostly consists of >26 year-olds. However, that's usually the case for many expansion teams drafting players. Players like Neal and Methot will add leadership to a young squad.
Overall Grade: A-: It wasn't a bad draft and the Golden Knights' front office hit the notes they needed to hit. They went for the experienced veterans while picking up young players. Vegas also acquired numerous draft picks, leaving a blueprint for future success. The draft has left people like Mario Lemieux in awe, leaving many to believe that the Golden Knights are serious about competing.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Teams That May Sneak Into the Playoff

             Believe it or not, college football season is quickly approaching. With the season just two months away, it'll be that time where you should be spending your Saturdays watching the best college football games. Now there are some teams that have favorable schedules that can help them get into the playoff if they play their cards right. Granted, these teams need to win their conferences in order to get to the playoff. Still, which teams have a chance to sneak into the playoff based on their schedules?

  • Michigan: This may sound funny, but Michigan has a winnable schedule that can benefit them greatly. If they beat Florida in Arlington, either Penn State or Wisconsin on the road (preferably both), and Ohio State at home, the Wolverines should be sitting pretty heading into the Big Ten Championship.
  • Oklahoma State: The only tough road game will be at West Virginia on October 28, with a road game at Pitt on September 16 possibly being a trap game. Other than that, they get Oklahoma at home along with Baylor and TCU. 
  • Washington: Surprisingly enough, the Huskies make the list despite making the College Football Playoff last season. Still, they avoid Sam Darnold and the USC Trojans and play only two tough road games (Colorado on September 23 and Stanford on November 10). 
  • Florida: The Gators have a chance to go undefeated heading into the SEC Championship with their 2017 schedule. They only play three(!) road games this season and all three road games are against the SEC's worst teams. What's more is they get to avoid Alabama in the regular season. 
  • Miami: A September 16 date at Florida State is the only game the Hurricanes should sweat. Otherwise, they have the opportunity to build on a nine-game slate that only consists of three road games. 
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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Greatest Sports Moments For Dad

             Sports are an easy way to bond with your old man. Both of you share a love for the game(s) and you're passionate about your team winning. That's why this blog is dedicated to those who raised you and taught you life's essentials. Here are some of the greatest moments concerning athletes and their fathers.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Best Mike Francesa Moments

            Mike Francesa is known for being one hell of a professional sports broadcaster. He's also known for some serious gaffes on the air. Here's a little tribute to America's favorite unintentional goof, Mike Francesa.