Monday, May 22, 2017

Best Sports Games In My Opinion

           Some of you know that I'm a fairly big gamer. When I'm not spending time watching a sporting event or doing my podcast, I'm usually playing some video games to pass the time. Here's some of my favorite sports games that I've played.

  1. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (PS2): Loved playing this as a kid. Not only did you customize your own characters, but you could customize your own skate park.
  2. Ken Griffey Jr's Slugfest (N64): I still play this game to this day. You can create your own characters, therefore putting some of your favorite modern-day players on the same team as Hall of Famers Randy Johnson and Ken Griffey Jr. 
  3. NHL Hitz 20-03 (XBOX, PS2, Gamecube): You can make up a team and have them compete in the NHL regular season if they're good enough. You can also fight and your players can become blazing hot if their meters are boosted high enough. A great game made by Midway (Unfortunately, Midway went bankrupt in 2009 and folded a year later). 
  4. Wii Sports (Wii): No star athletes here, just you and your family and friends! I like the bowling game the best, but there are different modes like boxing and baseball that you can play.
  5. WWE Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain (PS2): Great story mode, beautiful women, and Stone Cold and the Rock. What more could you ask for?
Honorable Mentions: Punch-Out, NBA Live, All-Star Baseball 99, Madden series

Friday, May 19, 2017

NFL Teams With the Easiest/Toughest Stretches in Their Schedules

            This is supposed to be a time devoted to the baseball season and playoffs for the two main arena sports. However, it's never a bad time to talk about the NFL. With that being said, here's a look at what teams are facing the most brutal parts of their schedule and which teams have it easy for a period of time.

Brutal First Nine: Denver Broncos: While the Broncos' five of their first nine games are at home, their home opponents are mostly tough. Home games against Dallas, Oakland, the New York Giants, and New England make for intense competition in the Mile High City. Their road games in their first nine games aren't as forgiving, either. The Broncos will be going through a three-game road swing stemming from late October to early November as they take on the Chargers, Chiefs, and Eagles.
Easy First Five: Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons would like to get their revenge on the New England Patriots for their 28-3 comeback in Super Bowl 51, but they don't want to do it in Week 1. Luckily, they get to feast on Bears and Bills to help prepare them for their October 22nd date in Foxboro. What's more is they get the Packers and Dolphins at home before they face New England on Sunday night.
Brutal First Six: New Orleans Saints: Four of the Saints's first six games are on the road, with trips to Lambeau, Carolina, and Miami. Their two home games are against playoff teams from last season (New England and Detroit). Luckily, their next five games are winnable, with stints against Chicago, Buffalo, and a home game against Washington.
Easy Last Five: Green Bay Packers: If the Packers need to make another late-season run like they did last year, the last five games of their schedule are extremely forgiving and open for that to happen again. Three of their last five games are on the road, but they're against the Browns, Panthers, and Lions.
Easy First Seven: Pittsburgh Steelers: Pittsburgh can easily get a head start on the AFC North with a 5-0 start. A stretch that only contains two tough games (Road games at Baltimore and Kansas City) could give the Steelers a commanding division lead by week seven and can keep them in the running for home-field advantage in the AFC playoff picture with the likes of New England and Kansas City.
Brutal Last Eight: Oakland Raiders: Really, you can say that Oakland has a rough schedule for the entire 2017 season. However, it's their last eight games that should test the Raiders' mettle. After their road game against Buffalo on October 29, five of their next six games are against last season's playoff teams. However, they do get to play four of those six at home, so it could be a winnable stretch down the road. But don't overlook their last two road games at Philly and Los Angeles; the Chargers and Eagles are viewed by experts as sleeper picks in the upcoming NFL season.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Why the Celtics Shouldn't Pick Markelle Fultz With the Number One Pick

            Just to clarify to all my readers, the Brooklyn Nets don't have the No.1 pick in this summer's NBA draft (My apologies for my mistake). For some reason, they gave away their first round pick and other picks and stuff to the Boston Celtics for some aging superstars. What this means is that Boston is in great position to compete in the Eastern Conference for years to come while the Nets are set to wallow in mediocrity for years to come. 'Smart' move, Brooklyn.
            Anyways, the Celtics are projected by many to pick Washington point guard Markelle Fultz with the No. 1 overall pick, which isn't a bad idea. After all, analysts are saying that Fultz is the best player in the draft and rightfully so. He makes his teammates better and has solid ball-handling and court vision. Fultz averaged 23.2 PPG, 5.7 RPG, 5.9 APG, and a three-point percentage of 41.3. However, I have a couple reasons why the Celtics should pass on taking Fultz with the No. 1 pick.
            For starters, they already have a great point guard in Isaiah Thomas. Thomas is a great leader for the Celtics and is already looking to prove himself as being the Celtics' version of Kobe Bryant. If this postseason is any indication, Thomas looks to be a franchise cornerstone for years to come. Yes, Thomas is undersized. But Boston already has their star point guard in Isaiah.
            There are some issues with Fultz's game as well. One gripe about Fultz is his lack of defensive focus. Granted, that was on a nine-win college team. But Fultz is chided for not having the mentality and intensity necessary to be consistent on defense. He's often criticized for being intense enough on the defensive end as well, so that could be an issue. Still, that same team had little offensive spacing, so that raises Fultz's already-high profile on offense. Another concern regarding Fultz is his free-throw shooting, which was a paltry 65% as a freshman. This suggests that he may be prone to being streaky. There's also some concern about Fultz maintaining his efficiency against better players, with his efficiency nosediving playing against top programs.
            So who would the Celtics go after in the draft? One option is Malik Monk from Kentucky. Like Fultz, he has great offensive efficiency as a jump shooter and can score a handful of points in a hurry. He also has ridiculous leaping ability and is athletic. However, he is prone to droughts when opponents take away his post-up opportunities. He is also undersized for a shooting guard and tends to not play with much intensity like Fultz. Another option is the No. 1 pick in CBS Sports's mock draft, Jayson Tatum of Duke. Tatum can score on any level given and is compared to Ron Artest during his good days. Boston could also trade the pick if they wanted to win now for an established superstar like Blake Griffin or, as the mock draft for CBS Sports would suggest, Jimmy Butler.
            Still, Fultz is a dynamic offensive weapon who could be a perennial All-Star as an offensive player. He could turn out to be a James Harden-like player: able to rack up points and be the center piece of an NBA offense. After all, this is a deep draft regarding point guards. Will the Celtics pick him with the first pick? Most likely. But a No. 1 overall pick isn't a guaranteed success (See Anthony Bennett). It'll be up to the Celtics to make the most of a golden opportunity in the NBA draft.

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Who Should The Big 10 Go After For Expansion Next?

            With Notre Dame thinking about going to the ACC for all sports, the topic of conference expansion is once again on the table. This will potentially lead to possibly the college football landscape evolving into a Power Four 'oligarchy' of sorts. These Power Four conferences (Big Ten, ACC, SEC, Pac-12) will have control on many issues within the college football world and will have the winner of their respective conference championships be the representative of their conferences in the playoff. In other words, the Big 12 will be on the chopping block, which is unfortunate considering that there was once a time where Big 12 football reigned supreme in the college football world.
            Now, why do I bring Notre Dame up? The Fighting Irish have tried fighting to get into the Big 10 in the past. However, schools such as Michigan weren't having any of it, barring them from entering the conference. Thus, the legend of Notre Dame being independent in football is born. Anyways, expansion appears to be on the horizon and the Big Ten will need some new members. Here's who the Big 10 can go after in the Big 12 to go with the next wave of potential expansion.

Texas: The good thing about getting Texas into the Big 10 is that this would be a big-money move; the Big 10 would have markets in Chicago, Texas, Washington D.C., and New York. Wow. However, the Longhorns do have an albatross that is their network (Longhorn Network), so the Big 10 will have to either dissolve the network into the Big Ten Network or disband it altogether.
Iowa State: Iowa State would surprisingly be a good pick-up considering that they are Iowa's rival and their basketball programs (Men's and Women's) are decent. However, they have a mediocre football program and it be almost anonymous of an expansion considering how unknown the Cyclones are.
Kansas: This would be a HUGE pick-up for the Big 10 regarding college basketball in the men's field. It would make the Big 10 as competitive and tough as the ACC is right now. You'd bring in Kansas State, which isn't a bad college for sports, either. But like Iowa State, their football team stinks.
Oklahoma: Right now, the Big 10 is a better football conference than the SEC (Yes, you read that right). The SEC only has Alabama and a bunch of ranked also-rans in their conference. The Big Ten has a loaded Big Ten East with Michigan, Ohio State, and Penn State. They also have Wisconsin to boot. Imagine how lethal the Big Ten would be with the Sooners in their conference for football. Adding Oklahoma State wouldn't be bad, either. Plus, Nebraska gets to rekindle an old rivalry with the Sooners.
Baylor: While Baylor is a hot program for sports right now, there is great turmoil in picking up Baylor considering the sexual assault hullabaloo that's going on right now. The Big Ten should probably steer away from this idea.
Texas Tech: If you asked me if the Big Ten should add the Red Raiders to their conference about a decade ago, I probably would've said that that wouldn't be a bad idea. However, Texas Tech has become average at best in the sports field (At least for the moneymaker sports). This would be the safe option for the Big Ten and probably the most average expansion candidate.
West Virginia: Don't sleep on the Mountaineers as an expansion candidate. With some solid programs and proximity near Columbus, Happy Valley, Maryland, and New Jersey, West Virginia wouldn't be a bad choice for expansion for the Big Ten.
TCU: The Horned Frogs would add the Dallas market to the Big Ten, which would make the Big Ten plenty of money and expand their market. The Big Ten should hope that TCU doesn't turn out like Rutgers and fall out into the abyss, though.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Blending Buddy

             Here's another edition of "Blending Buddy", where I show you what's in my blender! Here's a little something that can help you lead a healthier lifestyle! Bottoms up!!

  • 1 handful of blueberries
  • 1 handful of strawberries
  • 1 banana
  • 1 carrot
  • 1/3 cucumber
  • 1 celery stick
            I call this, "The Basics". It's a good drink for people just getting into the blending/juicing gig. It has many antioxidants that'll help cleanse your body. Blueberries are essentially rich in anthocyanin, which is a flavonoid with great antioxidant potency. 

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Friday, May 5, 2017

First Month Surprises

            The first month of the MLB season is in the books with some fanfare. From the Orioles-Red Sox to Aaron Judge and Eric Thames, the MLB season is producing some noteworthy storylines. Who's doing well and who's letting you down?

Pleasant Surprise: New York Yankees: Aided by Aaron Judge's hot start (13 homers, 27 RBIs), the Baby Bombers are sitting pretty in first place in a loaded AL East. They have a 12-3 home record, which is the best in the majors. Their 148 runs are the most in the American League so far, giving Yankees fans reason to believe that their time for contention is coming sooner than you think. What's more, they've done this without the likes of Gary Sanchez.
Pleasant Surprise: Arizona Diamondbacks: Mainstays like Paul Goldschmidt are what make teams like Arizona great. But the overall pitching of the D-Backs has been spectacular. Only behind division rival Los Angeles in overall ERA (3.76), Arizona has gotten nice help from the likes of Patrick Corbin (2.29 ERA, 30 SO, 11 BB), Robbie Ray (3.47 ERA, 49 SO, 12.14 K/9), and a rejuvenated Zach Greinke (3.19 ERA, 40 SO).
Disappointment: The Cubs' Rotation: You'd think that the Cubs wouldn't have a World Series hangover considering how they have no weaknesses on paper. However, it seems their rotation has suffered just that. The Cubbies are tied for 24th in rotation ERA (4.68). Opponents are also batting .270 against Cubs starters and the Cubs are 28th in opponent's OPS (.800). Can Chicago turn their rotation around in time or will a repeat be out of the question?
Disappointment: Toronto Blue Jays: Like the Cubs, Toronto's been plagued by bad starting pitching (26th in opponent's OPS at .778, 25th in rotation WHIP with 1.40). However, that hasn't been the only problem. The Jays have only scored 107 runs so far, only ahead of Kansas City and Oakland and tied with Boston in the American League. It seems that not only is Edwin Encarnacion's presence is missed in the lineup, but Jose Bautista (.196, two homers, nine RBIs, .622 OPS, .294 SLUG) is not playing up to the contract standards he set last offseason. Look for Toronto to be a popular team for trade pieces if this persists.

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Monday, May 1, 2017

On The Playlist

            Here's another edition of "On the Playlist!" This is where I showcase what's playing on my playlist!! Check it out!!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Winners and Losers of the NFL Draft First Round

            The first round of the NFL Draft has come and gone, with many trades occurring and lots of fanfare going about. Which teams won the night and which teams flubbed badly?

Winner: San Francisco 49ers: John Lynch made some impressive trades in the first round, fleecing the Bears by gaining more picks in exchange for their No. 2 pick (Which ended up being Mitch Trubisky) and making another with Seattle. The 49ers established an identity of wanting to build on defense, picking DE Solomon Thomas from Stanford and LB Reuben Foster from Alabama.
Winner? Cleveland Browns: I'd say that the Browns are winners here, considering that they made like the 49ers and gathered picks (Three in the first round!!). However, it's hard to call Cleveland winners here considering their recent misfortunes with first round draft picks. Still, picking DE Myles Garrett from Texas A&M, versatile LB Jabril Peppers from Michigan, and TE David Njoku from Miami seems like a good draft since at least one of these picks can't possibly be a miss.
Winner: New York Jets: While the Jets do need a quarterback, they also need a playmaking safety and that's what they got with Jamal Adams from LSU. Named by some pundits as the best player in the draft, Adams carries a lot of range, great 1-on-1 tackling ability, and spectacular coverage skills. Besides, not all great quarterback wind up being taken in the first round (See Russell Wilson and Tom Brady) and the Jets don't have a solid history of drafting 1st round quarterbacks.
Loser: Chicago Bears: 

I love to kiss tittiess
— Mitchell Trubisky (@Mtrubisky10) December 28, 2011

Hell yeah, Go Packers
— Mitchell Trubisky (@Mtrubisky10) January 11, 2015

This is your "Quarterback of the Future" that you took a sizable mortgage on, Bears fans.
Loser: Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jaguars did get a good third-down running back in Leonard Fournette, but it won't mean a thing if he has blockers opening up holes for him. Granted, there were no solid offensive linemen to be had in this draft. But it's imperative that Jacksonville rectifies this mistake through free agency in the future.
Loser: Green Bay Packers: Could trading out of the first round when you had a chance to get local boy and brother of JJ, T.J. Watt, come back to haunt the Packers? Considering that the Packers look to be faltering defensively, it looks like a possibility. However, the Pack usually find ways around such issues in order to make themselves a playoff team year in and year out.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

NHL First-Round Awards

            One round of exciting Stanley Cup Playoff action is in the books as the "Elite 8" has been determined. Who's surprising, who disappointed, and who's the favorite?

Biggest Surprise: The Nashville Predators rode a hot goaltender and great puck possession past the Chicago Blackhawks in the Central Division semifinal. If Rinne can get shutouts the way he did in the first two games of that series, the Preds could be on their way to their first Western Conference final. Speaking of the Blackhawks...
Biggest Disappointment: There were no "Chelsea Dagger's" to be heard this postseason at the United Center as the 'Hawks went goalless at home. Not enough from players like Marian Hossa, Jonathan Toews, and Patrick Kane as Chicago was sent home packing in the first round for a second straight year. Is there a need for a major shake-up in the Windy City?
Best Effort: Mike Babcock often gets knocked for not being "a player's coach", but Babs nearly had his young Toronto Maple Leafs upset the best regular season team in the Washington Capitals. Hockey wunderkind Auston Matthews had four goals in that series while players like James van Riemsdyk played hard, giving Toronto fans reason to believe that a Cup will be arriving in the future.
Favorite To Win It All: The Pittsburgh Penguins could be the first team to repeat since the late-90's Detroit Red Wings. They're also getting scoring from more than Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. Players like Jake Guentzel (5 goals) and Bryan Rust (4 goals) have contributed nicely for the Pens.
Darkhorse To Win It All: Connor McDavid isn't the only solid offensive player on the Edmonton Oilers. Players like Milan Lucic, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, and Leon Draisaitl can also create offense for Edmonton, giving opposing teams fits on the back check.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Why The Cubs Should Go After Shohei Otani

            It's rumored that one of Japan's biggest baseball superstars, Shohei Otani, could be on his way to MLB as soon as next season. Although he suffered a setback with a groin injury that sidelined him for six weeks, he will still be a hot commodity if he comes over from Japan. It's also rumored that the New York Yankees, who are no strangers to signing Japanese superstars, are in front for the Otani sweepstakes. But here's why Theo Epstein and crew should get on top of signing Otani to the Cubs' rotation and stop the Yankees from signing yet another Japanese superstar.

  1. Otani is (Or Looks to be) the Real Deal: Armed with a 100-MPH fastball, Otani is capable of blowing hitters away with ease. His career WHIP is 1.06, his SO9 is 10.3, and his last three seasons saw his ERA go below 3. His RAvg has also continued to drop since his rookie season, going as low as 2.12 last year. 
  2. Believe It Or Not, the Cubs' Rotation Isn't Stellar Right Now: While the Cubs have a team ERA of 3.60, which isn't bad, pitchers like Kyle Hendricks, John Lackey, and Brett Anderson have struggled so far this season. Jake Arrieta and Jon Lester have been solid for the season, but both are getting older. How great would the Cubs be if they got a pitcher who was not only solid, but young at the ripe age of 22?
  3. Otani Would Fit In Well In the National League: Otani doesn't just pitch. He also plays the outfield and can hit the ball. Last season, Otani batted .322 with 22 home runs and 67 RBIs in 104 games. He also had an OPS of 1.004, a Slugging Percentage of .588, and an OBP of .416. Adding Otani could also benefit the Cubs' lineup and make the North Siders even more lethal at the plate.
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Poundin' The Poetry

            Here's a new segment called, "Poundin' The Poetry". It's where I try to flex my poetic muscles and try to write. Berate me all you want if some of this doesn't look to rhyme. I honestly don't care at this point.

Tin cans, you're my only friend,
The reason why my life doesn't end.
Tin cans, you're my only friend,
The reason why I don't break, but bend.
Stuck in a 9-5 job that don't pay rich,
Stuck married to a bitch.
Should I end it all?
If I try to, will I have the gall?
That's where you come in,
Jack, Jim Beam, Miller, and Heineken.
Make me forget my issues and woes,
Make me forget my feelings that are low.
Tin cans, you're my only friend,
The reason why my life doesn't end.
Tin cans, you're my only friend,
The reason why I ignore the ties that don't mend.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

When A Meme Saves A Life

            Memes are a staple of internet lore, often concocted from the randomness and pleasure from its users. But memes aren't used for saving lives as much as they are for mere amusement. That was the case for Stefan Karl Stefansson, the Icelandic actor who played Robbie Rotten in the show, Lazy Town. Stefansson was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2016, which led to a GoFundMe page being created by Lazy Town creator Mark Valenti. The campaign received attention due to YouTube user SilvaGunner uploading a song, leading to the popularity of the internet meme, "We Are Number One". The campaign surpassed its $100,000 goal and Stefansson thanked contributors with a livestream version of the song. Here's a bit of the greatness that is "We Are Number One."

Monday, April 10, 2017

Best Memories of the Joe

            Yesterday, the Joe Louis Arena hosted its final NHL as the Detroit Red Wings defeated the New Jersey Devils, 4-1 (Riley Sheahan finally scored this season!!). The Joe has been the host of countless memories, mostly involving the sport of hockey. While the Joe might make visitors retch from the smell of alcohol and sweat, it's often seen by Detroiters as their own 'swamp'. Here's a salute to one of sports' most genuine arenas.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

WATCH THIS: Tyler Myers Breaks the Glass

           If you're a sports fan, you'd want to get seats closest to the action. Just be careful not to agitate players of the opposing team. That's what this Flyers fan did as Tyler Myers continuously fired pucks at the glass until one of his shots broke the glass.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Blending Buddy

            Here's another edition of "Blending Buddy", where I show you what helped me lose 30 pounds in the span of four months. This edition's concoction is called, "The Dave Walters Special". It consists of the following ingredients:

  • A handful of blueberries
  • One banana 
  • Cup of milk
            Basic and easy for beginners of a juice fast to try, the "Dave Walters Special" is a great way to introduce someone new into the concept of juicing. While there may not be any vegetables in the drink, there are a couple fruits that'll help kickstart your day.

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

On The Playlist

            Here's another edition of "On the Playlist", where I show you everything that's bumpin' on my playlist!! Check it out!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

An End of an Era

             The Detroit Red Wings were eliminated from playoff contention on Tuesday, losing to the Carolina Hurricanes, 4-1. This marks the end of a 25-season run of playoff appearances. The Wings won four Stanley Cups and made six Stanley Cup Finals appearances during their unprecedented run. What was going on during the 1991 year?

  • George H.W. Bush (The first Bush) was in the Oval Office.
  • The original "Beauty and the Beast" was in theaters.
  • "Love Will Never Do" by Janet Jackson was topping the charts.
  • The SNES was being released to the general public (SIX Nintendo consoles were released during this run, including the Switch).
  • The Detroit Lions made their only NFC Championship appearance, getting thwomped by the Washington Redskins, 41-10. This was also the last season the Lions won a playoff game (Cowboys by a score of 38-6).
  • The Gulf War was coming to an end.
            A lot has happened since the Red Wings last missed the postseason, as you can tell.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

About This Tournament...

            The first weekend was surprisingly awesome in spite of the lack of upsets. I mean, people anticipate that an upset will happen, right? People want to see a #13 seed or #14 seed pull off the stunner or a thrilling buzzer beater. What if we anticipate it so much that we're surprised when it doesn't happen? That's a part of why the first weekend was better than you thought. It was a nice break from the Cinderella action.
           Now you got one school booking their first trip to the Final Four (Gonzaga or Xavier) and you got another battle of the blue bloods (Kentucky and North Carolina) after a riveting battle of the blue bloods (Kentucky and UCLA). You also have two lower seeds (South Carolina and Xavier) who could potentially make the Final Four. How exciting is that?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

LaVar Ball's Statistics

            Lonzo Ball's father, LaVar Ball, has been in the news quite a bit lately, boasting about how good his son is and how he'll be drafted by the Lakers. He's been so outspoken that LeBron James has issued a stern warning to LaVar. But did you know that LaVar played basketball at Washington State? He played 26 games for the Cougars, averaging 2.2 points per game, 2.3 rebounds per game, and an assist per game. Apparently, his son's a lot better than he was back in his hey-day.

Photo Courtesy of TMZ

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Avs-Wings Rivalry

            Back in the day, the Colorado Avalanche and the Detroit Red Wings didn't like each other. I mean, they hated each other's guts. It started with a dirty hit by Colorado's Claude Lemieux on Detroit's Kris Draper in the 1996 Western Conference Finals. Colorado went on to win the series. 4-2, and they won their first Stanley Cup that year. This was in spite of the Red Wings breaking the regular season record for wins with 62. Detroit managed to come back and win the next two Stanley Cups. Between the two teams, they've appeared in six Stanley Cups and have won five together during their amazing runs up to 2002. Here's an ode to one of the greatest rivalries not just in the NHL, but in all of sports.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Why They Didn't Make March Madness

            This year's March Madness features tons of adversity and plenty of parity. This is unprecedented, considering Vanderbilt made it as a ninth seed in spite of having 15 losses on the season. Anyways, here's a breakdown as to why these "bubble teams" got burst by the selection committee.

  • Syracuse (More Road Wins, Please): Syracuse had a stellar home record of 16-3 and had quality wins against Duke, Florida State, and Virginia. So why did they miss the tournament? They had 14 losses, marred by horrible road play. They had two wins on the road this season and their road losses include one to Boston College. Ouch. 
  • Illinois State (Make A Harder Schedule): The Redbirds just had to win the Missouri Valley Conference tournament and they were in. They had six losses, which get most teams in the tourney. They would've taken a spot from a team like Vanderbilt and probably would've been in the play-in game. The problem is that the Redbirds lost to the likes of Murray State and San Francisco (San Francisco isn't that bad; it's just their RPI's not great). Throw in the lack of quality wins and Illinois State is in the NIT. What Illinois State needs to do in order to make the tournament next year is summed up in this Dan Muller tweet: 

      • Indiana (Fulfill Expectations): Indiana started off the season with lofty expectations. Ranked in the Top Five with a quality neutral-floor win over Kansas and another over North Carolina would make any resume look like a No. 1 contender. There were a couple of issues with Indiana's season, though. Aside from the eye-catching collapse, the Hoosiers went on to loss 15 games this year, including losses to Fort Wayne and Nebraska.

      Sunday, March 12, 2017

      GIFS Galore!

                  I got more GIFs to show you today!! Prepare to be entertained!!

      Thursday, March 9, 2017

      Picking Your Bracket

                  March Madness is nearly upon us. The average citizen will fill out a bracket in hopes of it becoming perfect so that they can brag to their friends about the little moment they achieved with the bracket. Anyways, if you're having a hard time filling one out, here's a few suggestions to help you out.

      1. Look For The Big Names: Teams like Louisville, North Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, and Duke are the popular picks to make the Final Four year in and year out. They're basketball bluebloods and are known to pull in the best recruits every year. If you're having a hard time establishing a Final Four, look to these names for some help.
      2. Mascots!! If you're having a hard time filling a bracket out in general, just pick a team based on whose mascot you like more. It won't guarantee you a perfect bracket. Then again, what way will considering the unpredictability of March Madness?
      3. Bet On The Top Seeds: A No. 1 seed has never lost to a No. 16 seed in the men's game. There have been eight No. 15 seeds that have beaten their No. 2 seeded opponent in the Round of 64 (Middle Tennessee State is the most recent to win). The closer the match-ups are seed-wise, the more likely of an upset (A No. 1 seed would have less likely of a chance to be upset than a No. 3 seed, for example). The only exception to this rule is the sixth seed/11th seed compared to the fifth seed/12th seed match-up (The 12th/11th seeds have won 46 times in the Round of 64 each). Also, keep in mind that there have only been four teams with the tenth seed or lower that have reached the Final Four (Syracuse is the most recent).
      4. Look At The Conferences. Popular Final Four picks tend to come from conferences like the ACC, the Big East, and the Big Ten. Conferences like the Pac-12 haven't produced a champion in a long time (Arizona in 1997) in spite of UCLA having the most men's basketball titles in tournament history. If you don't know who to pick, just go with the team that's either in one of the aforementioned conferences or pick against conferences like the Pac-12 (Unless they're a higher seed). 
      5. Research! Look up where a team's strengths and weaknesses lie. What defense does the school run? Is their offense an up-tempo offense? How do the match-ups line up? Knowing these attributes along with knowing the match-ups will help you not only pick your Final Four, but will help you pick which upsets will occur.
      6. Coin Flip: You can do a match-up (Or even an entire bracket) by flipping a coin. You might get some wacky results!
      Photo Courtesy of Sporting News

      Wednesday, March 8, 2017

      In Honor Of International Women's Day

                  Today is International Women's Day, a day where we celebrate one half of the genders in our fair world. There have been numerous women who have achieved great things in our world such as Marie Curie, Amelia Earhart, Susan B. Anthony, and Rosa Parks. But what about the sports side? There are plenty of women who've done great things in the world of sports. Check out some of the highlights of some of the greatest women to play sports.

      Sunday, March 5, 2017

      Blending Buddy

                  Today, I'm introducing to you a new segment called "Blending Buddy". It's a segment where I show you some of the smoothies that I made to help me lose thirty pounds in four months. These juices and smoothies will help you get the proper nutrients needed to fight off disease and make you feel better physically and mentally. Please note that it also takes physical activity in order to reach your ideal weight.

      Jungle Juice
      • 1 plantain
      • 1 banana
      • 1 red banana
      • 1 handful of kale
                  This is what I like to call, "Jungle Juice", since these ingredients are often associated with an Amazon/African rainforest setting. Anyways, these ingredients will form a smoothie that is high in potassium, but will be extremely thick since plantains are enormous. The plantain will be hard to take from its casing, so you'll need a knife to cut through the thick casing (Please be careful). However, that's the only time you'll need the knife (Unless you want to cut the plantain up into pieces) since the bananas are easy to break apart. Throw into a juicer/blender and enjoy!!

      Thursday, March 2, 2017

      Takes On March Madness

                  There are plenty of intriguing story lines going into March Madness, like specific teams set to finally make the tourney and the No. 1 seeds of the tournament. Here are some things to check out when the tournament comes around.

      1. Northwestern Finally Makes It? The Wildcats are the only big-conference team to never make the tournament. They've already broken their school record of wins in a basketball season (For the men) and have good wins over Dayton and Wisconsin. If they do good enough in the Big Ten tournament and get one or two wins, they should be set for their first appearance.
      2. The Ever-Changing Bubble: There are plenty of teams that are grabbing eyebrow-raising wins. Wake Forest just pulled a recent upset off on #8 Louisville. Georgia Tech has a nice pair of wins over ranked teams like Florida State and Notre Dame. Marquette defeated both Creighton and Villanova (One of those was a road win). Vanderbilt has good wins over teams like Florida and South Carolina. This year has seen the bubble constantly change from teams making it to teams on the outside looking in. Talk about your parity.
      3. Does Gonzaga Deserve a Number One Seed? The Bulldogs would've loved to have entered the WAC tournament undefeated, but a home loss to BYU derailed such plans. Also, wins over Florida, Iowa State, Arizona, and two wins over Saint Mary's may be nice (Especially the neutral-floor win over Arizona). But they aren't exactly setting Gonzaga's resume on fire when it comes to a No. 1 seed. These indicators might mean that Gonzaga will need to win the WAC tournament in order to get a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament.
      4. Sparty Down? Tom Izzo's Spartans have been in the NCAA tournament since 1998. This run includes a national championship, a couple championship appearances, and numerous Final Fours. However, the Fightin' Izzos could be in danger of missing the tournament with an 18-12 record. Though Michigan State has had a difficult schedule this season, they've done themselves no favors by losing to Northeastern at home and losing to teams like Illinois and Penn State. Not winning a single game in the Big Ten tournament will likely send Michigan State to the NIT. 
      5. The Loaded ACC (And Big East): The ACC and Big East have a great number of teams that are either a lock for the tournament or could make the tournament. Teams like Louisville, Villanova, North Carolina, Duke, and Butler are some of the headliners for these two premier basketball conferences. Even some of the ex-pats are getting in on the fun; West Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Maryland are having tournament-worthy seasons. 

      Wednesday, March 1, 2017

      On The Playlist

                  Here's another edition of "On The Playlist", where I show you what's bumpin' on my playlist. Enjoy!!

      Tuesday, February 28, 2017

      Which MLB Cellar Dwellers Are Most Screwed This Year?

                  The MLB regular season is fast-approaching, which means that your summer sports fix will likely contain baseball, some soccer, and lots of Yankees-Red Sox and Cubs-Cardinals on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. Anyways, here's a look how screwed MLB's cellar dwellers are this season.

      1. San Diego Padres: It's going to be a long season in San Diego. With no football team to fall back on anymore, the Padres will only prolong the agony. At least they're developing some guys in the farm system and acquiring international prospects, though.
      2. Cincinnati Reds: The Reds have half-assed their rebuilding process, trading their veterans away for peanuts. But like the Padres, they're invested in the international pool quite a bit. Still, there's not much hope with the Cubs and Cards in your division along with an underachieving Pirates team and the Brewers already rebuilding.
      3. Chicago White Sox: The White Sox raised the "white flag" this winter, trading away players like Adam Eaton and Chris Sale. In return, they got an overhaul of prospects. It'll be a horrid year for the South Siders, but take solace in knowing that the future is bright.
      4. Oakland Athletics: The AL West could have almost any of its teams win its division this year... Except for the A's. The rebuilding process is still going on and the A's are still restocking its farm system. This might take a few more years to complete.
      5. Philadelphia Phillies: The Phillies have a promising rotation and under-the-radar players like Odubel Herrera. However, it'll take a couple more years for the Phillies to come back into prominence considering the Nationals and Mets won't be the only competitive teams in the future.
      6. Tampa Bay Rays: The Rays could actually be a playoff team this season. The Yankees are still rebuilding and fresh off of getting rid of bad contracts, the Orioles don't have much in the rotation, and the Blue Jays lost some key pieces to their team. With an underrated rotation, the Rays could be a wild-card team if their lineup shows some life.

      Sunday, February 26, 2017

      The Brooklyn Nets Are Sneaky Bad

                  Not many people have noticed this, but the Brooklyn Nets are currently on a 16-game losing streak. Their last win came on January 20th against the New Orleans Pelicans, 143-114. With the win, the Nets snapped an 11-game losing streak. In fact, the Nets are 2-32 since December 12. They've allowed 100 points or more in all but one of these games during their mediocre stretch (February 1st vs. the New York Knicks in a 95-90 loss). As a whole, Brooklyn's only yielded less than 100 points five times this season. The Nets didn't even win a single game in the month of January.
                  What's worse for the Nets is that even if they have the worst record in the NBA, there's no guarantee that they'll get the No. 1 overall pick in the NBA Draft in the summer. The NBA runs a draft lottery that picks the winner at random. The more losses you have, the more ping pong balls you'll get (you have to miss the NBA playoffs as well). Some people have a hunch that the NBA lottery, like the NBA itself, is rigged. Brooklyn fans may harbor those feelings if they don't get the No. 1 pick. The good news for Nets fans is that the previous two teams with the worst NBA record got the No. 1 pick.
                  As for right now, no one knows when the Nets will win again. They are currently on a West Coast trip that includes games in Denver and Oakland. Their schedule is quite unforgiving at the moment. When will the slide end? How many records of futility will the 2016-2017 Nets break?

      Thursday, February 23, 2017

      How I Lost Weight

                  People like to make "Resolutions," specifically to lose weight. A lot of the time, they either:

      • Go back to their old ways
      • Give up after Mid-January
      • Are successful at first, but put the weight back on shortly after
                  Many people also resort to gimmicky diets such as the Atkins diet, gluten-free diets, and other methods. Some people will resort to tactics like plastic surgery (something that I've contemplated in the past) and weight-loss programs. The success of these methods can vary, but a lot of these are good marketing ploys to get you to buy their items. Let me tell you how I lost weight.
                  Since November when I was 184 lbs, I lost 29 lbs. The secret? Burn More Calories Than You Take In. It's that simple. No gimmicks. No tricks. Just don't take in so many calories and burn off more than you can chew. 
                  Our country (and world) is turning into an obese wasteland full of angry, upset people. People are not only becoming mentally unstable, but physically unwell to boot. It's best to not overthink things when you try and lose weight. Just burn more than you take in! Also, doing plenty of cardio does help in burning calories. Also, three fruits and vegetables a day helps.

      Sunday, February 19, 2017

      A Counterpoint To Why The Cubs Will Not Be A Hated Team

                  I read an article this morning where Anthony Rizzo talks about why the Chicago Cubs will never be hated by sports fans. Reading this seemed rather intriguing, considering the amount of media coverage the Cubs got on their run to the 2016 World Series title. It got me thinking if that really would be the case. I came to the conclusion that this probably won't be the case and I came up with a few reasons why.
                  Now the main reason itself isn't the Cubs's fault. The Cubs themselves are quite likable. Guys like David Ross and Jake Arrieta were all great stories for the North Siders. However, media outlets like ESPN, CNN, and FOX Sports creamed themselves when the Cubs actually won. ESPN even covered Cubs President Theo Epstein and his crew re-signing with the Cubs for five years (That's something you'd normally see on The "Worldwide Leader In Sports" started up the hype concerning the Cubs with the "Pursuit of History" tab. This may be the biggest reason why the Cubs will become a hated team, since networks like ESPN and FOX Sports tend to lean towards the big market teams, i.e. the New York Yankees, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Boston Red Sox. The Cubs fall into this category.
                  In fact, the love from the corporate media had gotten to ridiculous heights during the Cubs's postseason. Publications like the New York Times and "The Worldwide Leader in Sports" gushed when Chicago came back against the San Francisco Giants in Game 4 of the NLDS this year. Many of them called it one of "the greatest comebacks ever" (Sorry Cubbies, but Tom Brady and the Pats have you beat in that category this year). This flood of annoying writing and editorials will persist for a few years, which will probably lead to many sports fans getting sick of hearing about the Cubs and seeing Jesse Rogers slobbing on Joe Maddon and Theo's knobs. The point is, we get that the Cubs won their first title in 108 years. Nice story to distract Americans from real world problems. Now can we please move on?? And can a St. Louis Cardinals fan please revoke Joe Buck's "Cardinals Card" since he got hard from the Cubs winning the World Series?
                  Are there any liberals out there who are scared of or have a hatred for Trump? Don't worry, the owners of the Cubs, namely Pete Ricketts, donated to Trump's campaign. Yes, some of Trump's comments have turned off members of the Ricketts family before Pete decided to contribute to Donald Trump's successful campaign to the tune of $1 million. In fact, Trump named Todd Ricketts to his cabinet after winning the 2016 Election.
                  If you want another reason why the Cubs will probably be hated, this reason should sway you.
                  I'm going to be honest, this sounds like an aborted folk song. Let's all gather by the campfire, hold hands, and sing this song after Kris Bryant jacks a walk-off home run, shall we?
                  Right now, the Cubs aren't a team that you should really hate (or be jealous of) as a sports fan However, they do have the lineup that'll get them championships for years to come. Will they go the way of the Red Sox? Stay tuned.

      Friday, February 17, 2017

      A Few Things To Know (Algunas cosas que debe saber)

                  I have here a few things of note that will be of utter importance in the near future. Here are a few notes to pass on. (Tengo aquí algunas cosas de la nota que serán de la importancia absoluta en un futuro próximo. Aquí hay algunas notas para transmitir.)

      • I am planning on doing a few shows in Las Vegas in late April. The location is to be determined, but I'm hoping it'll be at the Bellagio. I'm also looking at Las Vegas as a potential future home for me.

      (Estoy planeando hacer algunos shows en Las Vegas a finales de abril. La ubicación está por determinar, pero espero que será en el Bellagio. También estoy mirando a Las Vegas como un potencial futuro hogar para mí.)
      • I am looking for guests to be on my show in the future. I'm already talking (or trying to talk to) to a few people to come on my show. It'll likely have a local flavor to it.

      (Estoy buscando a los invitados a estar en mi show en el futuro. Ya estoy hablando (o tratando de hablar con) a unas cuantas personas a venir en mi programa. Es probable que tenga un sabor local a la misma.)

      • I'm looking into possibly getting my podcasts onto Youtube. The first podcast is exclusively on Youtube, but there will be other shows that'll be on the site.

      (Estoy buscando en posiblemente conseguir mis podcasts en Youtube. El primer podcast es exclusivamente en Youtube, pero habrá otros programas que estarán en el sitio.)

      Wednesday, February 15, 2017

      Best Charles Barkley Moments

                  Sir Charles Barkley is one of the brashest basketball players to ever step foot on a court. He's also a hilarious on-air personality for Turner Sports's "NBA on TNT". Chuck has pulled down an average of 11.7 rebounds a game, averaged 22.1 points per game, and led the NBA for five straight seasons in percentage of two-point shots made (1986-1991). Here's a look at some of Sir Charles's finest moments on and off the court.

      Sunday, February 12, 2017

      Things To Expect From The 2017 MLB Season

                  Believe it or not, the MLB season is nearing quickly with pitchers and catchers reporting in just a matter of days. Here's a few things to expect from this season.

      1. The Cubs, Indians, and Red Sox Will Be Really Good: The Cubs are practically returning the same team that they had from their World Series-winning season last year sans Jorge Soler, Aroldis Chapman, and Jason Hammel. Therefore, not much will change on the Cubs' front. However, the Red Sox got a major overhaul, picking up the likes of Chris Sale with some years of control to bolster their rotation. Meanwhile by Lake Erie, Cleveland added Edwin Encarnacion to their lineup and will be getting Andrew Miller for a full season while getting Danny Salazar and Carlos Carrasco back from injuries. The American League will be an interesting race between these two teams.
      2. Can the Astros Break Through? After whiffing on trading for Jose Quintana, Houston doesn't have a reliable starter to even out their rotation. They'll have to hope for Dallas Keuchel to rebound and/or one of the other arms to step. The Astros did overhaul their lineup by adding Josh Reddick, Brian McCann, and Carlos Beltran, though.
      3. The Next Step: The Atlanta Braves are taking their next step in the rebuilding process, adding veterans like Bartolo Colon and Brandon Phillips to their team. In due time, the Braves should be contenders. However, it'll take at least one more year of losing to get Atlanta to where they need to be. 
      4. Are the Royals Done? It doesn't seem like that long ago that the Royals were your World Series Champions. However, injuries and losing players like Wade Davis to free agency have hampered Kansas City to the point of falling below .500. Can the Royals make one last hurrah before pieces are traded off?

      Tuesday, February 7, 2017

      Which Super Bowl Catch Was Better?

                  Alright, so both of these catches involve the New England Patriots. Both of these catches were called by none other than Joe Buck, too. The Pats were on the receiving end of the first one, the Pats benefitted from the second. Either way, both catches are downright spectacular and helped their respective teams win the Super Bowl. Which catch do you think is the better of the two?

      Monday, February 6, 2017

      Which NFL Teams Will "Rise Up" Next Season?

                  With the Atlanta Falcons's improbable rise to the near-top of the NFL world, the hope that a mid-level team can rise from the ashes to the Super Bowl has inspired many teams. Which teams could rise to the top?

      1. Carolina Panthers: If the Panthers can figure out their offensive line, Cam Newton should have an easier time rebounding from a terrible 2016 campaign. He'll get more protection, meaning he'll be less prone to making bad throws since he won't be under pressure as much. Being sacked 36 times this year did Cam no favors at the QB position.
      2. Detroit Lions: There's talk about who'll be the next Matt Ryan and a lot of talk has centered around Matt Stafford. With a rating of 93.3, 4,327 passing yards, and 24 touchdowns this year, Stafford looks to be on the cusp of taking that next step. Granted, the Lions will need to find a running game and may need to upgrade their offensive line once more. But the Lions are trending in the right direction.
      3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: This team could be a defensive version of the Falcons. The Buccaneers were close to making the playoffs this year, but missed out due to a lackluster start. However, the Bucs brought hope to Central Florida with a five-game winning streak that saw the Bucs hold opponents to 12.8 PPG in that stretch. They'll have plenty of free agents moving around, but the team is trending upward.
      4. Indianapolis Colts: This list is centered mainly around teams who have the QB's ready to take the next step. Andrew Luck is (and should) be one of them. Once deemed the heir to Peyton Manning's place as the franchise QB, Luck hasn't shown a whole lot. 2016 saw Luck put up career highs in completion percentage (63.5%), yards per pass attempt (7.78), and QBR (71.2). While the Colts have other issues to deal with (like the team's health and defense), the Colts need a strong Luck to lead their team to the Super Bowl aspirations that they're expected to achieve. 
      5. Washington Redskins: The 'Skins put together an offensive juggernaut like Atlanta thanks to the rise of Kirk Cousins (4,917 passing yards, 25 TDs, 12 INTs). In fact, Washington was third in total offense this season with 6,454 total yards. With weapons like Jordan Reed, the 'Skins's main focus will be on what to do with Kirk Cousins this offseason.
      Photo Courtesy of SportsOnEarth

      Saturday, February 4, 2017

      Feeling Sick

                  Right now, I have a terrible cough and a runny nose. It's been hard for me to sleep in spite of the fact that I need sleep to speed up my recovery. This got me thinking about Michael Jordan's "flu game". This was Game 5 of the NBA Finals, when Michael Jordan called up his personal trainer at 2 a.m. to inform him that Jordan was ill. The cause was food poisoning, likely from the pizza he ordered the night before. Jordan wound up scoring 17 points in the second quarter as the Bulls trimmed Utah's lead to four. Jordan added 15 more points (he ended up with 38 points in the game) as the Bulls upended the Jazz, 90-88. Some of Jordan's most memorable highlights from the game are seen here.

      Thursday, February 2, 2017

      Greatest Super Bowls... Ever

                  With the Super Bowl just a few days away, I'd figure I'd comprise a list of the greatest Super Bowl games to happen. I think I did a blog like this, so correct me if I already did. Anyways, here's some of the greatest to ever happen.

      10.) "The Guarantee": I know that some of you out there want this to be higher. After all, the Jets were 18-point underdogs in the game with Joe Namath's infamous guarantee. However, the Jets actually won Super Bowl III handily by a score of 16-7. The funny thing was that Namath had an average game, going 17 for 28 with 208 yards and no touchdowns. The Jets rode Matt Snell to 121 yards on 30 carries and a touchdown.
      9.) Super Bowl XIII: The Cowboys and Steelers are some of the NFL's bluebloods, having gone at it in multiple Super Bowls. This one was an instant classic, with the rematch storyline coming into play with both teams having faced each other in a previous Super Bowl. The Cowboys were the defending champions at the time, but couldn't handle Terry Bradshaw. The Steelers' quarterback went 17 for 30, throwing for a then-SB record 318 yards and four touchdown passes. The Steelers scored two touchdowns in the span of 19 seconds in the fourth quarter to beat the 'Boys, 35-31.
      8.) Super Bowl XXXVIII: The last Super Bowl in Houston featured a nail-biter as the Panthers proved to be the Pats' toughest competition amongst all of New England's Super Bowl wins. The game was scoreless for a record 26:55 before the two teams combined for 24 points leading up to halftime. Both teams didn't score in the 1st and 3rd quarters, respectively. This was also the Super Bowl where "The Nipple Incident" happened involving Janet Jackson and the NFL made Super Bowl half-time shows milquetoast for a period of time.
      7.) A Dynasty Is Born: In what is being hailed as the birth of a dynasty, the New England Patriots were surprisingly considered a massive underdog at the time against the St. Louis Rams and for good reason: "The Greatest Show on Turf" was coming off a 14-2 regular season, having steamrolled through various opponents. However, a quarterback named Tom Brady led the charge in spite of the Rams outgaining the Patriots, 427-267, with Adam Vinatieri winning the game with a 48-yard field goal.
      6.) "Seattle Should've Ran the Ball": You should know all about this one. In what has become internet canon, the Seattle Seahawks were driving deep into New England territory, down 28-24. Instead of giving the ball to Marshawn Lynch at the one-yard line, Pete Carroll tried a pass play  The end result was a Malcolm Butler interception to seal the deal for New England.
      5.) Mike Jones Saves the Day: More on the "Greatest Show on Turf". Kurt Warner was part an offensive three-headed monster that included Marshall Faulk and Isaac Bruce for the St. Louis Rams. However, the Tennessee Titans took the Rams to the brink. If it wasn't for a Mike Jones tackle to stop Titans WR Kevin Dyson at the one-yard line, the Rams would've been one of the greatest NFL teams (or sports teams, in general) to not win a championship in the corresponding season. Instead, the Rams won, 23-16.

      4.) "Wide Right": With a chance to win Super Bowl XXV (and to finally give the city of Buffalo a championship), Scott Norwood lined up for a 47-yard field goal at the end of the game. Unfortunately for the city of Buffalo, he pulled it wide right as the New York Giants escaped with the win, 20-19.
      3.) Super Bowl XXIII: Joe Montana and Jerry Rice gave the 49ers their third Super Bowl, good for most at the time in the NFC. Down 16-13, San Francisco marched down the field 92 yards in under three minutes, capping off their comeback with a Joe Montana pass to Joe Taylor with 34 seconds for the game-winning touchdown. Back then, the cost of a Super Bowl commercial was only $675,000.
      2.) Super Bowl XLIII: The Arizona Cardinals aren't really known for being football excellence. So when the 9-7 Cardinals made the playoffs, representing a weak NFC West, many experts didn't pick them to make the Super Bowl. But not only did they make the Super Bowl, they took Pittsburgh to the wire. Needing Santonio Holmes's six-yard circus grab for a touchdown to win the game, the Steelers won their sixth Lombardi trophy, 27-23. James Harrison also lumbered his way in for a touchdown, returning an interception all the way to the house.
      1.) "The Helmet Catch": David Tyree's biggest moment came in Super Bowl 42 when he made a circus catch... using the top of his helmet. He reeled in the circus catch that would ruin New England's perfect season, leading the New York Giants to victory, 17-14. This game was known as one of the greatest upsets in Super Bowl history.

      Wednesday, February 1, 2017

      On The Playlist

                  Here's another edition of "On The Playlist!" You can check out what's bumping on my playlist. Some songs you'll recognize and some you'll like. I'm not feeling too well today, but I hope to have more podcasts up soon. Anyways, check it out!!!

      Monday, January 30, 2017

      Friday, January 27, 2017

      Why You Should Watch The Final(s) For The Australian Open

                  Of the four Grand Slam majors in tennis, the Australian Open tends to be the one that's most overlooked. It might be because it's the first Grand Slam major of tennis season. Or it could be because you'd have to stay up until (or wake up at) 3:30 AM in America just to watch. However, this Australian Open has been entertaining due to its exciting action and numerous upsets. Here's a couple reasons why you should make reservations to watch both the men's and women's final in the "Land Down Under".
                  The men's side offers a classic rivalry between Switzerland's Roger Federer and Spain's Rafael Nadal. These two have played each other 34 times, with Nadal leading the all-time series 23-11. Both Federer and Nadal are the only pair of men to finish in the top two ranked players on the ATP Tour for six straight calendar years. If you want another reason to watch, check out this tie-break between the two at Wimbledon in 2008.
                  Now if you want a reason to watch the Women's Australian Open Final, it's between the Williams sisters. The dominant Serena Williams will face off against her older sister Venus in what will simply be known as a 'sibling rivalry'. The ageless American sisters have combined for 120 women's singles titles (71 won by Serena) and 29 Grand Slam titles (22 won by Serena). Both sisters have been ranked as the world's No. 1 at some point in their career and have exuded their dominance among the women's field. The Williams sisters have won 21 doubles titles together, which includes 14 Grand Slam titles in doubles and three Olympic gold medals. The Williams sisters are the only two women during the "open era" to play each other for four straight Grand Slam finals. Serena holds the edge in the rivalry, 16-11.
                  Now I know that there aren't many tennis fans in America (especially when being compared to baseball, basketball, and football). However, if you're willing to commit some time to watching both finals of the Australian Open, you shouldn't be disappointed. Two great tennis rivalries should be enough to sway you to stay up until 5:30 in the morning just to watch these two matches.

      Photos Courtesy of CNN and