Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Worst-Run Franchises In Sports Right Now

            It's not an easy task running a sports franchise. With 30+ teams vying for supremacy in a league added on with the heightened expectations of the average fan, front office jobs in sports can be excruciating with so many people breathing down your neck. We know the people who do a stellar job in spite of these problems. But what about those who screw up constantly? Here's a look at those who can't get it right.

  • New York Knicks (NBA): As highlighted on the podcast quite frequently, the Knicks are a hodge-podge of mess. Between the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors and the Phil Jackson drama, it seems like the NBA's wealthiest franchise can't do anything right. At least the owner can play a mean kazoo.
  • Cleveland Browns (NFL): The Browns have been one of the most woeful franchises in all of sports, facing misfortunes like failed draft picks and relocation of the original franchise. They've taken a "Moneyball" approach to rebuilding their team, but it remains to be seen if this tactic will work or if it will be another "Brown" brick in the wall.
  • Miami Marlins (MLB): Jeffrey Loria doesn't have many friends in the baseball world; he ran the Montreal Expos to the point of being moved to Washington, D.C. and conned the Miami-Dade area into building a heavily-funded-on-taxpayer-money stadium with a cheesy ornament in center field. Let's also not forget the routine fire sales that he has involving his players (mainly done via trade).
  • Washington Redskins (NFL): I have no problem with Dan Snyder objecting to the idea of changing his team's name. After all, it is his team. I do have a problem with Snyder suing the fans, barring the fans from carrying signs into FedEx Field, and lowballing a potentially great quarterback to the point of pursuing more money elsewhere the next season.
  • Brooklyn Nets (NBA): The team traded a 1st round pick to the Boston Celtics for aging superstars in Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce a few years ago. What more do you need to know?
  • Arizona Coyotes (NHL): Marred by relocation rumors, a revolving door of owners, an arena that no one knows how to get to, and years of mediocrity on the ice, the Coyotes can never catch a break. Will they be out of the desert in the future with their uncertain arena situation?

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