Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What Is Going On With The Cowboys?

            It seems that there's some morale issues with the Dallas Cowboys as of late. WR Lucky Whitehead was arrested for shoplifting, then promptly released by the team for the incident after he failed to appear in court for the incident. This is a long list of arrests that have happened on the Cowboys' watch; their star running back Ezekiel Elliott was suspended by the NFL for various incidents that include domestic violence. Owner Jerry Jones has clapped back at the NFL, putting them on notice for suspending Elliott by saying "not one thing" implicates Elliott did anything wrong.
            However, Jones is facing a bigger crisis with the team. It isn't just Elliott who's getting in trouble; 2017 draft pick Jourdan Lewis was arrested for domestic violence. Shaq Evans was suspended by the NFL for substance abuse policy before being waived by the Cowboys. This is a part of a growing character issue that has hit the NFL hard, but has mainly hit the Cowboys hard.
            So what should Jones do the next time one of his star players acts up? He should suspend them himself. It would send a clear message that the organization will not be soiled by juvenile actions of a player. This would show that this is Jerry's team and there's a code of conduct to follow. If the player acts up again, release them regardless of how big their contribution is. This is giving Jerry's organization a black eye and would restore a sterling reputation to the Cowboys.

            Update: Police have misidentified a man that appears to look like Lucky Whitehead. The Cowboys still stand by their decision to cut him.

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