Saturday, July 22, 2017

Kyrie's Next Destination: Which One Makes Sense?

            The Cleveland Cavaliers' offseason cannot get any worse. LeBron and his family want to make a move to Los Angeles. To make matters worse, the Cavs let GM David Griffin go, who was a favorite of LeBron's. Then, they didn't add any big pieces to the team like Paul George (who went to Oklahoma City) and Jimmy Butler (who went to Minnesota). The latest news involving Kyrie Irving insures the destruction of the Cavs and may come sooner than later.
            Kyrie has stated that he "wants to find a bigger role" and "no longer wants to play alongside LeBron James". The teams that Kyrie wants to play for include the Knicks, Spurs, Heat, and Timberwolves.
            There are only two teams that make sense for Kyrie to go to: San Antonio and Minnesota. Kyrie can go to Miami and be the centerpiece of that team. However, he won't be able to win another championship with the current group he has. It would've been nicer if the Heat had gotten Gordon Heyward so that Miami could at least be a threat in the East. The Knicks? Forget about it. Their ownership and front office are absolute disasters and would probably bring ruin.
            Minnesota makes sense because they have a great team being developed. Karl Anthony-Towns and Jimmy Butler constitute a young Wolves team on the rise and Kyrie would make Minnesota a threat in the West. Plus, the team has Tom Thibodeau as a head coach, who had a successful run with Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler during his Chicago Bulls days.
            San Antonio makes sense because there's no one else who can compete with Golden State right now. The Spurs are perhaps the closest team in the West. Seeing Kyrie with a great basketball mind like Gregg Popovich should make opponents uneasy. They'll add more scoring to a stellar defensive unit.
            So which is the best destination for Kyrie? If he wants to be the focal point and win, it'll be San Antonio. Minnesota's not a bad option, either. After all, the Wolves are finally getting their act together. But the Spurs need another piece to compete with the Warriors, and Kyrie just might be the guy.

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