Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Tribute to Jeff Gordon

        Normally, I don't talk about NASCAR on this blog (Or on my show, for that matter). But Jeff Gordon is such an icon in the sport of auto racing. Gordon's a four-time Winston Cup champion, three-time Sprint All-Star Race winner, six-time Southern 500 winner, and he has many other achievements under his belt. He was also named one of NASCAR's 50 Greatest Drivers in 1998. Here's some of Jeff Gordon's most memorable moments.

Monday, November 23, 2015

A Tale of Two Cities

       Here is a new post called, "A Tale of Two Cities." It chronologizes major events in sports between two cities. Today, we shall start off with Cleveland and Miami.

  1. Major League (1989): The movie that made Charlie Sheen a star is about a Cleveland Indians team on the brink of moving to Miami. The owner is a former Vegas showgirl who inherited the team from her deceased husband. She reaches a lucrative deal to move the Indians to Miami and seeks to invoke the escape clause if attendance fell below a certain point. Most fans of the movie remember Sheen's entrance into a ballgame as Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn. 
  2. 1997 World Series: The Cleveland Indians won the American League pennant and faced off against the NL champ Florida Marlins. The series went seven games with the Marlins winning 4-3. Game seven went 11 innings after Craig Counsell hit a sac fly in the ninth to prevent the city of Cleveland from celebrating their first title in decades. An Edgar Renteria single sealed the deal for the Marlins in the 11th. Livan Hernandez (2-0 in the World Series) was named the MVP.
  3. Lebron James picks the Miami Heat (2010): The 2010 offseason was perhaps the most famous offseason for the NBA. Their star player, Lebron James, was hitting the free agency market. Cleveland fans were hoping that the Akron native would return home, but Lebron had other plans. He joined up with Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade, forming a Heat team that would make four straight NBA Finals and win two NBA titles.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Worst Uniforms Ever

        In honor of the uniforms donned by the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday (which looked like a diarrhea blast from a McDonald's binge), we take a look at some of the worst uniforms ever worn in sports.

  1. Chicago White Sox (1976) and the baseball shorts: Straight from the mind of their outrageous owner Bill Veeck, the Chicago White Sox donned these shorts on August 8th for a Sunday afternoon doubleheader against the Kansas City Royals. They were the first team to ever wear shorts in MLB history--and hopefully the last.
  2. San Diego Padres (1996-present) and the camouflage uniforms: Personally, I think it's unfair to criticize the Padres for their friendly gesture towards America's armed men and women in combat. But some critics say that the camouflage proves to be a bit too realistic for the fans' taste. 
  3. NFL (2015-present) and the 'Color Rush' uniform: Thursday's 'Color Rush' uniforms for the Titans and Jaguars looked like a battle between a team of diarrhea poop and smurfs. The previous Thursday game looked like a battle between Gang Green and the Starbucks holiday cups. The 'Color Rush' uniforms are rumored to have already spoiled some fans' Thanksgiving appetites.  
  4. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (1990s) and the Goalie Duck: I am a big fan of the Mighty Duck movies. But these uniforms are comical considering the duck on the jersey is breaking through the ice. I mean, I've never seen a duck do that in my lifetime.
  5. Miami Marlins (2012-present) and their modern logo:  When the Florida Marlins became the Miami Marlins a few years ago, they didn't just change their name. They changed their logo to a logo that looked more like a hotel logo. I hear that the hotels in Miami are rockin' places to be, though. 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

On the Playlist

        Here's another edition of On the Playlist. Some songs you might like, some songs you might tune out. Anyways, my hope is to entertain you in the best way possible. Enjoy!!