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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl 50 Prediction

            It's that time of year again. The time where the biggest game in the NFL rolls around. The time where the big ratings for the TV station roll around. The time where everyone consumes lots of food. It's the time where playing squares and massive amounts of betting are common. It's also the time where there won't be any football for around seven months (Unless you're interested in preseason football or arena football). However, don't let that get you down as we embrace this big day in the NFL.
            The Super Bowl matchup is between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos, two teams from different conferences that surprisingly have many similarities. Both have household names at quarterback. Both have head coaches that are at their first Super Bowls as head coaches. Both teams should be recognized for more than just their quarterbacks.
             This game will feature two of the NFL's best defenses on display. Carolina led the NFL this season in give/take ratio at +20 while also grabbing the most interceptions during the season (24). As for Denver, don't think that they're going to just keel over and die because Peyton Manning is on his last legs. If it wasn't for Denver's NFL-best defense allowing 4,530 yards and terrorizing opposing quarterbacks (See Tom Brady in the AFC Championship game), then Peyton and company would've been at least out of the divisional round. The Denver secondary also yields 199.6 passing yards a game, tops in the NFL.
             Now this game will come down to who's able to crack through the opposing defense first. Carolina will run the ball in heavy doses, be it by NFL MVP Cam Newton or in the trenches. They also run the ball very well; they're second in the NFL in total rushing yards with 2,282 total rushing yards. If Denver can neutralize Cam Newton today, especially with DeMarcus Ware disrupting Carolina's offense, then Peyton should get another ring (Barring that Peyton has a bad game). Otherwise, this is Carolina's Super Bowl. However, I predict this game won't as unanimous of a choice for a winner as everyone is saying.

Prediction: Carolina 21, Denver 16

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Internet Randomness: 95-96 Bulls Edition

            Welcome to another segment of "Internet Randomness!" This time, we take a look at some of the running jokes involving the 95-96 Chicago Bulls. With the Golden State Warriors going on a historic run this season, the emergence of certain jokes has taken over the internet. It has become quite popular amongst the internet community. Check them out!!

But did the Bulls win..?

But can Team SoloMid beat the 95-96 Chicago Bulls?

But could they make sandwiches for the 95-96 Bulls?

But can he apologize to the 95-96 Bulls?

Impressive! But could they do this against the 95-96 Bulls?

But could Monmouth's bench beat the '95-'96 Bulls bench?

But can he sink 20 3-pointer in a row on the 95-96 bulls?

But could these puppies beat the 95-96 Bulls puppies?

But would the 95-96 Bulls be ready for the Blind Side questions coming for them at the Super Bowl?

So the 95-96 cowboys were on par with the 95-96 bulls is what ESPN is saying

But are the 95-96 Bulls ahead of the 95-96 Bulls pace for best record in NBA history?

But could she beat the 95'-96' Bulls in a quick 64-minute dispatch?

But could the 95-96 Bulls beat the 95-96 bulls???

But could he have done it against the 2012-2013 Grizzlies?

But could they score 9 points in under 30 seconds against the 95-96 bulls

but would he punch the 95, 96 Bulls?

But would Couture last more than one round with the 95-96 Bulls?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

On the Playlist

            Here's another edition of "On the Playlist," where I give you an inside look at what's on my playlist! Check it out!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Food Buy or "Bye"

            Today on this edition of "Food Buy", I take a look at KFC and their "Nashville Hot Chicken." Is it really as hot and spicy as it's advertised? Let's find out. Because this shit will eventually kill me.

"Buy?" Honestly, my first impression of looking at this piece of food, I thought it was going to be "OMG THIS IS SO SPICY!! MY MOUTH'S ON FIRE!! AAAAAAGH!!" But, it wasn't. Instead, I was treated to a piece of chicken that had a sauce that wasn't too spicy and was a little sweet. It even had a little pickle on top, which was good presentation. If you like spicy food and I mean really spicy food, you might be underwhelmed by this concoction. Otherwise, this is for the average Joe or Jane to try.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Free Agency Hit-Or-Miss (Or Foul)

            Now that most of the quality MLB free agents have been signed to teams, it's time to look at who did the best with their deals, who did the worst, and whose deals will be one of waiting and seeing.

Hit: Jason Heyward's eight-year, $184 million contract with the Cubs Jason Heyward didn't get $200 million, but this isn't that bad of a contract for him or the Cubs. Heyward may be a career .268 hitter, but he's only 26. He's also a spectacular fielder (Four errors in the past 409 games) who batted .293 and stole 23 bases last season. He also spent a majority of his young career at Turner Field, a hitter's nightmare of a park.
Hit: Yoenis Cespedes' three-year, $75 million contract with the Mets Even though Cespedes didn't get the six-year deal that he wanted, he does get to return to the team that he admires in the Mets. Included in his deal is an opt-out clause after a year so that he can seek his six-year deal next year if he wants. Cespedes doesn't just rake in hits (.291, 35 HR, 105 RBI). He also has the most outfield assists in all of baseball in the past two years with 29.
Hit: Jordan Zimmermann's five-year, $110 million contract with the Tigers Detroit was once known for having a stellar rotation, but have fallen to the wayside as of late. As for Zimmermann, 2015 wasn't his best season (3.66 ERA, 13-10, 1.20 WHIP) and he won't strike out 200 batters in a season. However, he doesn't walk many batters either and should form a solid pitching duo with the re-emerging Justin Verlander.
Hit: Justin Upton's six-year, $132.75 million contract with the Tigers As long as Upton's committed to playing in Detroit, then this deal will work out fine. Adding another bat to an already-intimidating lineup with the likes of Miguel Cabrera and J.D. Martinez will help immensely. Upton also gets the luxury of finally not having to play in a pitcher's ballpark like he has done for most of his career. Plus, the Tigers don't have to acquire his brother Melvin Upton, Jr., who's all kinds of disaster.
Foul: Johnny Cueto's six-year, $130 million contract with the Giants Cueto's coming off a questionable 2015 campaign with Kansas City (4.76 ERA, 4-7, 1.45 WHIP), but he should benefit nicely from the transition back into the NL. Plus, he goes into a pitcher's park in AT&T Park. If everything goes right, then San Francisco could have a good pitching duo in Madison Bumgarner and Johnny Cueto.
Foul: David Price's seven-year, $217 million contract with the Red Sox While the Red Sox do have a dire need for starting pitching, I do have a bad feeling about this contract. It might be due to Price going to Fenway or it might be due to his postseason woes. However, Price is a pitcher who can go the distance in games and is coming off a solid 2015 season with Detroit/Toronto (2.45 ERA, 18-5, 225 SO, 1.08 WHIP).
Foul: Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto and his flurry of trades For the Mariners, their time to win is now, especially in the rising AL West. Felix Hernandez and Robinson Cano aren't getting younger and they have a barren farm system to boot. So Jerry Dipoto worked out some deals (actually a lot) and acquired relief pitcher Joquain Benoit, starting pitchers Nathan Karns and Wade Miley, first baseman Adam Lind, and outfielder Leonys Martin. If a good majority of these trades work out for Seattle and they make the postseason, Dipoto will be a good candidate for Executive of the Year.
Miss: Chris Davis' seven-year, $161 million contract with the Orioles The richest contract ever paid out in Orioles history, Baltimore shells out a ridiculous amount of money to a player who batted .262 and struck out 208 times in 2015. Yes, Davis has a ton of power, hitting 126 homers in the past three seasons. However, shelling out record money for a player who strikes out way more than he walks or hits isn't usually a good investment.
Miss: The Dodgers' offseason First, they didn't lock up Zack Greinke, who went to division rival Arizona on a six-year, $206.5 million contract. Then, they had a three-year deal with Hisashi Iwakuma that fell through due to a bad physical (Iwakuma wound up going back to Seattle). Then, they settled for Scott Kazmir (3.10 ERA, 59 walks, 1.21 WHIP), who is sadly not Zack Greinke. They did get Kenta Maeda from Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball. Otherwise, it was an offseason to forget for Los Angeles.
Miss: The Washington Nationals They had a chance to add bats and protection for MVP Bryce Harper along with some rotation arms, but failed. Yoenis Cespedes turned down a five-year offer to go back to the Mets. Justin Upton went to the Tigers. Wei-Yen Chen went to the Marlins. They acquired NLCS hero Daniel Murphy, who actually didn't have a bad 2015 regular season with the Mets (.281, 14 HR, 73 RBI) along with Ben Revere (.306 BA, .347 OBP, 31 SB). However, that won't do a lot for Harper as he'll have to carry the Nationals' lineup once again.

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

NFL Championship Picks

            Well, it's time for the picks, championship edition. We have a good couple of games for the championship slate including a rivalry game between two legendary quarterbacks. Here we go!!

New England vs. Denver: It's Brady vs. Manning again, but this could be the last time we ever see these two go at it. But this isn't the match-up to be watching for. How will Tom Brady fare against the best defense in the NFL this year? The good news for the Patriots is that they get Julian Edelman for this game, so Brady should have another weapon at his disposal. If this is the last Manning/Brady match-up, one can hope that it can live up to the hype and deliver right down to the last minute. Patriots 30, Broncos 27.
Arizona vs. Carolina: Arizona's offense has looked spectacular this season. However, they face a Carolina defense that led the NFL in give/take ratio this year. Cam Newton also had a fairly convincing game against the Seahawks last week, aiding in the huge pileup of points in the 1st half. Panthers 24, Cardinals 23.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Random GIF Post

            I don't really have a lot on my mind, so I'm just going to post some GIF images that I think are funny or interesting. I scoured the internet and found certain images that I hope will strike your fancy. Here we go!!

C'mon friends. You know like the Donald. Right? Guys??