Tuesday, December 6, 2016


            I'm extremely bored right now. Instead of doing a homework assignment, I'm sitting here tired as all hell. I want to get a workout in before I work on this assignment, but I'm not feeling like driving a distance. I need to get to school anyways, so I'll have to get up eventually and go to the library to work on this project. Anyhow, here's a few random pics to get you all by.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Five Takeaways From the Championship Weekend

            The most nerve-racking weekend has come and gone, with teams clinching their spots in the playoff while others fall out from the Group of Six. Here are a few takeaways from this weekend.

  1. Washington Deserves To Be In: First, I'd like to apologize to Chris Petersen and crew for doubting the Huskies. I didn't expect Washington to throttle #8 Colorado the way they did in the Pac-12 Championship. A 41-10 drubbing of the Buffaloes not only solidified their resume, but it gave the Huskies a valid argument over a school like Michigan (a school with a 'razor-thin' difference from Washington). The Wolverines had trouble with the Buffaloes at the Big House until Colorado's starting quarterback Sefo Liufau got injured in the third quarter of that game. Anyways, Washington deserves to be in and they might not even be the fourth seed. 
  2. The Big Ten's Not Getting Three (Probably Not Even Two) Teams In: With Washington's win, getting the proposed three teams into the playoff mix is out of the question. Regardless of who's winning the Big Ten Championship, Ohio State's getting in. The Buckeyes have four wins against teams in the current Top Ten. Wisconsin lost to Ohio State and Michigan while Penn State lost to Michigan and Pittsburgh. There's a good possibility the committee will keep it at all one-loss teams. 
  3. Alabama Doesn't Need A Lot Of Offense To Drub You: The scary thing about the Crimson Tide isn't that they can put up points on you in a hurry. It's how they do it. Alabama has 14 non-offensive touchdowns on the season. The Tide picked off Austin Appleby three times in the first half of the SEC Championship, including one pick returned for a touchdown by Minkah Fitzpatrick. They also blocked a punt and returned it for a touchdown.
  4. Temple Just Saved The Committee (And The System) From A Big Headache: There was talk of how a potential Navy win in the AAC Championship game would 'paralyze the bowl system' considering the Midshipmen play a game against Army a week after. However, none of that will matter since the Temple Owls ousted Navy, 34-10. With a Temple win, Western Michigan should be rowing the boat to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl.
  5. Even With The Big Ten Championship, Penn State Won't Likely Get In: The Nittany Lions needed a convincing win over Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship and while they did win the game, it took a Badger collapse to make the Penn State win possible. To make matters worse, Clemson won (barely) the ACC Championship and Washington left no doubt in the Pac-12 Championship. It's likely that Ohio State will get in over Penn State, with the Nittany Lions probably headed to the Rose Bowl or another Group of Six bowl.
Final Ranking Prediction:
  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Ohio State
  4. Washington
Photo Courtesy of Seattle Times

Friday, December 2, 2016

On the Playlist

            Here's another edition of "On the Playlist"! I give you an inside look at what's on my playlist. Some songs you may like, some you may not. Anyways, here you go!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Picks

            Last week wasn't a bad week at all concerning picks (although I wish Philadelphia would quit acting like an enigma). Let's hope that this week brings some good fortune (I'm actually worried about this week's picks).

  • Cowboys over Vikings
  • Chiefs over Falcons
  • Dolphins over Ravens
  • Steelers over Giants
  • Seahawks over Panthers
  • Free Pass on Colts/Jets 
Bonus Picks:  Coin flip on Colorado/Washington (Colorado)
                       Clemson over Virginia Tech
                       Alabama over Florida
                       Oklahoma over Oklahoma State
                       Wisconsin over Penn State

Record: 48-28-2 (+10)

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Assessing the Playoff Situation

            The college football playoff is an intriguing race. There are about eleven teams that could potentially make it in. In order to get four teams in, we need to break down the current situation that each of these teams faces.

Should Be Good To Go:
Unless the Crimson Tide get blown out by Florida in the SEC Championship Game, Alabama should be fine. The Tide ensured their playoff hopes with a win over Auburn and should make it in.
Wait and See:
Ohio State's case is more curious. Since the Buckeyes aren't in the B1G Championship Game, it'll be interesting to see if the committee a team like Wisconsin over Ohio State just for winning their conference championship. The Buckeyes' strength of schedule is good with quality wins over teams like Oklahoma and Michigan. That alone could help get Ohio State in regardless of what happens in the B1G Championship Game.
What will the committee think about a two-loss Wisconsin team? Will they leave them out or will they give them the benefit of the doubt and put them in if they win the B1G Championship? The Badgers' two losses did come to Ohio State and Michigan, so those aren't bad losses by any stretch. However, Wisconsin will need a blowout win to convince the committee that they belong. 
Need One More Win:
Clemson has survived almost every scare thrown at them, from Florida State driving down the field to North Carolina State almost pulling the upset. It's not that Clemson needs another statement win; it's that if they lose to a team like Virginia Tech, they're done. 
The Huskies have the worst non-conference schedule in all of college football, beating weak teams like Rutgers and Idaho in convincing fashion. However, if Washington can get a convincing win over a Top Ten team like Colorado in the PAC-12 Championship Game like the one they had in the Apple Cup, that should help boost their resume and get them in.
Needs Some Help
Penn State winning is said to be the doomsday scenario for the playoff committee. What would happen if the Nittany Lions won? Would they get in over an 11-1 Ohio State team? If Penn State wants any consideration, they'll need one or two teams in front of them to fall.
Like Ohio State, Michigan will be staying at home for the B1G Championship. However, if one, two, or even three of the teams in front of them lose and chaos ensues, you can bet that the Wolverines will get in. 
First, one of these two teams will need to win their game against the other. Then, they'll have to hope for one or more teams to fall so that their team's chances of getting in improve. 
A win over Washington in the PAC-12 Championship will help matters. But Colorado will need absolute anarchy everywhere else in order to clinch a playoff spot. 
The Gators need to beat 'Bama first. Then, they pray.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week Thirteen College Football Winners and Losers

            The college football regular season is winding down with conference championships looming. Which teams made the most during a stacked 'Rivalry Week' and who fell out of the picture? Who won this week and who blew it?

Winner: Washington: In need of a resounding win in order to boost its playoff chances, the Huskies got exactly what they wanted with a big win against in-state rival Washington State, 45-17. Aided by not one, but two goal-line stops, Jake Browning and the Huskies won the Apple Cup and the PAC-12 North by racking up 28 points in the first quarter. The win also helps boost their resume with a win over a ranked team. However, their work isn't done; they still need to win the PAC-12 conference championship against Colorado in order to possibly get in.
Winner: Pitt-Syracuse: That was a good basketball game, huh? A 76-61 win for the Panthers over the Orange. Over 1,300 yards of total offense from both teams combined with many rushing yards galore. A high-scoring fourth quarter really made for an exciting game. Wait, this was a football game?!?
Winner: Kentucky: Kentucky gave Lamar Jackson hell all game, forcing him to throw three interceptions and get sacked three times. Granted, Jackson ran for 171 yards in the game. However, a road win over a ranked opponent, especially one that has been a playoff contender all season and an in-state rival, is always good for a beleaguered football school like Kentucky.
Loser: Nebraska: It wasn't a good day for the #16 Cornhuskers against Iowa. Allowing 264 rushing yards against the Hawkeyes was just a part of the day that Nebraska had as they got embarrassed, 40-10.
Loser: Michigan (Wilton Speight): There were plenty of opportunities for the Wolverines to upend their rivals down south. Fumbling near the goal line along with a couple interceptions while being in the red zone five times isn't a good way to play against a team like Ohio State. What hurts even more is that they had a chance to win on the road with J.T. Barrett and the Buckeyes' passing game looking pedestrian.
Loser: Texas: The Longhorns got rid of Charlie Strong and ended their season with a whimper, losing to TCU by a score of 31-9. Three losing seasons was enough to get Strong canned as the Longhorns's football program remains in competitive turmoil. The good news? They just hired Tom Herman, who's done a great job putting Houston football on the map.

Other Winners: Western Michigan, Tom Herman, Air Force, Penn State
Other Losers: Referees in the U-M/OSU game, Tennessee, Ole Miss, SMU

My Playoff Four:
  1. Alabama
  2. Ohio State
  3. Clemson
  4. Washington
Photo Courtesy of KOMO News

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Best Thanksgiving Moments

           It's Thanksgiving, which means there will be plenty of food, football, and political arguments (especially with this crazy election season). In order to help quell the absurdity that is sitting with your in-laws and other family members, here are some of the best (or not-so-best) moments that occurred on Thanksgiving Day (spoiler alert: all of them are football-related).