Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Astros Could Use Justin Verlander

            The Houston Astros have slumped in the past couple weeks. Their rotation is in shambles with players like Lance McCuellers on the DL. Their lead in the AL is still strong, but it's slowly slipping due to teams like Cleveland and Boston winning.
            This is where Justin Verlander comes in. Don't be fooled by the 3.97 ERA; Verlander nearly no-hit the Pirates in his last start and has a 1.20 ERA for the month of August. He has allowed three earned runs or fewer in his last seven starts, striking out five or more batters in those last seven games.
            There are a couple deterring factors, such as Verlander's contract. Verlander is due $88 million in the next three seasons and there aren't many teams willing to take on that salary. Verlander is also 34 years old, so age is a big factor as well. The Tigers aren't willing to deal Verlander until the winter season rolls around. Still, the Astros need pitching. If they can make a push for Verlander, they should make a strong push for him now.

Photo courtesy of Sporting News

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