Friday, August 31, 2012

Pete Weber Shows What Winning Is All About

     Just watch the video and see for yourself:

     By the way, the music that plays after his rant is "The Game" by Motorhead. This happens to be Triple H's theme song as well. Just a little fun fact for you.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fifty Things I Love About Sports Part 5

     Here it is... The final piece of the five-part series!! I hope that you enjoyed them and had a few laughs along the way while reading these posts.

  1. Watching the NBA/NFL/MLB/NHL draft
  2. Athletes that play in multiple sports like Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders. Too bad there's none of these athletes around in today's sports...
  3. When the President of the United States throws out the first pitch on Opening Day.
  4. Athletes that try their hand at the music industry... And fail (I'm talking to you, Metta World Peace).
  5. NFL cheerleaders. You can't get enough of them.
  6. Throwing objects on the ice after a certain hockey player scores or when a hockey player gets a hat trick (Such as rats, octopus, etc.)
  7. Sportscenter's NOT Top 10 plays
  8. Watching the Olympics
  9. Owners of a sports team that interact with their fans and have fun every once in a while:
  10. And finally, the one thing that I love about sports is the fans. I love them all. I love the passion that they display towards their favorite teams. I love how sports becomes a part of their lives. I love the emotion that they invest in their teams. That's what make sports so great. Without the fans, sports would just be dull, bland and boring.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

What Would Happen If An NHL Lockout Took Place?

     Another NHL lockout looms over the league and the possibility seems more inevitable by the day. This wouldn't be the first time that the NHL has had a lockout this millennium. Back in 2005, the NHL had been crippled by a work stoppage that involved a new TV deal. The issue that divides the NHLPA and the owners is more complex than it seems.
     "We believe that we're paying out more than we should be," commissioner Gary Bettman said. "It's as simple as that."
     Although the NHLPA doesn't see it that way, the objective is clear: get a deal done before September 15. If it doesn't happen by then, the NHL will go into a lockout. The unfortunate part is that the real negotiations have yet to begin.
     So what would happen if there is another NHL lockout? For starters, fans would abandon the game. I don't really mean fans in Canada, Detroit, New York, Chicago, Boston, Minnesota, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. I'm talking about fan bases that are starting to grow. Fan bases like Carolina, Tampa Bay, Los Angeles, San Jose and Nashville. Look at the NBA last season compared to 2010-2011. The average attendance dipped by 47 fans. Yes, that's a marginal number. But when you talk about teams like the Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons, Sacramento Kings and the Brooklyn (New Jersey) Nets barely being able to fill their arenas now-a-days, it certainly presents a problem. 
     If fans abandon the game, then TV ratings will drop. Not as many people will watch the Stanley Cup Finals, which has seen a steady increase in ratings over the past six years. This would prove to be bad news for NBC, who owns the rights to broadcast the NHL. It needs another hockey season to happen this year in order to continue that momentum. Without it, they can't compete with the likes of the NBA, MLB and NFL (Although no one can really compete with the NFL at this point). Considering the rising popularity of both MLS and UFC, the NHL can't afford to be left behind in this market.
     The NHL also has a huge global fan base outside of North America and that fan base continues to grow. A lockout could halt that growth in other global markets. The NHL wouldn't just lose revenue through ticket sales and TV ratings. They could lose it through merchandise, endorsements and sponsorships as well. Another factor would be that people that work for certain NHL teams wouldn't have employment under a lockout.
     These next few weeks will be vital for the overall growth of the NHL. Both sides of the spectrum will have to come up with a resolution and they'll have to come up with one fast. Otherwise, they'll be shutout by the competition.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fifty Things That I Love About Sports Part 4

     Continuing on with my five-part series of  "Fifty Things That I Love About Sports", I hope that this week's list will satisfy your needs.

  1. Seeing celebrities at sporting events, i.e. Spike Lee at a Knicks game or Jack Nicholson sitting courtside at a Lakers game.
  2. Shaq
  3. Players that dress outrageously or have trademark looks. I'm looking at you, Ben Wallace.
  4. Shoot-outs in hockey or soccer.
  5. The thrill of the crowd when the opposing batter strikes out looking to end the inning of a tight game.
  6. Coaches with personality. I'm talking about coaches like Rex Ryan and Herm Edwards.
  7. Punt returns that turn into touchdowns.
  8. Sinking that one putt needed to secure a tournament victory in golf.
  9. Hitting a between-the-legs shot in tennis without the shot going out. You know what I'm referring to.
  10. Attending an outdoor sporting event with nice weather.
     Next week is the finale of my five-part series. Be sure to read the last part! Kazaam!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just a Bruise?

     Talk about deja vu and bad luck rolled into one. In his first two NFL preseason games of 2012, Eagles QB Michael Vick has needed four medical tests while completing four passes. First, he bangs his thumb on center Jason Kelce's helmet throwing a pass in the first preseason game against Pittsburgh. He ended up lasting six plays in that game before being pulled from the game. Luckily, the x-rays were negative and no harm was done. But on a Monday Night game versus New England the week after, Vick injured his ribs from a hard Jermaine Cunningham hit on-you guessed it-the sixth play. But the good news for the three-time Pro Bowl QB was that not only were the x-rays negative once again, but the x-rays revealed no broken bones or fractured cartilage. Eagles fans and the city of Brotherly Love breathed a loud collective sigh of relief upon hearing the news.
     But should Eagles fans be concerned about Vick's health? When you lose a key asset on your offensive line in Jason Peters for the season with a ruptured Achilles heel, there should be cause for concern. But Philadelphia should be at ease knowing that Vick can still run. He ran the ball 76 times for 589 yards and a touchdown in thirteen games.
     Even if Michael Vick continues to elude defenders, the concern for the offensive line still remains. The 2011 Chicago Bears are an example of how transparent protection can hurt a team's playoff hopes down the stretch. Cutler was sacked twelve more times than any other QB in 2010 and was on his way to being sacked the most in 2011 before a thumb injury against San Diego cut his season short. At the time of Cutler's injury, the Bears were 7-3 and were neck and neck with the Detroit Lions for a wild card spot. But once Cutler was shut down for the season, Chicago went on to lose their next five games and miss the playoffs.
     Let's not forget that Vick has been injured in the preseason before. He fractured his right fibula on August 16, 2003 against Baltimore and was out for eleven weeks. Eagles fans should be even more concerned about Vick's six-year, $100 million contract that he signed on August 29 (With nearly $40 million in guaranteed money).
     Philly's star quarterback guaranteed that the Eagles would be "a dynasty" a while back. But the City of Brotherly Love is hoping that Vick's Eagles won't become the start of the biggest bust of an NFL team in history.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

50 Things I Love About Sports Part 3

     We're at the halfway point of the five-part series, which talks about the fifty things that makes sports fantastic. It seems very hard thinking of fifty reasons, but passionate sports fans will have no quagmire figuring out that many reason. Here's ten more reasons for why I'm a sports fan and I love it:

  1. Cinderella stories, i.e. the Butler Bulldogs and the VCU Rams
  2. Ridiculous plays that you see on Sportscenter's Top Ten:
  3. Bottom of the 9th, bases loaded, two outs... You know the rest.
  4. Long tennis rallies
  5. Getting a hole-in-one is nice, but how about getting a double-eagle a.k.a. an albatross?
  6. Touchdown celebrations 
  7. Seeing what each player's hand is in poker.
  8. Passionate fans that support their teams. I'm talking REALLY passionate fans
  9. Hecklers
  10. When your team wins their respective championship for their sport

     Check out part four of the five-part series, "Fifty Things That I Love About Sports"! I assure you that next week will be just as good as this week's post!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Random Ramblings and Rants

     I've got some thoughts and opinions that I have to get off of my chest. Because I feel like writing stuff today.

  • For those of you that grill Fox News for being a fear-mongering, agenda-pushing station, MSNBC and CNBC are just as bad. It's the liberal's version of Fox News since they have their own agendas to push.
  • Tiger Woods will probably never win another major.
  • Michael Vick has the potential to be NFL MVP this year.
  • I'm eating the most delicious spicy chicken pita right now. Its cheddar cheese is the bomb.
  • The Red Sox-Yankees rivalry isn't what it used to be.
  • I have no time for drama; I'm too busy following success.
  • I really want a Ford Mustang in the future (Practically the American Dream).
  • Speaking of the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes is "gonna take care of b'ness!!"
  • Whenever I'm bored, I watch an old Disney movie from my childhood. It brings back memories.
  • Today is National Left-Handers Day. Like we need more "National ____________ Days".
  • I'm doing a Monday Sports Vlog today. Once I've uploaded the vlog, be sure to check it out.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Here's a List of Some of the Most Attractive Athletes Ever (My List, At Least)

     Admit it. You've had that one athlete that you've absolutely crushed on. That one athlete that would be "your significant other" in a perfect world. You have them. I have them. It's perfectly normal for every sports fan to experience a boost in hormones every time you see that particular professional star. I'm currently watching the Green Bay Packers vs. the San Diego Chargers, mind you. I'm certain that every one of us has that part of the brain that is just scavenging for some eye candy at Qualcomm Stadium.
     Yes, I couldn't help myself. I had to make this list. A list of every athlete crush that I have. A list of every athlete that I'd want to have my children. A hormone-driven list of every beauty that I fantasize walking towards me on a sunset beach, hair flowi- you get the point. Chances are that your list will be quite similar to mine with a few exceptions. Now when I'm talking about athletes, I'm not referencing NFL cheerleaders, NBA dancers and ESPN's female reporters. That's just too easy. This list had me take a fantastic voyage to explore my feelings.

  • Anna Kournikova
  • Maria Sharapova
  • Any member of the U.S. Women's Olympic volleyball team (Because of, you know, dat ass)
  • Danica Patrick (Just like almost every other warm-blooded male sports fan)
  • Shawn Johnson
  • Ana Ivanovic
  • Lisa Leslie
  • Candace Parker
  • Alex Morgan (Again, I hear she's a popular choice)
  • Any college softball player 
  • Natalie Gulbis
  • Lindsey Vonn
     Just for the record, I got a mancrush on Tim Tebow. I hope that me and Tebow can have a bromance one day. I swear, the guy's like "The Most Interesting Man in the World".

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

50 Things I Love About Sports Part 2

     Continuing on with my five-part series of the fifty things that I love about sports, this week's list was a little bit harder to come up with. I don't know if it's the best ideas were taken and such, but I don't know and I don't care. Here's ten more reasons for my infatuation with sports:

  1. Fantasy leagues
  2. Whenever an athlete guest stars on a TV show, etc. For example, Quentin "Rampage" Jackson was a guest star on "The Cleveland Show".
  3. The game-winning shot.
  4. The athlete that comes out of nowhere, i.e. Jeremy Lin.
  5. Brawling in sports (Especially hockey). This example, while not hockey-related, will vividly prove my point (Sorry about the silly commentary on this video):
  6. Filling out brackets for March Madness, hoping that you've picked the perfect bracket.
  7. Going to Opening Day at the ol' ballpark.
  8. Posterizing slam dunks. You see Blake Griffin throwing many of these down.
  9. Mascots. Phillies Phanatic anybody?
  10. Outlandish characters and divas in a particular sport. I'm looking at you, Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens.
     This is all that I have for this week. Be sure to read part three of my five-part series of the "Fifty Reasons That I Love Sports"!! Until then, sayonara!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Watch This: Bubba Watson's Amazing Shot

     Remember this year's Masters when Bubba Watson hit his second shot on No. 10 deep into the woods? Let's not forget that this was also the second playoff hole against South Africa's Louis Oosthuizen, too. Oosthuizen scored a double-eagle on the second hole in the final round and ended up tied for first with Watson at -10 after 72 holes. Anyways, this shot was so difficult to get on the green in one shot that it would've taken an act from above to just clear out. What did the former Georgia Bulldog do? He did this:
     Watson used a ridiculous snap-hook shot with a wedge from 165 yards out to get onto the green. The shot hooked forty yards and the wedge was a 52 degree gap wedge. Watson went on to par the hole and won his first career green jacket. This was certainly one of the greatest sports moments ever.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Fifty Things I Love About Sports part 1

     Today is the first part of a five-part blog set of which I like to call, "Fifty Things I Love About Sports". I try to think up fifty reasons for why I love sports. So here's the first ten reasons for why I do:

  1. The green men that sit next to the penalty box at Canucks games
  2. There's always that one hooligan that says something obscure after a golfer goes through his swing:
  3. The improbable comeback, i.e. the Red Sox in the 2004 ALCs against their arch nemesis, the New York Yankees.
  4. Speaking of rivalries, that's another reason. There's nothing better than two fan bases talking smack to one another because their teams hate one another.
  5. Record-breaking performances and achievements
  6. Games that go down to the last minute of regulation play or even into overtime.
  7. Dynasties, i.e. the Chicago Bulls of the 90's with Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman
  8. When the underdog upsets the favorite
  9. Tebowing and Bradying
  10. Whenever fans chant a certain player's name in order to try and throw that player off his/her game.
     That's part one of my fifty things that I love about sports. Next week, I'll bring you part two. So be sure to read that part, too!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Some Quick Notes for August

     Here's some quick newsbits that I wanted to hit on because I don't feel like writing a long article today. Most of it's actual serious news while the rest of it is pure giggles. You determine which is which.

  • Wisconsin RB Montee Ball was attacked by five men near Wisconsin's campus this morning. The five men knocked Ball to the ground and started kicking him. The 2011 Heisman finalist suffered a concussion and facial injuries from the assault. Why couldn't these five men just beat up Jerry Sandusky? At least they would've served a purpose.
  • Michael Phelps won a gold medal in the 4x200 freestyle relay yesterday, giving him the most medals by any Olympic competitor ever. Afterwards, Phelps promised to return back to the States and celebrate by hitting the bong with some players from the Detroit Lions.
  • First time (And maybe the last) that I'll mention badminton on here. Four badminton teams were kicked out the women's doubles at the London Games on Wednesday for intentionally trying to lose. The eight doubles players were from China, South Korea and Indonesia. The Italian Serie A and Tim Donaghy offered to help, but the eight doubles players declined, stating that it would "blow their cover".
  • When asked recently on ESPN's First Take about where he'd place himself on the depth chart, Jets CB Antonio Cromartie stated that "he was the second-best receiver on the Jets". Tim Tebow later stated that he "was the second-best quarterback on the Jets... behind Mark Sanchez, of course."
  • Hungary's Daniel Gyurta set the fourth swimming world record of the London Games in the 200-meter breaststroke on Wednesday, holding off Britain's own Michael Jamieson to win the gold. The record that he set was a time of 2 minutes and 7.28 seconds. Gratulalok Gyurta!!
     I'm out. Going to go play Ken Griffey Jrs' Slugfest. Later brotatoes!! It's been real!!