Friday, August 3, 2012

Fifty Things I Love About Sports part 1

     Today is the first part of a five-part blog set of which I like to call, "Fifty Things I Love About Sports". I try to think up fifty reasons for why I love sports. So here's the first ten reasons for why I do:

  1. The green men that sit next to the penalty box at Canucks games
  2. There's always that one hooligan that says something obscure after a golfer goes through his swing:
  3. The improbable comeback, i.e. the Red Sox in the 2004 ALCs against their arch nemesis, the New York Yankees.
  4. Speaking of rivalries, that's another reason. There's nothing better than two fan bases talking smack to one another because their teams hate one another.
  5. Record-breaking performances and achievements
  6. Games that go down to the last minute of regulation play or even into overtime.
  7. Dynasties, i.e. the Chicago Bulls of the 90's with Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman
  8. When the underdog upsets the favorite
  9. Tebowing and Bradying
  10. Whenever fans chant a certain player's name in order to try and throw that player off his/her game.
     That's part one of my fifty things that I love about sports. Next week, I'll bring you part two. So be sure to read that part, too!!

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