Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fifty Things I Love About Sports Part 5

     Here it is... The final piece of the five-part series!! I hope that you enjoyed them and had a few laughs along the way while reading these posts.

  1. Watching the NBA/NFL/MLB/NHL draft
  2. Athletes that play in multiple sports like Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders. Too bad there's none of these athletes around in today's sports...
  3. When the President of the United States throws out the first pitch on Opening Day.
  4. Athletes that try their hand at the music industry... And fail (I'm talking to you, Metta World Peace).
  5. NFL cheerleaders. You can't get enough of them.
  6. Throwing objects on the ice after a certain hockey player scores or when a hockey player gets a hat trick (Such as rats, octopus, etc.)
  7. Sportscenter's NOT Top 10 plays
  8. Watching the Olympics
  9. Owners of a sports team that interact with their fans and have fun every once in a while:
  10. And finally, the one thing that I love about sports is the fans. I love them all. I love the passion that they display towards their favorite teams. I love how sports becomes a part of their lives. I love the emotion that they invest in their teams. That's what make sports so great. Without the fans, sports would just be dull, bland and boring.

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