Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Knicks Lost The Small Chance They Had Of Getting LeBron In The Future

            The sliver of a chance that the New York Knicks had of trying to lure LeBron James to the Big Apple went up in smoke on Sunday. Former Cleveland Cavaliers GM David Griffin pulled his name out of consideration for the candidacy for the Knicks' front office, exposing the apparent problems with the organization.
            Like many front office heads in the NBA, LeBron James has always been a big fan of David Griffin's work. He had a great relationship with Griffin before he was let go earlier in the summer. This was made evident by the tweet sent out on the day of Griffin's firing from the Cavs.

            It's only a matter of time before LeBron leaves the mess he's embroiled in involving Cleveland for greener pastures. While a great relationship with a front office figure isn't a surefire way of securing a big name for your organization, it does help a hapless organization turn their latest misfortunes around if it works. That is what the Knicks needed most: A superstar like LeBron to put them back on the map. LeBron has been a target and a rumored match of the Knicks in the past and it would've helped them immensely. Kristaps Porzingis is emerging as a franchise cornerstone and has the makings of an NBA superstar. Unfortunately, the Knicks' mistreatment of their superstars, namely Porzingis and Carmelo Anthony, has been the highlight of the franchise's summer. It all points back to owner James Dolan, who hired Phil Jackson a few years ago to turn the franchise into a circus. How will a franchise that has only one playoff win in the past 17 years be able to lure someone like Griffin?
            The latest news should infuriate Knicks fans quite a bit, knowing that they missed out on a big name that could've helped to turn their misfortunes around. As for the Knicks franchise itself, it seems like the same ol' song and dance, with James Dolan on the kazoo.


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