Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day!!

            Leap Day is a day that happens every four years, making these so-called years 'leap years'. These leap years also happen to be fall on election years (they fall on years that are divisible by four), so there's a little fun fact for you. Speaking of fun facts, here's a list of athletes born on Leap Day, courtesy of!!

    • Masten Gregory, former American F1 driver (born in 1932)
    • Gavin Stevens, former Australian cricket player (born in 1932)
    • Alwin Schokemohle, 1976 German Olympic gold medalist (born in 1936)
    • Henri "Pocket Rocket" Richard, former Montreal Canadian player (born in 1936)
    • Billy Turner, thoroughbred trainer who trained "Seattle Slew" (born in 1940)
    • John Niland, former NFL guard for the Dallas Cowboys (born in 1944)
    • Cam Ward, Carolina Hurricanes goalie (born in 1984)
    • Adam Sinclair, Indian hockey player (born in 1984)
    • Cullen Jones, Olympic medalist competition swimmer (born in 1984)
    • Scott Golbourne, English footballer (born in 1988)
    • Taylor Twellman, American soccer player for mainly the New England Revolution (born in 1980)
    • Simon Gagne, NHL hockey player for mainly the Philadelphia Flyers (born in 1980)
    • Darren Ambrose, English footballer (born in 1984)
    • Terrence Long, former left-handed MLB player (born in 1976)
    • Bryan Gillooly, Olympic diver (born in 1976)
    • Mark Farraway, CFL football player (born in 1972)
    • Chris Devine, Olympic diver (born in 1972)
    • Fabien Bownes, former Chicago Bears wide receiver (born in 1972)
    • Cyrus Beasley, Olympic rower (born in 1972)
    • Bryce Paup, former NFL linebacker for the Green Bay Packers and Buffalo Bills (born in 1972)
    • Pete Fenson , American curler (born in 1968)
    • Cary Conklin, former NFL quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers (born in 1968)
    • Chucky Brown, former NBA forward for the Houston Rockets and Atlanta Hawks, (born in 1968)
    • Henrik Sundstrom, Swedish tennis player (born in 1964)
    • Lyndon Byers, Canadian hockey player (born in 1964)
    • Dan Daoust, former NHL center for the Toronto Maple Leafs (born in 1960)
    • Raul Gonzalez, Mexican world record holder/50K speed walker (born in 1952)
    • Rasia Smetanina, Three-time Soviet Olympic-gold medalist/cross-country skier (born in 1952)
    • Nikolai and Yuri Pimenov, USSR Olympic-silver medalist/coxless pair rowers (born in 1948)
            A little Leap Day fun fact for you: Gordie Howe scored his 800th NHL goal on February 29th, 1980.

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