Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Looking at the Potential NBA Trade Targets

            The NBA trade deadline is Thursday and there are moves already being made. The Detroit Pistons just acquired Tobias Harris from the Orlando Magic. Harris is a player who's still on a rookie contract and can score some while pulling some rebounds down. Pistons fans already love the trade... at least on paper. Anyways, here are some players that could be on the move and what they could bring to the table.

Dwight Howard: The Houston Rockets are shopping their center around, hoping for a first-round pick in exchange. It seems like a team would be giving up a fairly decent pick for a player who has no post moves. Not only that, but Dwight's an absolute diva on and off the court. He also has a pretty notorious history of being injured, which should raise some red flags for teams looking to acquire Howard.
Blake Griffin: After an altercation involving Blake punching the assistant equipment manager, the rumors surrounding Griffin being traded have grown. However, Doc Rivers shot down those rumors recently, stating that Griffin "wasn't going anywhere." The Nuggets already rejected a trade for Griffin, so it definitely looks like he's staying in Los Angeles. Like Howard, Griffin has some character issues. However, he isn't too much of a locker room cancer and has scored 23.3 PPG this season.
Paul Millsap, Jeff Teague, and Al Horford: Surprisingly, the Atlanta Hawks are the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference. So it would seem interesting that the Hawks are looking into giving up these players. However, rumors are swirling that teams like the Miami Heat and the New York Knicks are pursuing these players. Atlanta hasn't won anything with their group, so maybe it's time to break and shake things up?
Kevin Love: There seems to be trouble with "The Big Three" in Cleveland this year. Kyrie Irving has been out for a good chunk of the season and Kevin Love's scoring is below his career average (15.7 PPG this season compared to 18.4 PPG in his lifetime). Love can still pull down rebounds, so maybe he'll go to where there's less spotlight than what he has with LeBron right now.

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