Thursday, February 4, 2016

Internet Randomness: 95-96 Bulls Edition

            Welcome to another segment of "Internet Randomness!" This time, we take a look at some of the running jokes involving the 95-96 Chicago Bulls. With the Golden State Warriors going on a historic run this season, the emergence of certain jokes has taken over the internet. It has become quite popular amongst the internet community. Check them out!!

But did the Bulls win..?

But can Team SoloMid beat the 95-96 Chicago Bulls?

But could they make sandwiches for the 95-96 Bulls?

But can he apologize to the 95-96 Bulls?

Impressive! But could they do this against the 95-96 Bulls?

But could Monmouth's bench beat the '95-'96 Bulls bench?

But can he sink 20 3-pointer in a row on the 95-96 bulls?

But could these puppies beat the 95-96 Bulls puppies?

But would the 95-96 Bulls be ready for the Blind Side questions coming for them at the Super Bowl?

So the 95-96 cowboys were on par with the 95-96 bulls is what ESPN is saying

But are the 95-96 Bulls ahead of the 95-96 Bulls pace for best record in NBA history?

But could she beat the 95'-96' Bulls in a quick 64-minute dispatch?

But could the 95-96 Bulls beat the 95-96 bulls???

But could he have done it against the 2012-2013 Grizzlies?

But could they score 9 points in under 30 seconds against the 95-96 bulls

but would he punch the 95, 96 Bulls?

But would Couture last more than one round with the 95-96 Bulls?

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