Sunday, June 11, 2017

Best NFL Rivalries Right Now (Or In Recent Memory)

            The NFL is built in part on intense rivalries. Some rivalries have historical context, some are between competitive division rivals. As a salutation to the competitive nature of American football, here's some of the most intense rivalries in the NFL.

  1. The NFC East vs. Each Other: Really, the NFC East is a division where every team is either competitive year in and year out or has a deep history to their team. Thus, this makes for a mix-and-match of terrific rivalries and for great television. 
  2. Seahawks vs. 49ers: Although the rivalry has died down quite a bit due to the 49ers' lack of competitiveness, this was a marquee match-up a few years ago. Both teams had offense centered around mobile quarterbacks and stout defenses. 
  3. Steelers vs. Ravens: The two teams have escalated their rivalry in recent memory in part to trash talking and success on the field. Pittsburgh and Baltimore always makes for a close game. 
  4. Bears vs. Packers: The oldest rivalry in the NFL, this dates back to 1927. Green Bay and Chicago have won a combined 22 championships and have 65 members in the NFL Hall of Fame. The all-time series is tied at 94-94-6.
  5. Patriots vs. Jets: It doesn't who the coach for the New York Jets is; they usually have a beef with Bill Belichick, the New England Patriots, and their way of conducting business. Noteworthy tidbits of this rivalry include Spygate and Rex Ryan's trash talk towards Belichick.
  6. Falcons vs. Saints: An extremely underrated rivalry in the NFL, the two teams are usually battling for NFC South supremacy. The rivalry may be between two franchises with notable histories of futility, but the "Southern Showdown" is always an intense match-up.
  7. Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady: Two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, the games between the two were always solid prime time viewing. The two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks have combined for seven Super Bowls, seven MVPs, five Super Bowl MVPs, 133,522 passing yards. 995 touchdowns, and an average completion rate of 64.6%. Brady leads the all-time series 11-6. 

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