Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Biggest Questions Heading Into The NBA Offseason

           Another NBA season is in the books, with Golden State returning to the throne. Now that one of the most milquetoast, boring seasons is in the books, will we have an off-season that can add more flair than the 2016-2017 regular season? Here's some of the questions that will be asked in the NBA off-season.

  1. Will the Cavaliers Add Another Piece or Trade For a Better Player? The hope in Cleveland is that the Cavaliers will add another big piece to their line-up. The problem is that they'll need a great amount of contract restructuring or pieces given up to do so. The Cavs have given up a considerable amount of draft picks, so they'll have to pull some strings if they want to get a player like Paul George or Carmelo Anthony. 
  2. Can the Spurs Acquire Chris Paul? Clippers point guard Chris Paul is in the last year of his contract, which makes him some valuable trade bait. While his contract may seem lofty ($24,268,959 cap hit) and Paul may be on the wrong side of 30, taking a rental on Paul seems quite feasible, especially if the Spurs are to compete with the Warriors. Paul is great at ball distribution and running the floor, making him a valuable piece for the Spurs. 
  3. Who Will the Celtics Take With the No. 1 Pick? Markelle Fultz seems like the consensus No. 1 pick, but the Celtics do have options. They can trade the pick for the likes of Jimmy Butler or Blake Griffin (yes, Griffin's in the last year of his contract as well, although the 15% trade kicker could make things interesting). Still, Fultz is an offensive force who can score in bunches and is reminiscent of James Harden.
  4. What Will the Clippers Do With the Expiring Contracts? The aforementioned Paul and Griffin are in the last year of their contracts, so Doc Rivers has some things to consider and do. Will the Clippers begin the rebuilding process or will they still go for the gold? Rumors are circulating that Lebron James may leave Cleveland again for the likes of Los Angeles or San Antonio, so the Clippers' future looks very intriguing. 
  5. Where Will Lonzo Ball Fall? The speculation around Lonzo Ball is interesting. Reports have stated that the Lakers aren't as interested as LaVar Ball would like. This is due to Lonzo looking out of shape to observers at a recent workout. Both LaVar and Lonzo might scare away the Lakers and someone might not be happy about the outcome if it happens.
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