Thursday, January 12, 2017

Postseason Picks Part Deux

            So the postseason has been boring for the NFL so far. Here's hoping that the match-ups are a lot better and closer than they were last week.

Houston vs. New England: Honestly, this should be a pushover for New England. The Patriots beat the Texans pretty badly in their regular season match-up... with their third-string QB. How many points will the Pats rack up here? New England 42, Houston 3
Seattle vs. Atlanta: Last week, the Seahawks faced a Lions team that was horrific at stopping the run. Defensively, Atlanta's no better. However, the Seahawks secondary will have their hands full, especially without Earl Thomas. In week six, the Falcons racked up 310 passing yards against Seattle. However, a good chunk of those came in the third quarter (along with a good chunk of the points). This game could be a shootout. Seattle 41, Atlanta 39
Pittsburgh vs. Kansas City: This game will come down to whether Ben Roethlisberger shows up or not. He's currently injured, but he says it's no big deal. Historically, the Steelers are good against the Chiefs in the playoffs. I'm banking on this trend to continue. Pittsburgh 24, Kansas City 21
Green Bay vs. Dallas: This game also has the makings of a shootout in place. However, the Packers haven't faced an offense (or an offensive line) as dynamic as the Cowboys'. The Packers' edge rushers may have a hard time getting around to Dak Prescott all game. Dallas 30, Green Bay 19

Postseason Record: 4-0

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