Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Watching The Australian Open Right Now

            It's such a surreal experience seeing a sporting event go on after 1 AM (excluding overtime games). But with the Australian Open being one of the four "majors" of tennis, it's quite an awesome experience to watch on television. It's dark outside and I should be sleeping, but I'm watching a tennis player from Luxemborg with the last name of Muller take on an American named Thomas Fritz. That game is switching between that and a Brit named Heather Watson versus an Australian named Heather Stosur. It looks like it's hot down there. I wonder, are there any wild animals that make their way onto the tennis courts in Australia? I wonder how Serena Williams is doing in this tournament so far? As I look up the result, I find that she just beat someone named Belinda Bencic in straight sets. Awesome. I hope it isn't too hot for the players down there. Not there's anything wrong with having a lot of heat. It sure beats having a frigid temperature right now (which is what I'm experiencing right now). It looks like I'm not getting a lot of sleep tonight.

Photo Courtesy of PIOP.com

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