Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Assessing the Playoff Situation

            The college football playoff is an intriguing race. There are about eleven teams that could potentially make it in. In order to get four teams in, we need to break down the current situation that each of these teams faces.

Should Be Good To Go:
Unless the Crimson Tide get blown out by Florida in the SEC Championship Game, Alabama should be fine. The Tide ensured their playoff hopes with a win over Auburn and should make it in.
Wait and See:
Ohio State's case is more curious. Since the Buckeyes aren't in the B1G Championship Game, it'll be interesting to see if the committee a team like Wisconsin over Ohio State just for winning their conference championship. The Buckeyes' strength of schedule is good with quality wins over teams like Oklahoma and Michigan. That alone could help get Ohio State in regardless of what happens in the B1G Championship Game.
What will the committee think about a two-loss Wisconsin team? Will they leave them out or will they give them the benefit of the doubt and put them in if they win the B1G Championship? The Badgers' two losses did come to Ohio State and Michigan, so those aren't bad losses by any stretch. However, Wisconsin will need a blowout win to convince the committee that they belong. 
Need One More Win:
Clemson has survived almost every scare thrown at them, from Florida State driving down the field to North Carolina State almost pulling the upset. It's not that Clemson needs another statement win; it's that if they lose to a team like Virginia Tech, they're done. 
The Huskies have the worst non-conference schedule in all of college football, beating weak teams like Rutgers and Idaho in convincing fashion. However, if Washington can get a convincing win over a Top Ten team like Colorado in the PAC-12 Championship Game like the one they had in the Apple Cup, that should help boost their resume and get them in.
Needs Some Help
Penn State winning is said to be the doomsday scenario for the playoff committee. What would happen if the Nittany Lions won? Would they get in over an 11-1 Ohio State team? If Penn State wants any consideration, they'll need one or two teams in front of them to fall.
Like Ohio State, Michigan will be staying at home for the B1G Championship. However, if one, two, or even three of the teams in front of them lose and chaos ensues, you can bet that the Wolverines will get in. 
First, one of these two teams will need to win their game against the other. Then, they'll have to hope for one or more teams to fall so that their team's chances of getting in improve. 
A win over Washington in the PAC-12 Championship will help matters. But Colorado will need absolute anarchy everywhere else in order to clinch a playoff spot. 
The Gators need to beat 'Bama first. Then, they pray.

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