Sunday, November 20, 2016

Week Twelve College Football Winners and Losers

            What better way to capitalize on a crazy weekend of upsets than to kick this week's slate of games with an upset? There's so much of the upset bug going around right now that it's messing with the playoff picture. Who won the week and who faltered?

Winner: Joe Thomas Sr.: The 55-year-old running back for South Carolina State carried the ball for three yards in a game this week. He made history as the oldest player in Division I football. Fun fact: Thomas Sr. is the father of Packers LB Joe Thomas Jr.
Winner: Houston: With basically nothing to play for, Houston went into Thursday's game against #5 Louisville with the mindset that this was their Super Bowl. The Cougars stepped up to the challenge, calling all sorts of trick plays en route to a shocking rout of the Cardinals, 36-10. Houston recovered three fumbles and sacked Lamar Jackson 11 times, showing a solid defensive effort when it mattered.
Winner: Kansas: The Jayhawks hadn't beaten an FBS opponent in over two years heading into their game against Texas. They finally did it against Texas, winning on a game-winning field goal in overtime by a score of 24-21. It was also the first time in 78 years that Kansas had beaten Texas in a football game. Normally, it's the basketball side of Kansas that does the "Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk." But today, it was the football side's turn to 'chalk' one up.
Loser: Lamar Jackson: When Louisville needed the Heisman front-runner the most, he was nowhere to be seen. Jackson went 20 for 43, throwing for 211 yards and a touchdown. However, the touchdown was in the second half when Louisville was down by 31. Jackson ended up with a QBR of 20.4 and gave Houston two points for intentional grounding in the end zone in the fourth quarter, not a performance that a Heisman candidate should have in a game. Thanks to his lackluster performance, Louisville is basically knocked out of the playoff running.
Loser: Tyler O' Connor: The Michigan State Spartans were knocking on the door against Ohio State, inching close to an upset. However, their quarterback couldn't get the job done. Two picks thrown including the game-sealing interception cost MSU a chance to create some playoff chaos as the Spartans fell to #2 Ohio State, 17-16. Maybe if they had at least a Connor Cook-type quarterback, they'd probably pull of the shocker.
Loser: Utah: The Utes were victims of a terrific last-second catch by Darren Carrington II as the Oregon Ducks pulled off the upset against #11 Utah, 30-28. Check out the highlight below.

Other Winners: Colorado, Oklahoma, Florida's goal-line defense, Kentucky in the second half
Other Losers: Charlie Strong's job, Texas Tech, San Diego State, Kentucky in the first half

My Playoff Four:

  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Ohio State
  4. Michigan

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