Thursday, August 4, 2016

Why the Rio Olympics Will Suck

             The Rio Olympics kick off tomorrow, with a lot of storylines (most of them bad) coming with it. These storylines leave the Rio Olympics in doubt of being successful. With that being said, here's a few reasons why these Rio Olympics will absolutely suck.

  1. Violence and Criminal Activities: There's been a slew of crime going on in Rio de Janeiro. Many of these crimes consist of robberies and arson. One example of this is when approximately 100 Australian athletes were robbed during a fire evacuation in Olympic Village. These robberies could be linked to police officers and other public workers going on strike for safety reasons (among many other reasons), even saying "Welcome to Hell" as they protested at a Rio airport. 
  2. Doping Scandals: There have also been a great number of doping scandals that have rocked the Rio Olympics. Of course, Olympic doping scandals have been going on since East Germany in the 1970's. However, this problem has again reared its ugly head with 119 Russian athletes being banned from Rio, although Russia's set to have a good majority of them cleared. There may be even more Olympic athletes doping at the moment.
  3. The Environment: Much of the environment in Rio is plagued with a toxic atmosphere. No, seriously. The water seems almost unbearable to swim in. If you want a real account of how vile the Rio waters are, check out Steve Politi's piece on the swimming conditions
  4. The Zika Virus: This virus has taken Brazil by storm, infecting and claming many lives. But it hasn't just been a problem in Brazil. The Zika Virus has affected many people across South America and even all the way up to Mexico. 

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