Wednesday, August 3, 2016

MLB Trade Deadline Winners and Losers

            In what was one of the busiest trade deadlines to date, the MLB trade deadline went down with many big trades happening. Here's a look at who won big and who faltered at the trade deadline.


New York Yankees: The New York Yankees did something completely unorthodox for themselves at the trade deadline: Sell. And by sell, I mean they sold almost every valuable piece. The result is a revamped farm system that's 2nd-best according to
Texas Rangers: Yes, they didn't acquire a starting pitcher. However, they did acquire Jonathan Lucroy and a stellar reliever in Jeremy Jeffress (2.22 ERA, 27 saves) from the Brewers. Acquiring Lucroy will help the pitchers with how they attack opposing batters. Oh, Jon Daniels also got Carlos Beltran.
Milwaukee Brewers: Speaking of the Brewers, the Yankees have the 2nd-best farm system in baseball according to The best farm system? The Milwaukee Brewers. They got Lewis Brinson and Luis Ortiz to help bolster their farm system.
Chicago Cubs: Theo Epstein and crew addressed the biggest issue facing the Cubs in a big way, adding bullpen arms left and right. They added Mike Montgomery from Seattle, Joe Smith from the Angels, and Aroldis Chapman from the Yankees. It looks like the Cubs are going all in on this season.


Houston Astros: With the Rangers teetering on the brink of 2nd place, the Astros had a chance to go in for the kill and get a big name. Instead, they stood pat while their AL West rival overhauled their team at the deadline.
Los Angeles Dodgers: They didn't get Chris Archer, so they settled for Rich Hill and Josh Reddick. While Reddick should be an adequate addition, Hill got off of the disabled list and isn't guaranteed to keep up his surprising season. The cost was giving up a couple of MLB prospects in the Top 100.
Chicago White Sox: No one was biting on any offers for Chris Sale (Not even the Red Sox wanted to give up a whole lot for Sale). That's fine. What isn't fine is not being able to get rid of players like Adam Eaton and Jose Quintana for some prospects.

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