Friday, October 5, 2012

To Generation Y (My Generation): It's Time to Grow Up

     The millennial generation is upon us. Many of these millennials walk around with saggy pants, a hoodie and an bitter attitude towards the business world and Republicans. Many of these millennials also had one of the best childhoods where everything that they wanted was given to them and they had so many memories. This generation also emphasizes the importance of friendships and relationships by integrating their social lives into their work lives. But according to, the unemployment rate amongst our youth (age 18-29) is at 11.8 percent, which is four percent higher than the national unemployment rate. So I think that it's time to tell Generation Y the hard truth: It's time to grow up.
     I should know. I'm a part of this "Peter Pan" generation. I'm a part of a generation that was a major catalyst in helping Barack Obama secure the White House in 2008. But seeing how atrocious our economy has become (And from the looks of it, it's only going to get worse), there really hasn't been a lot of "Hope" and "Change". This generation also continues to demand so much from employers that it's become frustrating for these businesses. Instead, we only care about what stupid things that Lady Gaga's doing or we get our political expertise from a bad actress like Eva Longoria. We don't know how the real world operates and are too busy "party rocking" instead of chasing after our dreams. 
     I guess that part of my frustration with my generation is that my generation wants world peace and globalization more than anything else. We are a tech-savvy group that has mostly a left leaning in terms of ideology. Most of my generation thinks that globalization has only pros to it without regards to the cons (Because of our anti-corporate attitudes, obviously). Well, I got some bad news for many of you youngsters seeking global unity: As much as globalization is progressing (We know that Europe loves this idea), it has some realistic disadvantages. Globalization has only made the rich richer and the poor more impoverished. It's perfect for investors and managers, but disastrous for workers and nature. As a matter of fact, it makes it easier for rich companies to act with less accountability. I like seeing a country's unique culture, but that's being endangered by globalization as well. This movement is also leading to the incursion of communicable diseases like HIV/AIDS. So be careful what you wish for. 
     There's always going to be war and strife in the world. That's the reality of things. There's also going to be nothing that's handed to you, so don't wait for the opportunity to come to you. I just became a small business owner in hopes of making my dreams a reality. But I've had a hard time taking off because some of my potential clients, who are a part of this generation, don't see it as being as important as their social lives. Another point that I want to make is that the generation before us provided us with the best lives growing up. That's because they had to work for what they wanted. They had to pay their dues and scrape their boots just to get by. When I was four years old, my mother had to make pizzas at a party store while she was raising me and my sister and living with my grandmother. My mother did this just to pay for her schooling in hopes of becoming a teacher. It turns out that she became so much more; my mother was the principal of Eisenhower High School a few years ago. So I leave my generation with this piece of advice: Love isn't going to make your dreams come true. Hugs and kisses won't pay your bills, so it's time to reserve your childhood for another day, quit worrying about your social lives and drama, face reality and GROW UP!


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