Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Pick 'Em For This Week

     The good news: Last week's college football pick 'em saw me go 6-3. Something that absolutely shocked me. The bad news: I finished an even .500 for my NFL picks last week. Hopefully, this week will be a little bit nicer of a week for me in terms of NFL picks. So here are my picks for the week!!

College Football:
  • No. 3 Oregon over Arizona State in a tightly contested game
  • No. 2 Florida over No. 7 South Carolina
  • No. 4 Kansas State over No. 13 West Virginia 
  • No. 6 LSU over No. 18 Texas A&M in a close game
  • No. 1 Alabama over Tennessee
  • No. 17 Texas Tech over No. 23 TCU
  • No. 14 Florida State over Miami (FL) (Don't be surprised if the 'Canes upset the Seminoles here)
  • No. 19 Clemson over Virginia Tech
  • No. 25 Texas over Baylor
  • Michigan over Michigan State in a close game
  • Ohio State over Purdue
NFL Picks:
  • 49ers over Seahawks
  • Colts over Browns
  • Bills over Titans
  • Vikings over Cardinals 
  • Packers over Rams
  • Giants over Redskins
  • Saints over Buccaneers
  • Panthers over Cowboys
  • Texans over Ravens, despite Terrell Suggs being expected to play this week
  • Raiders over Jaguars
  • Patriots over Jets
  • Steelers over Bengals
  • Bears over Lions

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