Thursday, September 27, 2012

Time To Pick 'Em!!!

     Aside from a few upsets and miscalculations, I actually didn't do too bad with the college pick 'em last week. I went 7-4 last week. As for the NFL, let's just say that the replacement refs screwed me out of a couple of games. I went 9-7 due to two bad calls in two different games. Anyways, enough bickering from me. Here's my picks for the week:

College Football:
  • No. 5 Georgia over Tennessee
  • Washington upsets No. 8 Stanford
  • No. 20 Michigan State over No. 14 Ohio State
  • No. 12 Texas over Oklahoma State
  • No. 9 West Virginia over No. 25 Baylor
  • No. 22 Nebraska over Wisconsin
  • Utah State over UNLV
  • No. 18 Oregon State over Arizona
  • UCLA over Colorado
  • No. 1 Alabama over Ole Miss
NFL Picks:
  • Ravens romp over the Browns
  • Falcons over Panthers; Matt Ryan has a field day (He better have a field day to say the least)
  • Patriots over Bills
  • Lions over Vikings (It'll be close)
  • Chiefs over Chargers
  • Seahawks over Rams
  • 49ers over Jets
  • Texans blow out the Titans
  • Broncos over Raiders
  • Cardinals over Dolphins
  • Bengals over Jaguars
  • Packers over Saints
  • Buccaneers over Redskins
  • Giants over Eagles
  • Bears over Cowboys

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