Wednesday, December 23, 2015

This Week's Picks (Steve Harvey Edition)

            Since we don't have any shows this week (Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!), we shall dust off the old blog and dish out some picks here. This week, I've put a spin on it and picked the games from a Steve Harvey perspective. Basically, it's not the pick that I'm going with (The Steve Harvey pick is the opposite of the team I'm picking to win). In parentheses is my picks for the week. Last week was good for picks and I'm hoping to duplicate that same success this week. Here we go!!!

  • Chargers over Raiders (Raiders over Chargers)
  • Redskins over Eagles (Eagles over Redskins)
  • Patriots over Jets (Jets over Patriots)
  • Cardinals over Packers (Packers over Cardinals)
  • Giants over Vikings (Vikings over Giants)
  • Broncos over Bengals (Bengals over Broncos)

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