Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The End of Tebow Time?

     It was only a month ago that the New York Jets parted ways with their uber-famous back-up quarterback Tim Tebow. The Jets drafted Geno Smith from West Virginia in the second round of the NFL Draft, signifying the end of a short-lived era in New York. It also ushered in the end of a quarterback controversy that surrounded the Jets all season long, stemming from the inconsistent play of Mark Sanchez. Tebow didn't actually throw many bad passes in spite of a very miniscule sample size. He played in 12 games last season, but only started two of those games. Out of the eight passing attempts he had last year, he completed six passes for 39 yards and a rating of 84.9. He ran the ball 32 times for 102 yards as well. This is compared to his time as a starter for the Denver Broncos in 2011, where he had a 46.5 completion rate and a 72.9 rating. He also threw for 1,729 yards, 12 touchdowns, and six interceptions. That year, he also ran the ball 122 times for 660 yards and six touchdowns while fumbling the football 13 times. His record as the Broncos' starting quarterback that year was 7-4.
     Tim Tebow's size (6'3", 236 lbs) makes him more reliable as a fullback or a tight end than a quarterback and it seems apparent that he can't complete passes on a consistent basis. He also seems more comfortable in a Wildcat offense, but not many teams are willing to shift over to such a format. Another problem that persists is that Tim Tebow wants to be a quarterback and nothing else. So which teams would be a good fit for Tebow? Is there even an NFL team out there that's willing to take on Tebowmania?

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars: You know that your team's a front-runner for someone like Tebow when Chuck Norris says that Tebow and the Jaguars "would be a perfect fit." As a matter of fact, there was a presidential petition encouraging the Jaguars to sign Tebow that was shot down this month. It's gotten to the point where a group of Jaguar fans called the "Bold City Brigade" have started up a site called The site protests the potential signing of the quarterback and has over 31,000 clicks. Besides, Jacksonville DOES need a tight end and not a quarterback.
  2. Cleveland Browns: With the current legal problems that Browns ownership is going through right now, why not bring in someone to distract the Dawg Pound from Jimmy Haslam's troubles? If Brandon Weeden doesn't work out, it'll be nice to have a quarterback that runs. Plus, Trent Richardson would make the Wildcat offense run perfectly if they ever do go to it.
  3. Arizona Cardinals: There's no guarantee that the quarterback controversy in Glendale is over. The Cardinals also need to fill voids at fullback and tight end, not to mention that losing LaRod Stephens-Howling to the Steelers hurts as well.
  4. St. Louis Rams: Sam Bradford's been dogged by horrific blocking, having been sacked 71 times in his last 26 games. He even suffered a high ankle sprain in 2011. Adding Jake Long to protect his left side helps, but adding Tebow will bolster the blocking even more.


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