Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day!!

            Today is Memorial Day, a day where we honor those who have fallen in the line of combat. I have comprised a list of some of the greatest athletes ever to step into the battlefield for the sake of our freedom. This list does include those who have partaken in war and have survived, but are currently deceased. Here's a look at some of the notable athletes to serve their country.

  1. Pat Tillman, NFL: A former Arizona Cardinals linebacker, Tillman was a star at Arizona State University and in the NFL before he joined the military. He died apparently from friendly fire, but his services haven't gone unnoticed: Arizona State erected a mural of Pat Tillman leading the team onto the field at Sun Devil Stadium and has a statue in his honor.
  2. Hank Greenberg, MLB: One of the Detroit Tigers' greatest sluggers to grace the Olde English D, Greenberg registered in America's first peacetime draft in 1940. Greenberg stepped away from baseball from 1941 to 1945 to serve in World War II as a part of the U.S. Army. He re-enlisted as a sergeant in 1942.
  3. Ted Williams, MLB: "Teddy Ballgame" was another notable MLB Hall of Famer who served in World War II. Not only did he serve as a Naval Aviator in WWII, but he also served in the Korean War. Some awards won by Williams for his services include the Naval Aviator Badge, an Air Medal with two gold stars, and a National Defense Service Medal
  4. Jack Dempsey, Boxing: The Manassa Mauler wasn't just known for his punching prowess. He also served in World War II as a lieutenant in the Coast Guard Reserve. Eventually, he was promoted to lieutenant commander in 1942 and commander in 1944. 
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