Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Which MLB Cellar Dwellers Are Most Screwed This Year?

            The MLB regular season is fast-approaching, which means that your summer sports fix will likely contain baseball, some soccer, and lots of Yankees-Red Sox and Cubs-Cardinals on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. Anyways, here's a look how screwed MLB's cellar dwellers are this season.

  1. San Diego Padres: It's going to be a long season in San Diego. With no football team to fall back on anymore, the Padres will only prolong the agony. At least they're developing some guys in the farm system and acquiring international prospects, though.
  2. Cincinnati Reds: The Reds have half-assed their rebuilding process, trading their veterans away for peanuts. But like the Padres, they're invested in the international pool quite a bit. Still, there's not much hope with the Cubs and Cards in your division along with an underachieving Pirates team and the Brewers already rebuilding.
  3. Chicago White Sox: The White Sox raised the "white flag" this winter, trading away players like Adam Eaton and Chris Sale. In return, they got an overhaul of prospects. It'll be a horrid year for the South Siders, but take solace in knowing that the future is bright.
  4. Oakland Athletics: The AL West could have almost any of its teams win its division this year... Except for the A's. The rebuilding process is still going on and the A's are still restocking its farm system. This might take a few more years to complete.
  5. Philadelphia Phillies: The Phillies have a promising rotation and under-the-radar players like Odubel Herrera. However, it'll take a couple more years for the Phillies to come back into prominence considering the Nationals and Mets won't be the only competitive teams in the future.
  6. Tampa Bay Rays: The Rays could actually be a playoff team this season. The Yankees are still rebuilding and fresh off of getting rid of bad contracts, the Orioles don't have much in the rotation, and the Blue Jays lost some key pieces to their team. With an underrated rotation, the Rays could be a wild-card team if their lineup shows some life.

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