Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Counterpoint To Why The Cubs Will Not Be A Hated Team

            I read an article this morning where Anthony Rizzo talks about why the Chicago Cubs will never be hated by sports fans. Reading this seemed rather intriguing, considering the amount of media coverage the Cubs got on their run to the 2016 World Series title. It got me thinking if that really would be the case. I came to the conclusion that this probably won't be the case and I came up with a few reasons why.
            Now the main reason itself isn't the Cubs's fault. The Cubs themselves are quite likable. Guys like David Ross and Jake Arrieta were all great stories for the North Siders. However, media outlets like ESPN, CNN, and FOX Sports creamed themselves when the Cubs actually won. ESPN even covered Cubs President Theo Epstein and his crew re-signing with the Cubs for five years (That's something you'd normally see on The "Worldwide Leader In Sports" started up the hype concerning the Cubs with the "Pursuit of History" tab. This may be the biggest reason why the Cubs will become a hated team, since networks like ESPN and FOX Sports tend to lean towards the big market teams, i.e. the New York Yankees, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Boston Red Sox. The Cubs fall into this category.
            In fact, the love from the corporate media had gotten to ridiculous heights during the Cubs's postseason. Publications like the New York Times and "The Worldwide Leader in Sports" gushed when Chicago came back against the San Francisco Giants in Game 4 of the NLDS this year. Many of them called it one of "the greatest comebacks ever" (Sorry Cubbies, but Tom Brady and the Pats have you beat in that category this year). This flood of annoying writing and editorials will persist for a few years, which will probably lead to many sports fans getting sick of hearing about the Cubs and seeing Jesse Rogers slobbing on Joe Maddon and Theo's knobs. The point is, we get that the Cubs won their first title in 108 years. Nice story to distract Americans from real world problems. Now can we please move on?? And can a St. Louis Cardinals fan please revoke Joe Buck's "Cardinals Card" since he got hard from the Cubs winning the World Series?
            Are there any liberals out there who are scared of or have a hatred for Trump? Don't worry, the owners of the Cubs, namely Pete Ricketts, donated to Trump's campaign. Yes, some of Trump's comments have turned off members of the Ricketts family before Pete decided to contribute to Donald Trump's successful campaign to the tune of $1 million. In fact, Trump named Todd Ricketts to his cabinet after winning the 2016 Election.
            If you want another reason why the Cubs will probably be hated, this reason should sway you.
            I'm going to be honest, this sounds like an aborted folk song. Let's all gather by the campfire, hold hands, and sing this song after Kris Bryant jacks a walk-off home run, shall we?
            Right now, the Cubs aren't a team that you should really hate (or be jealous of) as a sports fan However, they do have the lineup that'll get them championships for years to come. Will they go the way of the Red Sox? Stay tuned.

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