Saturday, December 10, 2016

The D's Finest Moments

            I wanted to do a post highlighting Detroit's finest sports moments, but my 313th post was part of the NFL preview. However, I feel an obligation to give back to one of America's hardest-working cities. Some of you might know that I'm not the biggest fan of Michigan (or living in it). However, Detroit is the one place that won't go away in my heart no matter how hard I try.
            In an age where "safe spaces" run wild, the city of Detroit is the one constant in the United States. Gritty, hardy, and not giving a fuck. And why should they? They've got to get on the grind. Get up. Go to work. Punch out. That's the Detroit way.
            Anyways, this post is dedicated to one of America's most hardcore sports towns. In Detroit (and throughout most of Michigan, for that matter), sports is king. Bring up the Red Wings and someone will strike up a conversation with you about how good Dylan Larkin is (he really is good). Bring up the Lions and they'll talk about Matthew Stafford's latest fourth-quarter comeback (or talk about the Lions' historical woes).
            I've asked some of my Facebook friends (who are avid Detroit sports fans) what their favorite sports moment in Detroit was. Here's what I got.

             So saddle up, grab a coney dog, and watch some of these greatest moments in Detroit sports history.              

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