Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Five Things to Look Forward to This MLB Postseason

            It's October, which means that postseason baseball is upon us. The thrill and excitement of fall baseball is here, which means that magical moments will spawn in Autumn. This postseason looks to be more interesting than the others. What will this postseason bring? Here are five things to look for in the Fall Classic.

  1. Is This The Year? 108 years. That's how long it's been since the Chicago Cubs last won the World Series. One of the most cursed teams in baseball has the tools necessary to make it all the way this season. However, the pressure to win has never been greater for the North Siders. Can the Cubs finally exorcise their demons and hoist the World Series title come late October/early November?
  2. Big Papi's Farewell: Meanwhile in Boston, there's a big farewell tour that has reached the postseason. David Ortiz has had an MVP season for his farewell year, batting .315 with 38 homers and 127 RBIs. What better way to go out than to win the World Series one more time?
  3. The Cubs Aren't The Only Team With a World Series Drought: There are plenty of teams that haven't won the World Series for quite some time. The Toronto Blue Jays last won it in 1993. The Mets haven't won since 1986, the Dodgers since 1988,  and the Indians since 1948. The Rangers have never won the title and are looking for their first championship. Hell, the Washington Nationals have never MADE IT to the World Series. There's a good chance that someone will be ending a drought this year, for this year is one of the best opportunities to end it. 
  4. Even-Year Magic? Madison Bumgarner and the San Francisco Giants have been one of the more consistent franchises in baseball in recent memory. They won the World Series in 2010, 2012, and 2014. Will this be another World Series title on an even year? They have the pitching staff to make it happen and the lineup's good enough to make some noise. San Francisco fans are hoping for a long run considering that the 49ers aren't too hot right now.
  5. Win For Vin: In Vin Scully's last season as a broadcaster for the Dodgers, Los Angeles looks to win one for Scully. The legendary broadcaster would love nothing more than to have the Dodgers win as a tribute to his many years of service to Los Angeles. That would mean that Clayton Kershaw would have to expel some postseason demons. 

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