Saturday, September 10, 2016

College Football Week Two Winners and Losers

            Yet another week in college football is in the books. That means more teams will have their playoff hopes shattered while others will bolster their resumes with either style points or big wins against crucial opponents. Here's who won Week Two and who faltered.

Winner: Louisville: How do you build on a record-breaking performance by Lamar Jackson and company? You follow it up with another terrific offensive display. #13 Louisville obliterated Syracuse at the Carrier Dome thanks to an jaw-dropping game by Jackson. He threw for over 411 yards and a touchdown, while also running for 199 yards and four touchdowns. Brandon Ratcliff also had a great day, running for 156 yards on ten carries and a touchdown.
Winner: Directional Schools in the State of Michigan: Apparently, it isn't just Michigan State and Michigan that are winning in the Wolverine State. Last week, Western Michigan upset Northwestern on the road. This week, Central Michigan upended #22 Oklahoma State on a Hail Mary/lateral, winning by a score of 30-27. Even Eastern Michigan got in on the winning fun, beating Missouri Valley State by a score of 61-14.
Winner: Bristol Motor Speedway: With over 150,000 people at the game, the attendance isn't the only record that'll be broken. There have been reports of beer sales being huge at this event. The game itself is shaping up to be a great one.
Loser: Georgia: With Tennessee dropping out of the Top Ten, #9 Georgia had a chance to cement their place atop the SEC East's best with a convincing victory over an FCS opponent. The Bulldogs won, but not in impressive fashion. Georgia was lackluster on third down on the afternoon, converting only five out of 13 attempts. The Bulldogs also had a hard time holding onto the football, with fumbles accounting for 2/3 of turnovers.
Loser: Clemson: Facing a scare against a pretty good SEC team on the road is understandable. Facing a scare against a Sun Belt opponent in inexcusable. From Ray-Ray McCloud celebration gaffe on a punt return to Deshaun Watson having another 'meh' game, it seems as if Clemson is unworthy of their #2 ranking. Dabo Swinney is going to have to figure things out before their ACC schedule starts to toughen.
Loser: The Referees in the CMU-Oklahoma State Game: While it's always nice to see a Group of Five school upset a Power Five school (Hello, Houston), it shouldn't have involved an officiating gaffe that pretty much ends a team's playoff hopes. Oklahoma State was called for intentional grounding on fourth down (a loss of down penalty). If a team is called for a penalty that involves a loss of down at the end of the game, that ends the game right there. Instead, it resulted in Central Michigan getting one final play and pulling the upset.

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