Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Future

            I'm posting this blog today to make an 'announcement' today. No, I'm perfectly healthy. I have something to tell you regarding my future, which I've thought about recently. With my university career coming pretty close to an end, I can't just graduate from college and do nothing. I can't just stand around, expecting a job to come to me (especially with the job market for college graduates not being the best). So what do I have to announce?
            Some of you won't be surprised to learn that I want out of the state of Michigan. I'm not a big fan of the constant construction of the roads (or the roads themselves). I'm also not the biggest fan of "Michigan winters", for I hate swerving on the roads while I fear for my life or my vehicle. There's plenty more that I could get into as to why I don't like living in Michigan such as how Michigan doesn't rank well in many national statistics (i.e. obesity) or the lack of jobs, but I'll save that for another day.
            What will surprise you is where I want to relocate to. I've decided that California is out of the question. Too many new taxes added day-to-day and it's heavily taxed to begin with. It looks like a nice place to live in, but the prices in California are astronomical! So that's out of the question.
            I want to make something perfectly clear before I get into where I want to relocate to. I want to stick with WRPE. I love doing radio on WRPE. I don't have a program director telling me to do some boring 'morning-zoo' bit and I feel that internet radio has plenty of room to grow. I want this to flourish and take off in such a big way. I'm already discussing bringing advertisers with the head of WRPE. So unless something unfortunate happens to me at WRPE, I'm sticking with my current position.
            Anyways, where do I want to move to? I've narrowed my choices down to two: Dallas and Las Vegas. I've done plenty of research and have looked at plenty of apartments online. I want a place where my kids (if I have any) can have a solid future. I want a place that's affordable. I want a place that isn't cold half of the year.
            Let's start off with Dallas. I like how the cost of living is low in Dallas. There are plenty of sports to cover in Big D and the business atmosphere is big (like they say, everything's bigger in Texas). Dallas has a bigger population, which should make it easier for marketing. Plus, it doesn't snow as often as it does in Michigan. To me, that's a major plus.
            Now let's look at Las Vegas. I want to make my living in the Pacific Time Zone, which is where Las Vegas is. Although the cost of living is higher than living in Dallas, I'm fine with this as long as it's not astronomical. Las Vegas is also one of the biggest entertainment meccas in the world. The apartments here don't look that bad and are affordable. Plus, there's going to be a couple sports teams coming into town in the near-future.
            So both places have their advantages. However, only one with be my new home within the next couple years. Hopefully I'll have my mind made up by then.
            I want to thank my family, especially my mother, for being very supportive of my decision. You've helped me throughout my life and you'll be a critical asset for me going forward. I'm looking forward to see what my future holds in a new location. Here's to a bright future!!

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