Thursday, April 7, 2016

Worst Announcers Ever

            Have you ever heard an announcer or broadcaster that was so bad that you had to mute them? If so, then this list is for you! This list doesn't include Rick Jeanneret, who's actually a legend in the NHL circles. We take a look at some of the worst announcers that are offered by certain teams because not everyone can be like Jeannert or Chick Hearn. Did your favorite announcer/broadcaster make the list?

  1. Chip Caray, Atlanta Braves: Unfortunately, Chip isn't anything like his grandfather Harry. Chip is notorious for misjudging fly balls, often mistaking a pop fly for a potential home run. He's been fired by TBS because people didn't know if he was actually watching the game (many will say it was Richard Sandimor with his New York Times piece, but Chip still stinks). 
  2. Ken Daniels, Detroit Red Wings: If I wanted to listen to a Wings game, I'd rather turn on the radio and listen to a guy like Ken Kal. Kal pays attention to the hockey game and doesn't go off on tangents about silly tales the way Daniels and Mickey Redmond do. One of Daniels' calls is even a drop for the Opie and Anthony Show.
  3. Jack Edwards, Boston Bruins: The Hawk Harrelson of the NHL, Edwards likes to yell at players to "GET UP" after they've been knocked down. Even a former NHL referee said that Edwards had "no credibility". There was also one time where Edwards ripped the officials a new one after an alleged blown call. He evens sings a Christmas song!!
  4. Paul Steigerwald, Pittsburgh Penguins: You be the judge on whether or not he deserves his spot. That's some brutal stuff.
  5. Bill Worrell, Houston Rockets: The Houston Rockets have the worst NBA broadcast according to The site says that Worrell portrays a "GET OFF MY LAWN" attitude, indicating that Worrell is an old curmudgeon. His partner, Clyde Drexler, isn't much better. He has a tendency of whining about the refs during the game.
  6. Hawk Harrelson, Chicago White Sox: Hawk is the mere definition of the term "homer". You can tell just by how he freaks out every time the baseball's hit in the air. He purposely miscalled a home run as a "can of corn" this week!! Hawk Harrelson's on-air ramblings have even earned him his own soundboard.
  7. John Sterling, New York Yankees: Without a doubt, the worst announcer on this list. You can't get any worse than John Sterling. He gives chummy nicknames to a Yankee player whenever they hit a home run. He also does over-the-top exaggerations whenever the Yankees win. He's only likable when he's doing commentary for All-Star Baseball 99. Let us not forget this little work of art.

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