Saturday, January 23, 2016

NFL Championship Picks

            Well, it's time for the picks, championship edition. We have a good couple of games for the championship slate including a rivalry game between two legendary quarterbacks. Here we go!!

New England vs. Denver: It's Brady vs. Manning again, but this could be the last time we ever see these two go at it. But this isn't the match-up to be watching for. How will Tom Brady fare against the best defense in the NFL this year? The good news for the Patriots is that they get Julian Edelman for this game, so Brady should have another weapon at his disposal. If this is the last Manning/Brady match-up, one can hope that it can live up to the hype and deliver right down to the last minute. Patriots 30, Broncos 27.
Arizona vs. Carolina: Arizona's offense has looked spectacular this season. However, they face a Carolina defense that led the NFL in give/take ratio this year. Cam Newton also had a fairly convincing game against the Seahawks last week, aiding in the huge pileup of points in the 1st half. Panthers 24, Cardinals 23.

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