Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Next Relocation Spot?

            With the NFL finally settling into Los Angeles, speculation about which team will head to Southern California can end (at least for now). However, that doesn't mean that relocation talk has ended. Here's a small list of cities that will likely be at the forefront of relocation talks.

London: Perhaps the main city of speculation. The NFL hopes to expand overseas one day and London is an ideal spot due to the interest of American football there. Plus, they have an NFL-ready stadium in Wembley Stadium. The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to be the main team in this discussion, considering their deal to play in London once a year.
San Antonio: It's rumored that Mark Davis will try and settle his Raiders here since the Carson stadium deal fell through. There's good reason to do so: The Alamodome was the temporary home (one of two) of the New Orleans Saints during Hurricane Katrina. If Bob NcNair and Jerry Jones are okay with the Raiders relocating to San Antonio, then we could see the Texas Raiders in the NFL.
Hartford: The late Malcolm Glazer proposed Hartford as one of his relocation spots (along with Los Angeles, of course) for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before they got their stadium issues resolved. In fact, the New England Patriots almost called Hartford their home. Hartford seems more interested in getting their Whalers back before the NFL. Plus, they might not have a population big enough to host a team. But if Green Bay can do it, why can't Hartford?
San Jose: A top-ten city in population, the Raiders could look into relocating here. There's plenty of industry here, especially in the technology industry. The 49ers might have a problem considering it's closer to San Francisco, but it's not too far-fetched of an idea.
Portland: This is unlikely since Seahawks owner Paul Allen will have a say in this. However, it's a fun idea to think about considering how popular the NFL is in the Pacific Northwest.
Columbus: Could the Horseshoe also be home to an NFL team? Possibly. After all, Columbus has a bigger population than both Cincinnati and Cleveland combined. Maybe if the Bengals start having issues or if the Browns can't get their act together, then this could be a destination for one of those two teams.

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