Thursday, January 28, 2016

Food Buy or "Bye"

            Today on this edition of "Food Buy", I take a look at KFC and their "Nashville Hot Chicken." Is it really as hot and spicy as it's advertised? Let's find out. Because this shit will eventually kill me.

"Buy?" Honestly, my first impression of looking at this piece of food, I thought it was going to be "OMG THIS IS SO SPICY!! MY MOUTH'S ON FIRE!! AAAAAAGH!!" But, it wasn't. Instead, I was treated to a piece of chicken that had a sauce that wasn't too spicy and was a little sweet. It even had a little pickle on top, which was good presentation. If you like spicy food and I mean really spicy food, you might be underwhelmed by this concoction. Otherwise, this is for the average Joe or Jane to try.

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