Saturday, October 17, 2015

Playoff Busters?

        The College Football Playoff has yet to be released. However, there seems to be the equivalent of the old "BCS busters" that are hoping to crash the College Football Playoff. It's unlikely that one of these schools will be in the playoff, but it's still fun to envision a non-Power Five team getting in. Unfortunately, Boise State will not be a part of this list since they lost yesterday. Here are a few schools that would fit this description of a "playoff buster."

  1. #22 Toledo:  The lone non-American Conference team on the list, the Rockets started off the season in impressive fashion, upsetting #18 Arkansas in Little Rock. However, that Arkansas win has faded a bit due to the fall from grace for the Razorbacks. Their toughest game will be a road test on November 17 against Bowling Green. They also have the MAC Championship game to worry about if they want to be considered for a playoff spot.
  2. Memphis: The Tigers got their statement win today against #13 Ole Miss, beating the Rebels 37-24. Memphis can bolster their resume more if they can beat both #24 Houston and Temple on the road. Winning the American Conference Football Championship will help matters even more. 
  3. #24 Houston: Houston got its statement win by edging Louisville on the road 34-31 on September 12. However, that win has become like Toledo's win over Arkansas and has faded a bit. However, the Cougars can make their situation better by beating Memphis at home on November 14 and winning their conference championship. 
  4. Temple: This Philadelphia school got a win against Penn State in their first game that looks better by the week. The Owls have the biggest opportunity to bolster their resume with home games against #14 Notre Dame on October 31 and Memphis on November 21. The narrative for the Owls is similar to the other American Conference schools: Win the conference championship to boost your resume.

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