Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Which 0-2 Teams Have the Best Shot at the Playoffs?

        The NFL season is two weeks in and we have nine teams that are 0-2 to start off. Which of these teams have the best shot at rebounding from their funk and making the playoffs?

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens are the only active NFL team to never have an 0-3 start. They have a good shot at avoiding this and their schedule isn't that bad sans road games at Pittsburgh and Arizona. That home game against Seattle could be tough, though.
Indianapolis Colts: Frank Gore has started off slowly, running for 88 yards on 23 carries. Andrew Luck has five interceptions compared to three touchdowns. Luckily, they play in a weak division along with games against the NFC South.
Houston Texans: The Texans also have games against division foes and the NFC South. Like the Colts, they need to get their offense figured out.
New York Giants: The Giants would've been 2-0, only they blew leads late into games against both the Cowboys and the Falcons. The Giants need to learn how to close games out or else this will be a long season for Tom Coughlin and company. They play in the weak NFC East, which should help.
Philadelphia Eagles: Sam Bradford's stats after two games consist of this: 66.3% comp. passes, 560 yards, two touchdowns and four interceptions. DeMarco Murray's stats? 21 carries for 11 yards. Looks like Murray misses that offensive line for Dallas.
Detroit Lions: The Lions' schedule doesn't get any easier in the next three games. They have to face the Broncos at home, the Seahawks on the road and the Cardinals at home.
Chicago Bears: The only potential cupcake the Bears get in the next four games is a home date against the Raiders. They also have home dates against San Francisco and Washington later in the season. Their schedule is still pretty difficult, though.
New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees has been banged up this season. But that hasn't been the problem: Their defense has allowed 57 points, 4th-most in the NFC. They do play against three weak divisions: Their own NFC South, the AFC South and the NFC East.
Seattle Seahawks: They just got Kam Chancellor back and they have six winnable games coming up. In fact, their schedule lets up with home games against Cleveland, St. Louis and San Francisco after their next six games.

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