Tuesday, September 8, 2015

AFC South: Biggest Questions

        We are close to wrapping up our NFL Preview (Only the AFC West left after this)! We take a look at the AFC South, a division featuring the best defensive player in the NFL and one of the most revamped offenses in the NFL.

Houston Texans: Can the Texans survive on defense alone? Houston has one of the better defenses in the NFL, anchored by superhuman J.J. Watt (78 tackles, four forced fumbles, 20.5 sacks). Defensive tackle Vince Wilfork (47 tackles) will help bolster the defensive line and Houston will benefit from a healthy Jadeveon Clowney who contributes. However, the Texans have lost their best offensive weapon for over a decade in Andre Johnson. Their only means of offensive will be Arian Foster (260 carries, 1,246 yards, eight touchdowns). Otherwise, they should just throw to Watt when they're in the red zone.
Indianapolis Colts: Can they avenge last year's AFC Championship loss? As many people know, the Colts were blown out by the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. What happened during that game was noteworthy. As you should know, there was reports of Tom Brady deflating footballs to his liking before the game. The Colts found out and filed a complaint. They also added Andre Johnson and Frank Gore to their offense, helping Andrew Luck (3rd in passing yards at 4,761 yards) immensely. Frank Gore should help the rushing attack: Indy was 22nd in the NFL in rushing yards with 1,612 yards and tied for first in rushing fumbles with ten.
Jacksonville Jaguars: Are the Jaguars moving in the right direction? There are some people that say that the Jaguars are trying to emulate what the Seahawks are doing defensively, scheme and all. With players like defensive end Andre Branch (18 tackles, two forced fumbles, 3.0 sacks), corner Dwayne Gratz (55 combined tackles, two forced fumbles, one interception), and veteran presence Paul Posluzny, this team could become the next Legion of Boom. The Jaguars also added Julius Thomas to help bolster the offense. Granted, this team won't likely be good this year. But they could be competitive in the next few years.
Tennessee Titans: How should Ken Whisenhunt utilize Marcus Mariota? The big question surrounding the Titans' camp concerns Marcus Mariota. How should he be used by head coach Ken Whisenhunt? Should Whisenhunt let him run around? Should Whisenhunt try and morph him into a prolific passer? What Whisenhunt does with Mariota will determine what Mariota's legacy will be in Tennessee. Anyways, this won't be a good year the Titans. At least they got their franchise quarterback... For now.

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