Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Where Will Luke Ridnour Go Next?!?

        It seems that Luke Ridnour can't find a break... or a team. Ridnour has been traded FOUR times this offseason and the free agency period for the NBA hasn't even started yet. So today's post will look at where Luke Ridnour could be traded to next.

Atlanta Hawks: Hawks could use another role-player like Ridnour, Atlanta could use him as trade bait to gain some cash.
Cleveland Cavaliers: Maybe LeBron puts in a good word or two about Ridnour?
Chicago Bulls: Bulls could also trade him for more cash in order to get back Jimmy Butler and another solid player.
Dallas Mavericks: Could be a decent bench player for the Mavs.
Houston Rockets: I can somehow imagine Ridnour being a Houston Rocket.
Los Angeles Lakers: Not likely to happen. Lakers have bigger plans this summer.
Miami Heat: Dwayne Wade might not be coming back. But seeing Ridnour and Chris Andersen coming off the bench would be comical.
Milwaukee Bucks: I can imagine Luke Ridnour also playing for this team. He actually played for the Bucks before, as a matter of fact.
New Orleans Hornets: New Orleans doesn't look to be willing to make a splash this summer, so why not?
Portland Trail Blazers: Maybe a last-ditch effort to try and find more money to pay LaMarcus Aldridge?
San Antonio Spurs: Spurs and Popovich both love their role players.
Washington Wizards: Maybe Washington frees up some cash to make a play for Durant?

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