Friday, June 19, 2015

Some More Internet Madness

        Scouring through ESPN and the Youtube comment sections, I've come across a plethora of interesting and humorous comments. Some of these might be offensive, some of these might make you laugh. Also understand that these words are those of people on the internet and not mine. But this post is supposed to illustrate what goes through the mind of the dwellers of the internet. Enjoy at your own peril!!

I'd like to hear the audio of the collision between that mass of redundant adipose tissue crashing into Suh--that's a big
bang the earth would be envious of. There would be bbq sauce and crushed chicken nuggets on the field for days.

hanged so many niggers to this song back in the day (Dylann Roof?)

McDonald fries are awesome!!!!!

His 40 time doesn't matter. He registered a 8.0 (how he got his jersey number) on the Richter Scale falling just shy of
the record of 8.25 for California. The record has been achieved twice. the most recent in 1906.

Hope Florida's announcer uses the following quote after a goal this season:

Ucla and usc...Todd gosling go take your seat on the short yellow bus

Narek Navoyan put the bottle down

The song that plays when I take out my dick for a piss.

I play this before I go take shits...

When youre walking to the kitchen on thanksgiving

That walk you make after getting laid.

Ryback would be the first nigga to shit his pants if the music hits during the royal rumble.

I recently attended an audience with some acclaimed feminist to see what types of people actually attended those meetings.
The video above is a nearly flawless representation of what I saw

Did Peaches lick Hogans balls when he was fucking your wife?

This is the sound I make when I fuck my girlfriend.

wow. you need to get laid. Or at least masturbate.

l'd like to say I think this video is fake or rigged. I've been hunting watermelon in the wild for atleast 15 years now,
and have never seen more than 2 watermelons lined up in a row. I heard of a story of a guy who went hunting wild
watermelons and found 3 in a perfect line, but I found that hard to believe.
These watermelons were either tamed or trained, or sedated and slaughtered for fun. It's sad either way.

Bryan sucks hard literally like a woman of the night.


The only player that has never traveled in the NBA is Royce White.

I've been personally victimized by Ron Marchlewski

It's only a big deal if the Patriots would have done it

So how many games will Roger Goodell suspend Bill Belichick for this?

I wonder what A.J. Walkin is doing the day after the happiest day of his life.

"To be fair, when Jordan was playing in the finals, the NBA on NBC theme song played at the beginning of each broadcast.
This caused viewers to become emotionally invested in the outcome of the game much more than the random noise played on

Free81 How's your cornhole, bud?

I am joining the Kojima World Order as of right now

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