Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Best Team Logos Ever

     During this offseason, the Dallas Stars unveiled their new logo. Out went the gold and in came the silver as the main logo consists of a silver star with a "D" in the center outlined by a black border and a green border.

     If you thought their primary logo looked sweet, check out the alternative logos:

     It got me thinking of some of the best logos in all of sports. Some of these you might agree with and some of them you might not. So here's the list (Thank you to sportslogos.net for the info on these):

  • Baltimore Orioles Cartoon Bird II (2012-Present): 
      A more symmetrical version of the original Cartoon Bird that existed from 1966 to 1989, the new Orioles logo might've been a good luck charm for the team; Baltimore made the postseason for the first time in fifteen years.

  • Boston Patriots/New England Patriots Hiking Patriot (1965-1992):

    This logo was an more no-nonsense upgrade over the previous logo in which the Patriot's face was more cartoonish.

  • Notre Dame Fighting Irish Leprachaun (1973-Present):

     You've all seen this one and some of you are big fans of it. But one of their alternate logos, which lasted from 1963 to 1983, had a much more Gaelic look than this logo.

  • Hartford Whalers Whale Tail (1979-1997):

     Before they relocated to North Carolina, the Hartford Whalers were one of the more popular teams amongst true NHL fans. Cool logo, great hockey location, and the "Brass Bonanza" were all reasons to get behind the Whalers.

  • Atlanta Braves Native American (1967-1989):

     This logo has been synonymous with Braves baseball for almost half a century. Now an alternate logo, this is the logo that the great Hank Aaron donned for the majority of his career.

  • Chicago Bulls Raging Bull (1967-Present):

      The only logo on this list to haven't been altered for almost fifty years and one of the few logos to be the sole primary logo for a team, the Bull has withstood the test of time. Michael Jordan and company made this logo famous during the 1990's.

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