Monday, April 29, 2013

Baseball Fun Facts

     I've comprised a list of some fun MLB facts going into the first few weeks of the season. Here are some fact nuggets for you to chew on!!

  • The Oakland A's are winless when scoring fewer than 4 runs this year.
  • Bryce Harper (1.7 WAR) has a higher WAR than Mike Trout (0.6 WAR). So does Miguel Cabrera (1.0 WAR).
  • Braves left fielder Justin Upton leads the majors in home runs with 12. He has more home runs than the entire Miami Marlins squad. However, he only has 18 RBIs so far.
  • The Texas Rangers are 16-9... due to their pitching. They have the lowest ERA in the MLB (2.92) and WHIP (1.15). The team that's second in ERA? Their 2011 World Series opponent St. Louis (3.04). Last year's World Series teams San Francisco (3.64) and Detroit (3.74) are 13th and 14th in ERA, respectively.
  • In spite of being in first place in the NL West at 15-10, the Arizona Diamondbacks have blown the most saves in the majors (8 blown saves). Their team save percentage (47%) is only higher than the Los Angeles Angels (43%).
  • Chicago is nicknamed the "City of Broad Shoulders" and rightfully so. The Cubs and the White Sox are tied for last in the majors in run support average at 0.30 RS. The two Windy City clubs also take the fewest walks in the majors, for they are tied for last with only 50 BB.
  • The Tigers might often be berated for having a bad defense on paper, but they've committed the fewest errors in the majors with six. The team that's committed the most? Washington, who has made 21 errors. Boy, that Ryan Zimmerman knows how to field (He already has 4 errors)...
  • The National League knows a thing or two about making sacrifices. The top ten in sacrifice hits consists entirely of National League teams with St. Louis and San Francisco at the top with 16 SH.
  • Yankees outfielder Vernon Wells leads all AL outfielders in WAR with a 1.5 WAR. Yes, THAT Vernon Wells.

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