Saturday, January 26, 2013

Remember This: Rain Man Literally Making It Rain

      So the big story that has been showing up on Sportscenter lately has been about the 8th Grade basketball player with Down Syndrome and how he drained two 3-pointers in a basketball game. While that is a special accomplishment for the person with Down Syndrome, let's not forget about Jason McElwain (I'm not trying to show favoritism here). Jason McElwain was a former manager for Greece Athena's high school basketball team in 2006 who also had high-functioning autism. Then in a blowout of a basketball game, he did this:
      Twenty points in under four minutes!! Six 3-pointers in under four minutes!! Did I mention that McElwain's qualified for the Boston marathon?
      Anyways, both accomplishments are awe-inspiring and worth recognition. Congratulations to both of these special athletes.

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