Monday, May 21, 2012

My Thoughts on... Marriage

     I know that this post isn't really about sports, but it's something that I had to talk about. Now what I'm about to say is only my opinion. You're entitled to your own opinion as well. I respect any opinion on this topic because it's the belief of that person. But here it is and it's about marriage.
     A couple of weeks ago, President Barack Obama addressed his support for gay marriage and the right for any gay/lesbian couple to be bound by marriage. This announcement shook America right to its core, stirring many emotions amongst American citizens. Many people applauded President Obama and even respected him for his opinion, while many others showed their disdain towards Obama's stance. Many of the opposition's arguments, which are used by numerous (not all) Christians, conservatives and Catholics, include the Bible stating that all homosexuals are "not allowed entrance into heaven", marriage should be between a man and a woman and that gay people are the "work of the devil". Ann Coulter even said that "You could pray the gay away." Now I respect the opinions of all religions regarding these issues, but this is way too extreme.
     I don't have any problem with a gay couple throwing their own wedding. But being a libertarian (Ron Paul 2012!!), I do believe that our federal government shouldn't have any say in how marriage is defined. Instead, why not leave it up to states such as North Carolina or Massachusetts? Did you know that George Washington was bisexual?
     The print don't lie. George Washington loved women and men. Let's remember that this is one of America's founding fathers that we're talking about here. Technically, this would be a big slap to the face of the first President of the United States if we banned gay marriage throughout all of America. Just let the states themselves decide and it is what it is in terms of how they vote. Let us separate church and state so much that the only connection that they have are the criminal offenses of bearing false witness, theft and murder.
     Many Christians who are disgusted by gay marriage often say that homosexuality is a sin and that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Don't get me wrong, I love women (And I hope to start a family one day. I promised my grandmother that I'd give her great grandkids). But didn't God also say "Don't Judge Others?" I think that we should embrace everyone regardless of race, gender, orientation, religion or upbringing.

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